Can the Right Furniture Save Space?


In 2014, there was 2.63 billion square feet of rentable self-storage space in the US, which amounts to 8.32 square feet of storage space for every man, woman and child in the US. While the size of the average American house has almost doubled to 2,300 square feet over the last 50 years, we still seem to feel we have a crisis of space. In reality, our homes have a vast amount of space – including storage space – which we may simply not be utilizing as well as we can. Here are five great furniture ideas that will help you maximize storage while still creating maximum space.

1. TV Stands

With sleek, modern, flat screen TV’s have come sleek, modern TV stands that still take up the same amount of space, but offer little to no storage. While giant entertainment centers of old don’t offer the kind of space needed for today’s oversized screens, there are still a number of ways to incorporate storage into your TV stand. Repurposing an old dresser, is one great way to create your own TV stand, or if you really want to go all out, Ikea has a wide variety of complete wall units that create vast amounts of storage around your television.

2. Ottomans and Coffee Tables


Ottomans and coffee tables are both furniture items that can be used in a wide variety of ways for both storage and additional space. Ottomans with a hinged lid offer great storage inside but then can be used as additional seating when you have guests. You can even combine the two and purchase an ottoman coffee table that combines storage with a great place to put your feet up!

3. Platform Beds


While under-bed storage is nothing new, platform beds can take it to a whole new level. With a wide variety of mattresses that no longer need box springs, that frees up an additional foot or more in height of storage space under your bed. Without a box spring, you can actually repurpose an entire bookshelf to slide right under your bed, providing loads of useable storage space.

4. Don’t Forget the Garage!

Garages have always been a primary storage area for everything from cars to lawnmowers to canoes to holiday decorations. With our growing obsession with space, however – both storage and otherwise – garages are quickly taking on a wide variety of roles ranging from man caves to small apartments. Garages are a great place to use clever storage ideas such as custom cabinetry or wall mounts for items like bikes, skis or snowboards and even canoes, to create both extra living and storage space in your garage.

5. Pull out Beds



Pull out beds – or wall beds – became famous in the 70’s in New York apartments the size of shoeboxes. Now they have become popular in tiny homes and are gaining popularity in even regular sized homes. Pull out beds are great for people that want a guest room, but don’t have guests often enough to want to devote an entire room of their home for them year-round. Pullout or wall beds can be placed in a play-room and used for naps or sleepovers or in a home office that can still be used during the day as an office – even when you have guests over.

In the last decade, people have been creating additional space in their home by moving many of their belongings into storage units. But renting additional storage space can be expensive, not to mention time consuming when you have to drive somewhere every time you have to pull something out of or put something back in your storage unit. Instead, you can create a vast amount of additional storage in your home by simply doubling up your furniture with storage space.

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5 Ways to Create a Bedroom Workspace You’ll Love

Work from home is becoming a norm in today’s career paradigm for various reasons. One of these is that people are converting a small area in their homes to a handy office space.

The problem, however, is that not all dwellings are blessed with big spaces, and it’s hard to imagine the thought of mixing rest with grind. The truth is, modern prefab homes are now integrating workspace in the bedroom. Among all the spaces in the house, the bedroom poses fewer distractions, which makes it the ideal place to continue paperwork and other office tasks.

The design of the bedroom workspaces varies depending on the personality of the person who will use it. Remember, the essence of a space is all about functionality.

Sounds complicated? Here are five creative ways to create a workspace nook in the bedroom without removing the intimate nature of the sleeping den.

  1. Establish a thin line between the two spaces


Adding a home office in the bedroom is perplexing but with the right design plan, it can become the best place in the house to add a work area. A great tip is to blend the two spaces to show continuity. Put a long desk as a substitute for a bedside table. It can act both as a side table and the main office table.

  1. Maximize wall space


The walls are your best friends if the bedroom space is limited. Create a prefab bookshelf to add space for books, documents, and other office stuff. Make sure to paint the shelves with the color of the other bedroom walls.

Hanging a painting or putting decals can change the overall feel of the room as well, as it lessens the focus that it is a workstation.

  1. Customize your furniture

A home office doesn’t need a large space, but it requires functional pieces. A home office includes necessary items like computer, lighting, ergonomic chair, and table. Main pieces like the desk and chair should be comfortable and should support the workload that will be happening in the area.

  1. Utilize the windows


If the bedroom has huge or bay type windows, utilize this as an advantage. Normally, bedrooms have windows to give the area natural lighting. Choose the space beside the window, as the sunlight will provide pure joy and cherry atmosphere to the whole room.


