Tips on Buying Upholstered Bedhead and Bed Bases

Upholstered beds are one of the most preferred choices in interior designing. These are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. The versatility of this bed is what makes them a big hit with everyone. While some designs are more traditional and classic, the others are trendy and contemporary; therefore there is something for everybody. If chosen properly, then upholstered bedhead and bed bases can breathe life into the dullest dingiest of rooms. The fact that they bring in sophistication, elegance, and glamour to the space is what makes them a must buy option for the ones who are planning on sprucing up their bedroom.

 How to buy

Upholstered Bedhead And Bed Bases

There are a few important factors which go into buying upholstered bedhead and bed bases, they are mentioned as follows:

  • One must consider the space: The area of the room plays a crucial part when it comes to installing a new bed. The size of the bed must be in perfect harmony with the size of the room so that everything looks very well synchronized and settled.
  • Inspiration is key: Not everyone is gifted with creative capabilities; therefore, it is essential that one seeks inspiration online or in magazines before deciding on the perfect bed. There is so much inspiration available, that everyone will be able to find the right kind of design that could suit their room preferences.
  • The price: The price plays a crucial factor, so it is crucial to keep the budget in mind. One must visit a variety of shops, and check online stores as well in order to compare the prices. All this will make sure that the upholstered bedhead and bed bases purchased are at the best price possible.
  • Installation: Once everything is decided upon and purchased, the next step is installation. Hiring a professional for installation purpose is the right thing to do, as they are aware of all the know-how. Novices more often than not end up making mistakes, so it is always best to seek professional help while installing upholstered bedhead and bed bases.

 Upholstered Bedhead And Bed Base

Importance of upholstered bedhead and bed bases

Sleep is vital to a person’s health and so it is important for a person to get hold of a nice and comfortable bed where they can sleep peacefully. Essentially bedhead reinforces the bed and holds all the pillows in place. It has a support mechanism which allows people to lean on it. Apart from that, it is part of the overall décor of the place, and it enhances the bed functionality. Basically, bedhead is a decorative centerpiece of the sleeping arrangement of a room. Upholstered bedheads make the bed look extremely beautiful; they add a touch of elegance and class to the overall look of the room. Both men, as well as women, can install upholstered bedhead and bed bases in their room, thus lending it a smart look. If perfectly matched with the overall surroundings, the room can look very stylish. Buying a bed, considering the height of the room is always helpful.

The variety and choice

Since upholstered bedhead and bed bases are in rage, they are available in a variety of colors patters and designs. Since there is a plethora of designs to choose from, people may get a little confused, but keeping in mind the rest of the décor of the room is what will help you in making a smart decision. Upholstered beds look very glamorous, and will definitely catch the eye of all the guests. The owners will definitely earn compliments for their fine taste if they have such a bed at home. The exceptional variety has made it a favorite with people who wish to enhance the appearance of their bedroom.

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Choose the Best Queen Poster Bed to Add Beauty to Your Bedroom

While booking a hotel room, one of the most common questions from rooms with different tariffs. In fact, some hotels mention the bed size or type in their ads, and some even list these as one of their luxury amenities and the one of the reason for a higher room tariff. A trend that indicates how important a bed size can be for our comfort. This fast is not just true with booking hotel rooms, but this is also as important for our homes.

Normally, there are only two or three main options available while selecting a bed for bedrooms or guestrooms. The most important factor, while selecting a bed is the size of your room. It is best to pick a queen poster bed to add luxury to your bedroom or you want to go for a vintage style bed or maybe a modern looking bed, keeping in whatever theme that you have selected for your bedroom.


These are the most popular and standardized beds that are available today.

Queen size bed and queen poster bed – the most popular

Luxury Four Poster Bed in mansion Hotel

Luxury Four Poster Bed in mansion Hotel


These beds first came into existence in 1950s. It normally varies from 160 cm (63 inches) or 180 cm (71 inches) wide by 190, 195 or 200 cm long, but the most common size is 152 cm (60 inches) by 203 cm (80 cm) in Width and length, respectively. The main purpose of this was to replace the full beds that were most commonly used beds at the time. The thought behind this new design was to increase length, to make it comfortable for a taller person. And as the studies show, the average human height has increased over the centuries. This increase in size proved to be a great comfort for many a customer, as they no long have to worry about banging their head in the headboard or sleep with their feet dangling out of one end of the bed.

King size bed and king poster bed – the least popular


They are quite similar to the queen beds in most regards, as they were also designed to accommodate taller people and replace the full beds. However, they have added benefit of greater width along with greater lengths. They are generally 180 cm (71 inches) wide by 190, 195 or 200 cm long. Their size makes them bigger, costlier and heavier as compared to queen beds or any other bed popular bed for that matter.

