Your Healthy Home Checklist

It’s strange how we often fear the pollution and other harmful influences outside, and never even stop to think of the safety of our homes. You instantly assume that the very fact that you call your house a ‘home’ makes it a healthy and a safe place to live in, but that is far from being true. Nothing good ever comes without effort, and in order to clean your house of toxins and other dangers, you have to invest some time and work. Since there are different health hazards lurking from different areas of your home, you have to devote special attention to each of them. Here is a short checklist, so that you don’t miss out any of them.


Clean Up Your Cleaning

You think that your house is actually clean after cleaning? Think again. Most of the products contain pesticides and other dangerous chemicals that pollute the indoor air and worsen (and perhaps even cause) various health problems, such as asthma. Get rid of all of them, and use organic products or homemade cleaners. Baking soda, lemon, essential oils and vinegar can replace most of the conventional cleaners.

Is Your Furniture Safe?


Your furniture may be baby-proofed when it comes to covering the edges, but does it contain any toxins? Plastic chair can add a modern charm to your dining room, but they can emit polybrominated diphenyl ethers and other toxins. Stain-resistant fabrics might be very useful, but they can contain perfluorinated compounds. The best materials for furniture are certified sustainable wood, reclaimed wood, and bamboo. Look for materials that are treated only with natural substances, like naturally tanned leather and natural wood finish. If you own any foam stuffed furniture, make sure you keep it well-covered.

Another View on Healthy Cooking

Healthy cooking includes preparing organic and nutritious produce, but that is only one side of the coin. The pots, saucepans and other cookware will also impact the quality of what ends up on the plate. It doesn’t matter how handy non-stick or Teflon cookware can be, if overheated, it can release dangerous toxins into your meals. Don’t take that chance and replace it with glass, stainless steel or cast-iron whenever possible.

Purify the Air


Indoor air is burdened with many pollutants, including volatile organic compounds (VOC) that can be found in wall paint, dust mites, mold and mildew, carbon monoxide and radon. First test your home for radon and carbon monoxide and take steps to reduce them. After, get rid of carpets (since they collect dust mites), and steam clean the furniture and the drapes. Mold is a common problem in households and it can lead to allergies and troubles with respiratory system. To resolve it, find the best air purifier for mold, while keeping in mind the air quality in the room and the price range.

Check Water Quality

Water is another essential resource that can be contaminated with various toxins. City water may contain led if the pipes are older and well water can be exposed to impurities from the soil. Bottled water isn’t always the best solution, as there are no special regulations determining whether it’s healthy enough or not. Your best way to healthy drinking water is installing water filtration systems.

Minimize Sound Pollution


Noise is annoying, there is no denying, but it can also be very harmful. In fact, it can seriously impact the mood and increase stress levels. Although there are no ways to fully eliminate noise from your surroundings, you can do your best to minimize it. Turn off the electronics when you’re not using it, soundproof your home (sealing window frames, putting furniture against the walls, use rugs to dampen the sound) and mask the noise by running a small water feature or a white noise machine.

Follow these tips and your home will become your safe haven, instead of a source of constant threats for you and your family. A healthy home will show its worth by contributing to sustainability, minimizing waste and optimizing the use of resources.

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All you need to know about the whys and what’s of Extendable Dining Table

The dining table positioned in your kitchen could be the tricky part of your overall kitchen décor and its functionality. Having the right table makes it look outstanding and also increases usability of your kitchen space and makes your act of food consumption even more interesting and enjoyable. If your dining room is where the dinner table is going to be set, you need to make sure it has the absolute capacity to changing number of diners.

You will observe times when you have a good amount of guests swarming in to feast on your exotic dishes. Extendable dining table can handle the unpredictable visits of friends and family that arrive to celebrate certain rites of passages in your life. This is why your dinner table needs to be space-efficient for all house-holds. Such table has ability to be extended to fit the more number of guests while still maintaining the elegance.extendable-dining-table1

You must be curious to know as to what precisely is this extendable dining table, the material for its making and how better it can serve your needs.

What exactly is extendable dining table?

Extendable dining table as its name suggests can be a table that can be pulled and extended at each end to create additional space. By means of leafs built in with this kind of table, it is possible for you to enlarge it from its original size. It covers minimal space in your dining room. So when your family and pals barge in exuberantly, all you need to do is to pull it longer and outward. You don’t need to worry about adding external extension to the table as the whole setting comes within, and there will no moment ruined because of limited space.

The modern versions

Extensions to the dinner tables have not been a novel concept and it has been around for many years now. Its modern approach is not that much apart from the one that has been first introduced in the furniture market several decades ago. The principle is almost the same. It offers robust, simple and flexible design, and there are many pros when it comes to experiencing its versatility.

