Select the Best Parquetry Dining Table for Your Home

The presence of the parquetry dining table in the house is essential to enhance the surrounding ambiance. It is styled in a unique manner to capture the imagination of the people. Draped in a contemporary and vintage design, the furniture goes a long way in delivering explicit results to the users. The geometrical wooden theme is evident in the appearance of the table. Although, it is a wonderful addition to the home; one should follow certain tips to find the best option to purchase. Among various style you can choose the right one that fits according to your space. parquet1

Simplistic design forms

The modern silhouette is streamlined into a sleek product that occupies minimum space. It can accommodate many guests in a party. Carved appearance of the wood plays vital role in introducing elegance to the product. Made from solid alder wood, the parquetry dining table is epitome of durability for the users. Family gatherings would never be complete without the purchase of the above-mentioned items.

 Rigid frame

The rigid frame might be crafted out of oak veneer top. Capable of hosting as many as 8 guests, the product goes a long way in captivating the imagination of the people. If the frame is not rigid and strong, the table is not able to survive adverse weather conditions. Therefore, you should also make sure that the strong lacquer coating is applied to it for longevity. 

 Classic style

Classic style never goes out of fashion. Bolstered by Glass planks, the minimal lines captivate the imagination of the people to a great extent. Herringbone surface is one of the most important parts of the table that imparts durability and white style. The classic theme fits well with the other furniture in the house giving eclectic décor to the interior. While hosting the party, the dining hall exudes top class elegance capturing the attention of the onlookers.

 Airfoil stuff

The Airfoil stuff is furniture to watch for. High-spirited meals and conversions can be carried out in style. Inspired by the wings of aircraft, the wooden material boasts of similar design to the users that are not only entertaining, but also regal in appearance. You can place the crystal glass on the table as an accessory and accentuate its beauty by many fold.


Axel style

Top of the line artisans has used the expertise to design the amazing table style. To start with, it looks rugged, but can transform the appearance of the vintage homes. Eclectic décor comprising old world and contemporary themes entwined together present a delectable view  to the users. The table is light in weight. Hence, it is easy to  move from one place to another.

 Personal touch

While you are selecting the item, make sure it is bespoke. The personal touch is essential, as the table will occupy the dining space inside the home. While, color would blend with the vibrant colors of the wall and impart old school charm to the ambiance. It is imperative to ensure that the texture is in harmony with the neutral backdrop of the wood.

Reputed retailer

Only a reputed retailer can provide tables carrying iron-clad warranty. One should take a closer look at the margins in design, because they vary from one product to another. Specifications are provided along with the product. Therefore, you should read the text carefully before proceeding ahead with the purchase.

If you are confused what type of table to buy, contact the customer care departments to get an approximate idea on choosing parquetry dining table. It is quite handy to take information about quality and affordability before making a decision.

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Mixing Vintage and Modern Home Décor

Equipping your home with modern accessories is great if you like living in a Matrix-inspired space. However, this decorating style is not for everyone, so re-examine your personal taste and take your own preferences into consideration when decorating your home. For those who like the Ye Olde Days more, opting for a vintage home décor style might be the perfect solution, especially if they add some modern taste to it as well. Coming up with a tasteful, elegant and inviting combination might be hard, but the results will be worth your time, effort and money. If you want your home to portray a successful blend of modern and vintage, here are a few tips that might help you.


Your Private Sanctuary

Even though we don’t spend that much time in our bathrooms, this space still remains special. This is where we take the first morning shower and recuperate after an awful day in the office. In short, out bathroom should be a sanctuary, but also an exciting place that gives us energy. The best way to achieve such a mix is by decorating your bathroom properly.

One of the most popular ideas nowadays are wood-effect porcelain tiles – they’ll give your bathroom an old-school effect it desperately needs, but it can also take it to the 21st century. These tiles combine an irreplaceable look of a traditional bathroom with an unique twist of a contemporary home decoration, so they’re perfect for everyone. Another way to decorate your bathroom is by installing a freestanding bathtub – these have a unique 1930s appeal, but, when put into a modern context, usually look quite innovative.


The Center of Attention

Every family spends hours and hours in the living room, so you should pay special attention to this part of your home. Luckily, finding vintage furniture has never been easier and you can find lots of options online. If you know what you’re looking for and how much money you’re willing to spend on a particular piece, you’ll surely find dozens of options.

Since most living rooms include a TV or stereo, the best thing to do is to contrast these high-tech items with a classic armchair/sofa combo. If you add an ottoman or a vintage coffee table, your living room will be perfectly balanced, especially if you top it all off with a classic soft shaggy rug, one of the most beloved decorating items of the 1980s. This addition will bring back old memories and instantaneously make you 40 years younger. Finally, make sure you coordinate the colors of your furniture, your walls and your rug adequately – first find the furniture and then pick the color of the walls to match it.