Twin bed – second most popular

These are normally made of a single person or a child or considering the size of room. A normal twin bed should be measured around 39 in × 75 in (99 cm × 191 cm). Though, some manufactures alter the size to customize these beds for specific mattress.

Full bed – still not ready to say goodbye

four-poster-bed As we earlier discussed, full beds were suppose to go out of fashion a long time ago. However, they were rescued as the popular guest room bed, as most guest rooms are smaller than master bedrooms and can accommodate this bed better than anything bigger. The size of full beds has changed over the years since they were first standardized in 1870s, but the common size today is 54 in × 75 in (137 cm × 191 cm).

So, what difference the size of a bed makes?

The most commonly used bed in master rooms is the queen size bed. Some of the surveys put its sales at 32% of the total beds sold. This popularity can be attributed to the high number of smaller size master bedrooms within cites. By putting a queen size bed, you can save floor space still keep your comfort. If you wish for something more opulent, then you can choose the four poster bed in same size.

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Proper Ways to Relaxify Your Home

The modern times are inexorably speeding up our daily tempo and cramming our schedule, leaving little time for our mental and physical recuperation. The frenzied professional life has led many people to make conscious efforts to slow down their pace a bit, and lay back.

What better way to heal than to retreat to your warm, homely abode. Still, if the place is constantly cluttered and disorganised, you’ll end up with an opposite effect. Read on to find out how to redecorate your home in order to create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere.relaxify 1

Bathroom haven

If you’re lucky enough to have a large tub or a massage bath, you’ve already ticked off a major entry of your remodelling list. No matter if your bathroom is small or spacious, a simple tub and bath pillow can turn it into your own private oasis where you can soak in after a long shift.

When illumination is concerned, favour natural light above all. In addition, some dimmers and lamps are also great for soft light experience that doesn’t strain your eyes. For special occasions, strategically place cupped candles and tiny flower vases at the counter.

When furnishings and accessories are in question, consider trading your regular towels and rugs with some plush, fluffy variants. Lastly, hang a few humidity-proof replicas to add an arty touch to your home spa.relaxify 2

Living room chilling

Begin your living room relaxification by making a more optimal furniture arrangement. Identify the focal point of the room (coffee table, fireplace, etc.), and reassemble it around a favourite piece to make a new, intimate lounge nook. Blaring colours and busy prints can turn up the energy of the room, so opt for neutrals and off-white to eliminate major distractions.

Textures wise, incorporate some fluffy additions like we did in the bathroom. Enjoy your weekend movie nights rolled up on a comfy couch in your soft blankets, and resting on delicate, velvety pillow cases. A task or floor lamp fixtures can work splendidly in providing a cosy ambience, as opposed to bright overhead lights.

Rooms that are constantly hot can have an adverse effect on our brain function and make us even more exhausted. That’s why it’s highly important we allow our whole body to rest in a moderate temperature setting by installing a quality AC unit, we learn from Sydney-based air conditioning installation experts.

Give this space a homely tone by surrounding yourself with dear heirloom pieces, family portraits and other beloved possessions. At the end of the day, put all the objects you moved back to their place for a tidy, uncluttered layout.relaxify 3

No place like kitchen

Kitchen is a favourite gathering place that unites the entire family with its alluring smells, delectable dishes and warm, family atmosphere. Since this place is already marked as a relaxing and homely space, we should focus more on regular cleaning and decluttering.

Keep the items you use daily accessible and nearby. For instance, group the preferred spices on the closest side of the rack. Take time to wipe and reorganise your pantry and cupboards every now and then. Get rid of the food that has expired or has been sitting opened for a while, and make a shopping list for the items you’re out of. Wipe down all the surfaces you can reach.

Design your own prepping and cooking area and keep the unnecessary tools out of your way. Additionally, put together a special, separate wine or coffee corner with a portable wine rack or a coffee machine and the related paraphernalia.relaxify 4

Sleeping paradise

There’s no proper bedroom without a quality mattress that suits your needs (preferences may range from firm to feathery soft). Also, introducing some Egyptian cotton or silky beddings in white or pastel tints are sure to bring you some sweet dreams. However, if you’re still having troubles falling asleep, resort to the devices that play ocean sounds or any special sound from the offer that calms your nerves, and paint the walls in soft blue or green shades.