  1. Play with colors


Colors do wonders to any space, and for this reason, it is a part of home office space design. Contrasting colors creates a touch of sophistication. Bold colors can add character and showcase a fun personality. A home office should be minimal yet pleasing to the eyes. In choosing colors, the possibilities are endless.

For space with natural lighting, a cream colored theme can do a good job. Grey walls can also balance natural light, and as a result, exude a calming space. Creative personality can do their work in spaces that are not overly crowded.

Whatever kind of work is on the table, it is easy to combine style and professionalism when designing a bedroom workspace.

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Old Furniture Deserves a New Life

If you want to have something truly unique in your home without wasting tons of money and, most importantly, increasing your carbon footprint, consider the art of upcycling and repurposing. Even the oldest furniture pieces can look dashing with a little bit of effort. Basically, you can figure out a whole new idea and purpose for an old chair or simply breathe new life into your furniture. There’s no reason to rush into consumer craze when your own creativity can achieve so much, both for your home and the environment.

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Painting and refinishing

If you have some old, shabby-looking wooden furniture pieces, there are plenty of options in store. You can go for a really rustic look by simply sanding the wooden surface. You can leave the piece half-sanded and add paint for a true antique vibe, or refinish the entire piece and give it a fresh coat of paint all over. Of course, you’re not limited to only one color. You can mix and match different shades and patterns in order to get an amazing, unique piece. This project can involve old shelves, tables, chairs, cabinets and whatever else you want to spruce up.

Spray paint to the rescue

Another great way to give your old furniture a new look is to use spray paint. If you’re going to upcycle wooden objects, make sure to sand them first. Pieces made of stone and metal don’t require this step. Recently, metallic style décor has become really popular. In that respect you can add a touch of gold, silver, copper or rose gold to your old pieces in a jiffy. The best thing about this easy trend is that you can choose between matte and shiny spray finishes, and even combine the two. What’s more, there’s this trend of gluing little bits and bobs to larger surfaces, thus making something completely extravagant. Take a look at interesting home décor online to see if anything can be a good match for a such project. You can spray the decorative pieces as well to unify the look.

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before and after 


Stencils and wallpaper

You can make something even more interesting and eye-pleasing than a simple repainted furniture piece. For example, you can use store-bought stencils or use pretty much anything you want for imprint in order to add a personal touch to your old furniture. On the other hand, wallpapers and decoupage technique can be used to jazz up the entire piece or to add decorative details. For example, you can refinish and repaint your cabinet, but also liven up the cabinet doors with decorative paper, wallpaper, pages from comic books as well as napkins.

Décor bits and pieces

It’s not all about giving a completely new look to your old furniture. Sometimes you just want to improve the furniture you already have. In that respect, you can reupholster your chairs and sofas instead of buying completely new ones. You can give a whole new look to your bed with some nice curtains, thus making a canopy bed. And sometimes, a few tiny tweaks here and there can transform any room. For example, check to see whether your furniture doors need new knobs. Moreover, you can bring old furniture to life by adding beautiful faux plants details that would match a vintage look really well. Also, you can use faux vines to decorate the beds and mirrors even.

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 old furniture

 Repurpose to your heart’s content

Have you ever thought about various ways you can reuse your old things? An old mirror frame can be used as a picture frame and vice versa. Old trunks, chairs and ottomans can be transformed into coffee tables and storage solutions. Your outdoor table can also be a desk, while that tall and sleek wardrobe can end up being a perfect shelf or cabinet. Window shades as well as ladders can be a great solution for vertical gardens, too.

There’s hardly anything furniture-wise that cannot be repaired or reused. In that respect, put your creativity to the test. Play with online ideas and inspirations or try your own out. You may find that the product of your own work is a lot more functional and beautiful than something you can buy.

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Less Known Eco-Friendly Elements for Your Home

Eco-friendly products are products that cause no harm to the environment in the process of their production, use or disposal. With today’s technology and raised awareness about the environment, there are more and more such products and they have found their way into our home décor. Most people think that going green in your home is difficult and that it takes plenty of time. However, that is not entirely true, since there are also some small items, gadgets and tricks that can help you go green.


Cloth Napkins

Millions of napkins are thrown away each day all around the world after being used only once. If you wish to green up your home, you should rely on reusable products. This means you should use cloth napkins or the ones made of bamboo. You can easily wash these while contributing to reducing the amount of disposed paper napkins.

Moss Carpet

This unusual carpet is for bathrooms only, but it sure is interesting. Additionally, this is one of the cutest eco-friendly products you can get for your home. The moisture in your bathroom helps the moss in the mat grow. These mats are made of imperishable foam which soaks up and retains water. Not only do they look good, but they can filter the air in your bathroom and make good use of all that moisture.