Focus on the Lights

Setting up the perfect lighting in your home is never easy, especially if you want to include high-quality lamps and energy-efficient LED lights. Most people have a problem combining these two options since modern light bulbs sometimes really look out of place. But, with a proper blend of old and new, you can do whatever you want.

Whichever time period you prefer – the chic 1940s, the radiant 1960s or subtle 1980s – you’ll easily notice the abundance of all sorts of lamps. Floor lamps, writing lamps, industrial-style hanging lamps, huge lampshades and intricately designed fixtures were focal points of every living room of the last century, so why not introduce them to your home as well? Visit your local flea market, search for vintage lamps and then try to fuse them with modern light bulbs.


Other Ideas

Some of the other ways to combine vintage and modern home décor styles are old-fashioned wallpapers or retro countertops in your kitchen, heavy drapes mixed with fashionable linens in your bedroom and vintage windows that provide your dining room with enough natural light. Eclectic homes have never been more popular than today, so going into this direction when decorating will surely bring great results.


About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.

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Tips on Buying Upholstered Bedhead and Bed Bases

Upholstered beds are one of the most preferred choices in interior designing. These are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. The versatility of this bed is what makes them a big hit with everyone. While some designs are more traditional and classic, the others are trendy and contemporary; therefore there is something for everybody. If chosen properly, then upholstered bedhead and bed bases can breathe life into the dullest dingiest of rooms. The fact that they bring in sophistication, elegance, and glamour to the space is what makes them a must buy option for the ones who are planning on sprucing up their bedroom.

 How to buy

Upholstered Bedhead And Bed Bases

There are a few important factors which go into buying upholstered bedhead and bed bases, they are mentioned as follows:

  • One must consider the space: The area of the room plays a crucial part when it comes to installing a new bed. The size of the bed must be in perfect harmony with the size of the room so that everything looks very well synchronized and settled.
  • Inspiration is key: Not everyone is gifted with creative capabilities; therefore, it is essential that one seeks inspiration online or in magazines before deciding on the perfect bed. There is so much inspiration available, that everyone will be able to find the right kind of design that could suit their room preferences.
  • The price: The price plays a crucial factor, so it is crucial to keep the budget in mind. One must visit a variety of shops, and check online stores as well in order to compare the prices. All this will make sure that the upholstered bedhead and bed bases purchased are at the best price possible.
  • Installation: Once everything is decided upon and purchased, the next step is installation. Hiring a professional for installation purpose is the right thing to do, as they are aware of all the know-how. Novices more often than not end up making mistakes, so it is always best to seek professional help while installing upholstered bedhead and bed bases.

 Upholstered Bedhead And Bed Base

Importance of upholstered bedhead and bed bases

Sleep is vital to a person’s health and so it is important for a person to get hold of a nice and comfortable bed where they can sleep peacefully. Essentially bedhead reinforces the bed and holds all the pillows in place. It has a support mechanism which allows people to lean on it. Apart from that, it is part of the overall décor of the place, and it enhances the bed functionality. Basically, bedhead is a decorative centerpiece of the sleeping arrangement of a room. Upholstered bedheads make the bed look extremely beautiful; they add a touch of elegance and class to the overall look of the room. Both men, as well as women, can install upholstered bedhead and bed bases in their room, thus lending it a smart look. If perfectly matched with the overall surroundings, the room can look very stylish. Buying a bed, considering the height of the room is always helpful.

The variety and choice

Since upholstered bedhead and bed bases are in rage, they are available in a variety of colors patters and designs. Since there is a plethora of designs to choose from, people may get a little confused, but keeping in mind the rest of the décor of the room is what will help you in making a smart decision. Upholstered beds look very glamorous, and will definitely catch the eye of all the guests. The owners will definitely earn compliments for their fine taste if they have such a bed at home. The exceptional variety has made it a favorite with people who wish to enhance the appearance of their bedroom.

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Advantages of Getting Furniture Upholstery to Decorate Your Home

At times you may be eager to decorate your home and may decide on choosing furniture upholstery. Initially, you might give them a lot of care and attention but after a point of time the things will change. Cleaning and keeping the upholstery clean will get difficult for you. It is not something that is interesting because it consumes a lot of your time and efforts. In all such cases, you will have to look for professionals who can offer you good help. Hiring professional services will simplify too many things for you. Finding the perfect furniture may not require a lot of time but cleaning will surely consume too much of efforts.


Cleaning up the scrums and spills from the upholstery can be a difficult task for you as a homeowner. In all these cases taking help of the professionals is what will simplify your work to a great level. Below mentioned are some of the benefits that you can get when you choose professionals for all your needs.