There’s no correct way to relaxify a house that works for everyone, but there are certain things that may do the trick. Check out our tips and choose the best options for your living environment

Bedroom Lighting Tips

Bedroom might be the trickiest room to choose lighting for. Even though dark rooms are better for sleeping you still need to have in mind some other activities that take place in there. Remember that bedroom is the place where you dress up in the morning and read at night. Because of that you will want you bedroom to be lit properly. Even though the standard lighting is ideal for most of the rooms, you can play with the style in your bedroom and choose to light it differently. Be sure to remember the following things when you are choosing lights for your bedroom.bedroom lighting 1

Think about the size of the room

Many people buy as many lights as necessary in order to light every corner of the bedroom. Too many lights will actually make the room crowded and feel smaller than it really is. Instead of doing this, you should think about the size of your bedroom and choose the light proportionally to it. So for most of the standard-size bedrooms 3 lights is more than enough. Two smaller lamps and a light on the ceiling is something most of the people choose to go with. For bigger bedrooms, you can add some interesting light pendants.

bedroom lighting 2Make sure lamps fit the style of the room

Bedroom is the only part of your home that has absolutely nothing to with guests and rest of the house. That is why you can design the whole room in a completely different style from the one in the other rooms. Whichever style you choose you have to make sure your lights fit into it completely. If you are going with more classic look a good-looking chandelier is a perfect choice. On the other hand if you are going with a more minimalistic style you can add some beautifully simple lamps which are quite a hit today.bedroom lighting 3

Choose the color of lampshades

No matter if it is the color of the lamp shade or the bulb itself, even the smallest change in color will alter the whole look of the bedroom. White lamp shades are the most common choice but if you want your bedroom to be different, you can choose some other colors. Light colors like yellow will make the room more alluring, while red will create more romantic atmosphere. Bedroom is the most personal room in the house so there is no reason why you should not go for the color you like the best. Changing the colour of your lamp shade is not too hard and you should be able to do it by yourself.

Add some bedside fixtures

bedroom lighting 4There are some alternatives for nightstand lamps which might just be what you are looking for. Pendant lights and sconces are becoming more and more popular. They free you up much space since there is no need for a big nightstand when there is no lamp on it. You can put them up on the wall so that light comes at the perfect reading angle. You can find many different types of led wall lights online. Make sure you choose the one which will match the style of the whole room. This of course does not mean that night stands are done. If there is enough space you can combine bedside light fixtures with a lamp on the nightstand.

Add closet lights

Many people say looking for clothes in dark closet gives them hard time. If you are among them you should install led lights inside of your closet. These won’t use too much energy but will still help you look for your clothes. Fluorescent led light will also help you tell the color of your clothing. If you decide to do this, just make sure light bulb is nowhere near the cloths as you do not want your favorite pieces of clothing to get damaged.

Whichever type of lights you choose make sure the lighting in the room perfect for relaxation. Do not overdo it and choose only as much lights as the room can fit. Remember that this is the room where you can play with the design as much as you want.

Simple ideas for affordable kids’ room décor

Kids’ rooms are their own little safe haven within the family home. So making sure the design matches their personality is essential. The room should be practical, as well as fun, because they will use their little in-door playground for a variety of activities. The most important thing before you set out to design their room, is to consult your children. Incorporate their ideas as well, and together you will make a room they will never want to come out of.1

Include Color into Their Room

Color is something kids love more than anything else, so it is important to incorporate it into their room. You can make a mix of colors on the walls, not sticking to the usual blue for boys, and pink for girl’s tradition. You can also incorporate murals of their favorite cartoons, or shows, while a great way to make the ceiling pop is to add florescent stars, planets, and comets. Kids’ furniture should also be vibrant, so always go for the colorful choices, making sure they match the walls. And if you have bland furniture color, let your kids decorate them with stickers, removable markers, or posters.

kids room 2Incorporate a Work Space

Although kids love playing, a good kids’ room design should incorporate a work area to enable kids to home in on their skills. Creating a work area will greatly benefit your child’s development process. By adding a creative desk, chair, or stacking their shelves with books, kids can utilize this place for learning, reading, and engaging in fun arts and crafts projects. You can also go a step further, and create a chalkboard wall, or a carpet with maps and words. This will be a creative way of teaching children, and making learning a fun experience when they take out their thinking caps, and play room 3

Create Hideouts

Kids adore nooks and crannies around the house. They are their little hideout spots to get away from the world, or a comfy little area where they can relax. So, why not incorporate hideouts into their room. With a bit of cloth and wire, you can create a canopy, or add shelves that can support their weight. Another great trick is to give your kids, a couple of polls and you’ll see how they make a tent out of it. This will take hide and seek to the next level, and make a room much more interesting.

kids room 4Display Their Toys

Put their toys on display as part of their room design. This will add to the overall themed room design, or make the perfect way of storing their many toys. Collecting toys of their favorite cartoons, comic books, or films, also has a positive impact on a child’s development, because it teaches kids to be organized, and they adopt perseverance as their character trait. Toy collectables, like popular Davey boys toys bobbleheads, are something your child will be proud of, and will want to display. And after all, if it has so much value, and its own place in the design scheme, the kids will always keep the room neat, tidy, and clutter room 5

These are just some ideas you can incorporate into your child’s room design. Make sure to ask them, and get their take on their future living space. And with the right ideas, and motivation, you will create a room your child will enjoy for years to come.

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