Benefits that are extraordinaryextendable-dining-table2

Why houseowners do and should opt for extendable dining table lies in the fact that it is more comfortable, useful and suitable to your need for wine and dine. Here some of the extraordinary benefits you can’t dare ignore:

Space efficiency

The most epic, and surely the most prominent benefit, for having extendable dining table is that it helps maximize the limited space of the area and gives you an opportunity to enjoy the smorgasbord with your kith and kin with raucous cheers and beers. The space-efficient tables will not be a disappointment when it comes to living with style and still enjoying the commodiousness of the furniture whenever you want it to be enormous and extended. It gives you luxury to accommodate maximum amount of people popping in to relish the soiree or shindigs.

Rich Variety unleashed

Extendable dining table in your dining room means you are going to indulge in the wealth of many varieties of its design to meet and suit your style. If you are asking for perfection, either you can go online or physically visit to behold the different types of table designs available in the market. Different colors and richness of assorted décor elements will fill your kitchen space with incredible luxury and wealth.

Great quality with natural elements

Oak as a natural furniture offers unbelievable durability which is its noticeable advantage. Wood itself is quite a durable material and is sustainable because of its ability to grow again after being harvested for making household furniture. It can last for years preserving all the natural strength and beauty you have always wanted in your dinner table.

Easy to port and carry

When you think to move to another place, you can easily carry the table with you. If the new place where you have moved has limited space, extendable dining table is the perfect choice. They also have good value as they are carved from wood and remain in mint condition for long time. Due to their durability, you will also observe little maintenance during its lifetime.

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Design Considerations for a Truly Contemporary Bathroom


It might not sound that way, but bathroom design is very important – you’ll want to feel comfortable inside the room where you’re taking a shower, a bath, or doing your business. A lot of this has to do with the basics of comfort – being warm and having enough space, but the bathroom design plays a vital role in feeling completely relaxed. Here are some design ideas to consider in order to create a truly contemporary bathroom.

Get Introduced with the Bathroom Remodel

Any type of a remodel takes preparation, not only in order to give yourself (or the designer you’ve hired) a chance to make proper plans, but also in order to put your expectations into perspective, with regards to the amount of money you are willing to invest. You need to take everything into consideration, from the bathroom size and its current state, to what kind of new materials you want to include.

It’s Not All About the Toilet

Most bathrooms are simultaneously restrooms, but this doesn’t mean that the toilet should be the first thing you see when you open the door – every designer will tell you this. So, what’s the logic behind this? Well, bathroom doors often remain left open and, let’s face it, no matter how contemporary and chic your toilet seat is, it won’t be the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at. The toilet should definitely not be in the center of attention, advise at Blue Lagoon Bathrooms; in fact, anything but the toilet is a better focal point for your bathroom.bathroom2

Familiarize Yourself with the Standards

In order to plan your remodel as efficiently as possible, get introduced with a couple of key measurements, such as a typical bathtub size and how much space a toilet requires. The best way to go here is to consult true experts for bathroom renovations, as they will help you in getting familiarized with standard bathroom dimensions.

Not Everything Has to Be Remodeled

Now, I know, you have opted for that greatly needed bathroom renovation and you definitely want a completely new look, but leaving a bit of its current spirit can be very satisfying, especially if it’s truly vintage. Think old wall tiles – combine them with modern, aesthetic items and you’ll be amazed at how great it will look.

Bear in mind, however, that you shouldn’t leave too much of your old bathroom. The lingering spirit may haunt you for years to come – leaving the current wall tiles is great, but if your ‘new’ bathroom look is inspired by old floor tiles as well, you’re risking to make it look ridiculous. Here’s another tip: if you’re into the steampunk look, leaving the old radiator can provide for a valid contribution.bathroom3


Every room requires proper lighting – without this, all of your effort may be compromised. The best advice here is to make it well-lit – this is done by using layers of task, accent, ambient, as well as decorative lighting. Additionally, going LED is always advised – these provide the most natural type of light and, although the bulbs are more expensive than the regular ones, they last longer, consume less energy and, therefore, pay off in the long run. Lighting plays a vital role in properly accentuating your remodeled bathroom items.

Making a contemporary bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult; and it doesn’t have to mean that you necessarily have to remodel absolutely everything. Make sure that the toilet isn’t front and center, get your dimensions straight and choose and place lighting properly. Finally, hiring a professional bathroom designer is definitely the best way to go, unless this is your very own job description.


Creative Solutions For Your Home or Work Place

Whether you moved into a new office space or you’ve grown tired of your old work setup, renovating and redecorating your workplace can seem like a time-consuming and costly process. This is especially true if you plan on hiring an indoor decorator to do all the work. Fortunately, there are ways to embellish both your work and your home office without having to pay a contractor. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and think that you need to buy every little thing. Just because something’s old, doesn’t mean it’s broken and can’t be

Hide the cables

Office rooms are notorious hubs for cables. Average computer has at least five all scattered under the desk, then there’s the phone, cell phone chargers and laptop chargers and even the lamp is plugged in somewhere. Having cables spread from one corner of a room to another is not a pretty sight and poses a risk of someone tripping and accidentally breaking some of the electronics. You can get cable-covers online or make a simple box under the desk or a drawer to hide all those cables and wires. With the cables safely stored, your workplace won’t look as messy as it used to.lights