You will be amazed by the appearance of your furniture upholstery once you hire the professionals cleaning services providers.  They will remove all the spots and will help you get back the great looks and shine of the sofa set. Even if you are not into the regular cleaning of this, professionals will make sure that they clean it in a way that the appearance of the same enhances for at least a couple of months.


Fresh Air:

The professional cleaning companies you choose will use high-end equipment with which cleaning will become easier. You will also experience perfection in the same.  At times they will use the related equipment or machinery to clean the upholstery leaving behind a clean area. It will in a way help you get rid of all the contaminated air in that room. Breathing fresh air will become easy after all the cleaning is properly done.



Have you ever thought about what makes the furniture upholstery fabric to look dull and smelly? It is all the dirt and other dust particles which settle down on the fabric and make it look ugly. This dust can be in friction when you sit or use the sofa leading to small holes and cuts. To avoid this and make this asset durable, hiring services of professional cleaners on a regular basis will be essential.

Healthy Home and Upholstery:

Only a professional cleaning company is efficient to provide you with the allergen removal and other services important for your furniture upholstery. They will make every effort to keep your house germ free so that you can breathe fresh air all the time. Before making a choice ask them whether they will follow the vacuuming and cleaning services.

Protection to the Upholstery:

The professionals you choose will have good experience in the cleaning and vacuuming aspect and therefore will ensure absolute protection to your upholstery. You can be sure that every aspect will be considered and the right cleaning treatment will be offered. They will not just know the fabric type but will also have an idea about the type of treatment required for the same.

Looking out for a furniture upholstery cleaning professional is not an easy task. You will have to put in a few efforts and look for one who is the best in the industry and can offer you reliable services.  This will simplify things for you as you will not have to maintain any record of cleaning and will also not have to buy any equipment for the same. You will have to be very careful on who you choose because technical knowledge will be very important.

You can start with the research on the web or then can also go through some references offered by the friends or other relatives.

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5 furniture pieces worth your money


Furnishing a new home is tough and you certainly cannot just run to the first store and buy everything you need. It is best to think about what pieces you need first and which of them need to be of top quality. Some pieces of furniture are bound to change frequently and you might not used them as often, but there are some that are worth the money and you should invest a bit more in them.

The Dining Table

In smaller spaces, a dining table can have multiple purposes – a place to eat, work or entertain. It’s the same case bigger spaces, too, since the whole family will have meals together and it is perfect for bigger family gatherings. Depending on its style and size, a dining table can provide a wow factor in your home and you won’t change it that often. Opt to invest a bit more money in a lush stylish dining table and complementing chairs that will stand the test of time and provide enough space for various parties.



Just like the dining table, a quality desk can have multiple uses. It can serve as a quiet place to work, sort your e-mails and bills and keep your laptop. Additionally, your children can do their homework here, it can serve as a console or a bedside table and a place to writing utensils and various other items that you need every day. It is definitely better to invest in a bigger desk with plenty of drawers and cabinets, than to shuffle several different smaller tables and overcrowd your home.

Bed and Mattress

Bedrooms are the most important rooms in the house and they need maximum comfort. Since bedroom furniture doesn’t need to be changed that often, it is best to invest a bit more money in it. First of all, you will need a quality bed with strong and durable frames. Next is a comfortable mattress that will last long. Even though mattresses should be replaced after 5 or 7 years, you will need one that will last that long without causing any back problems or issues with grimes and dust mites. After you have picked these two pieces carefully, you can throw in a bit more money and furnish your bedroom with quality bedroom furniture and accessories that can serve their purpose for a very long time.



A sofa is a piece that you are going to use forever. The best advice is to go for a sofa that has durable quality fabrics. Also, opt for some neutral and plain colors, so it can fit the changing styles of your living room through time. You can easily elevate its design with colorful throw pillows and covers, while the sofa itself should be comfortable and strong, since there will be plenty of people who will use it frequently. Additionally, you can spend a bit more time searching a perfect sofa with stain-resistant fabrics.

Chest of Drawers


This universal piece of furniture is worth every penny. It can be used as an entry hall table, anchor for the living room, a bedside table, a place for your TV and so on. Additionally, it offers plenty of storage area for your clothes and various knick knacks. You can opt for a small chest of drawers that can easily be moved into another room to change its looks, so search for a quality one. It is one of the elegant ways to store your things and if it is durable it can serve you for years; and if you want to change its looks, a simple repainting will suffice.

When looking for new furniture be reasonable and don’t be stingy when it comes to these several pieces. If you invest a bit more money in them, you are guaranteed to use them for a long time and you can easily fit them in any design you desire.