Green Door Mats

Nothing says “welcome” better than an eco-friendly doormat. Replace the old synthetic mat with some of the brand-new door mats that are made of durable spun PET yarn and contain no toxins. Also, they give a rustic, more natural look to your front door, wish everyone a warm welcome and help you keep the dirt outside.


Eco-Friendly Furniture

Furniture is the major element of interior design and you should consider using eco-friendly furniture. Since it is omnipresent in the house, toxic materials can only damage our environment more. That is why you should rely on rapid renewable and sustainable materials such as bamboo and cork. Additionally, you can turn to recycled pieces that actually look elegant and luxurious even though they are not new. Moreover, natural materials that go through minimum amount of processing, such as granite, stone, wood and slate are also considered green and they will maximize the interior design while minimize consumed energy and toxic exhaustion.

Water Powered Clock

If you want to stop using clocks that use batteries or electricity, you should consider getting a water powered clock. All you have to do is fill the cap and add water and the clock will use the cutting edge technology and create its own energy. It is a small detail in your home, but it can reduce energy usage, and lower the need for batteries.


Eco-Friendly Kettle

While preparing your afternoon tea, you are actually wasting energy if you boil more water than you actually need. In order to always be sure that you are not wasting water or energy, you should rely on an eco-friendly kettle. Such kettles have a special compartment where the water is stored when poured in. When you wish to boil some water for your tea, you have to press a button which will transfer a desired amount of water into the second compartment where the water will be boiled.

Low Voc Paint

For repainting your interior walls and brightening up the atmosphere you should use low voc paints. Such paints contain no toxins and chemicals that can harm you and your family, and they are practically odorless and 100% acrylic.

Going green doesn’t necessarily mean that you should replace everything in your home. Even though that can be your end goal, you should start smart and replace the smaller things first. These several tips and items will show you how easy it actually is to commit to creating a better and healthier environment.

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Select the Best Parquetry Dining Table for Your Home

The presence of the parquetry dining table in the house is essential to enhance the surrounding ambiance. It is styled in a unique manner to capture the imagination of the people. Draped in a contemporary and vintage design, the furniture goes a long way in delivering explicit results to the users. The geometrical wooden theme is evident in the appearance of the table. Although, it is a wonderful addition to the home; one should follow certain tips to find the best option to purchase. Among various style you can choose the right one that fits according to your space. parquet1

Simplistic design forms

The modern silhouette is streamlined into a sleek product that occupies minimum space. It can accommodate many guests in a party. Carved appearance of the wood plays vital role in introducing elegance to the product. Made from solid alder wood, the parquetry dining table is epitome of durability for the users. Family gatherings would never be complete without the purchase of the above-mentioned items.

 Rigid frame

The rigid frame might be crafted out of oak veneer top. Capable of hosting as many as 8 guests, the product goes a long way in captivating the imagination of the people. If the frame is not rigid and strong, the table is not able to survive adverse weather conditions. Therefore, you should also make sure that the strong lacquer coating is applied to it for longevity. 

 Classic style

Classic style never goes out of fashion. Bolstered by Glass planks, the minimal lines captivate the imagination of the people to a great extent. Herringbone surface is one of the most important parts of the table that imparts durability and white style. The classic theme fits well with the other furniture in the house giving eclectic décor to the interior. While hosting the party, the dining hall exudes top class elegance capturing the attention of the onlookers.

 Airfoil stuff

The Airfoil stuff is furniture to watch for. High-spirited meals and conversions can be carried out in style. Inspired by the wings of aircraft, the wooden material boasts of similar design to the users that are not only entertaining, but also regal in appearance. You can place the crystal glass on the table as an accessory and accentuate its beauty by many fold.


Axel style

Top of the line artisans has used the expertise to design the amazing table style. To start with, it looks rugged, but can transform the appearance of the vintage homes. Eclectic décor comprising old world and contemporary themes entwined together present a delectable view  to the users. The table is light in weight. Hence, it is easy to  move from one place to another.

 Personal touch

While you are selecting the item, make sure it is bespoke. The personal touch is essential, as the table will occupy the dining space inside the home. While, color would blend with the vibrant colors of the wall and impart old school charm to the ambiance. It is imperative to ensure that the texture is in harmony with the neutral backdrop of the wood.

Reputed retailer

Only a reputed retailer can provide tables carrying iron-clad warranty. One should take a closer look at the margins in design, because they vary from one product to another. Specifications are provided along with the product. Therefore, you should read the text carefully before proceeding ahead with the purchase.

If you are confused what type of table to buy, contact the customer care departments to get an approximate idea on choosing parquetry dining table. It is quite handy to take information about quality and affordability before making a decision.

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