Light it up

Workspace needs to have a lot of light. Dim lights trick the brain into thinking that is getting dark, which in turn makes us feel drowsy, sleepy and low in focus. This is why lighting is so important. If you have a big window, make sure to open the blinds or curtains and let that natural light in. If that still not enough light, try switching your old light bulbs for white-light and LED lights. Those who don’t have big windows can always get a few extra lamps and position them around the room. At the very least, try to get a decent desk lamp, they have bright light as they’re often used for reading.lobby-paint

Use screens and fake walls

When it comes to small businesses, the main office is almost always just one big room. This is where screens come into the play. Giant rooms can easily be split into smaller spaces using fake walls and screens to provide a more practical and productive workplace, without the need for construction work. Even smaller spaces with a simple desk-office can be separated with a screen, to add more privacy and intimacy. This is especially useful when dealing with a lot of one-on-one meetings.

Get comfortable seats

There’s nothing worse than working long shifts sitting in an uncomfortable chair. People get sore backs, become moody and that can lead to a decrease in productivity. Just because the office space isn’t great does not mean that the employees need to feel uncomfortable. Spending a few extra buck on comfy chairs is better than losing business and it’s an investment that pays off in the long run. If you’re feeling extra adventurous or you have a more laid-back work atmosphere, try getting a couple of beanbags, they are perfect for grabbing a quick break away from the computer.

Do a little repainting

A fresh coat can make or break an office. Too white and people might think it’s too sterile, to colorful and you might not get taken too seriously. The aesthetic appeal of a room relies heavily on the paint job. Most painting can be done with a simple paintbrush and a few rollers, however, bigger office spaces will surely need commercial painting. The main difference between commercial and residential painting is mostly the size of the space that needs painting, so make sure to check that out before hiring a contractor.

No matter what work you do, it’s really not that difficult to combine style and personality with professionalism. Some solutions involve hiring professionals, while others can be easily done with a helping hand. Choose the layout and color scheme according to the work you do, play around with the furniture and try to avoid leaving the office messy. If you are still unsure how exactly to embellish your workplace, feel free to contact an interior designer, at least for a change of perspective.

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Guide on External Roller Blinds For Your Home

When you are looking for some quick tips and ideas on home renovations, then you might have come across some articles or people who believe roller blinds is also a good options for renovation and you must consider them. Well, they are not entirely wrong, and here in this article we are going to discuss on the external roller blinds.double-roller-blinds-sydney

Advantages of External Roller Blinds

External roller blinds, like normal window blinds, are a piece of window coverings. The only difference is that they are installed on your windows from outside. Here are some of the benefits of having one of these eternal roller blinds for your home:

  • Protects your glass from immediate damages.
  • Can be used to control the amount of light, wind and sun light entering the room, thus you can use them effectively in maintaining the temperature of your rooms.
  • Keeps your house away from unwanted visitors who looks at your house, and thus offers some privacy.
  • They are stylish looking.
  • Easy to maintain, hassle free installation and easy to use.
  • Many types and sizes of roller blinds are available in the market to meet your needs and demands.
  • You can easily open and close them.
  • Makes your house look more stylish from the outside.

dual-roller-blinds-sydneyThough there is some difficulty, and the main disadvantage of external roller blinds is the cleaning, but the latest and modern designed roller blinds are available in the market that you can clean them easily and there are many other ways in which way there won’t be any need to clean them regularly.

Apart from this, in addition to internal window blinds, when both of these things are installed simultaneously, they make an excellent covering and allows a very smooth and stable temperature inside the room, as they make a perfect temporary layer between the outside temperature and the walls and thus traps the warm or the coldness of the room from inside, as and when required.roller-blinds

How to Choose the Right Roller Blinds

If you have ever visited the shops, maybe online or from the local stores, then you might have noticed many types of roller blinds. Each of them has some different functionality and usages. Apart from this, there are also different types and make of these. So, in this guide we will give you some ways in which you can choose the best roller blinds to meet your needs and demands.

  • Selection of roller blinds should be based on the purpose of usages. For instance if you are looking for blinds which will protect your rooms from the winter chills, they you should consider to buy PVC blinds which are much more effective, or if you are looking to block sun light then go for normal ones which can be used to block sun light partially or completely, depending upon the need.
  • Next on the list is choosing the roller blind based upon the color. There are many different varieties of blinds with many color variants. So choose some contrasting colors that go well with your house colors.
  • Measurement of the area is an important factor. You should carefully measure the length and the amount will be decided on that. Always choose to buy a little bit extra-long from the size of your window, and not short which will be a good idea, and looks well with the surroundings as well.
  • Roam around some shops, or best go online and get some quotations from various prizes they offer, and then choose which one suits you. Depending upon the quality and material, price varies, so choosing the best price is always a good idea.


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