Characteristics of Educational Furniture

The primary purpose of educational furniture is to provide the educational setting and enhance the learning capacity of the students. Regardless of the usual table and chairs, certain educational furniture serves manifold purposes and improves the overall learning experience of the students. Besides, this furniture differs depending on the category of the students. The kids set up are entirely different from those of the students studying their Bachelor’s. Likewise, as per the educational set up and institute, the furniture differs. Where, playschool kids will have a different set-up and intermediate level have student desk chair, etc. Similarly, university level or other such educational institutes will have additional furniture.


Educational Furniture

A plethora of educational furniture products is crafted these days, keeping in mind certain factors to meet educational, practical and physical needs. The main purpose of educational furniture is to facilitate the students and teachers. These products include classroom desks, chairs, storage cabinets, practical room furniture, computer room tables & chairs and other such products. Some of the common educational furniture are wooden, art furniture, play furniture, work and study tables, classroom rugs, tables & chairs, book displays and reading lockers, shelving, storage, bin storage, easels, cushions, and loungers, etc. Hence, these products must be chosen with utmost care keeping in mind the material, quality, availability and competitiveness of the price. Nevertheless, it is the institute that decides what to purchase to meet the students and teachers need.

Some Staple Educational Furniture Features Include the Following:

Student Desks: One of the educational furniture pieces is the desk. The students seating arrangement is based on the desks and chair arrangement. These are of several types, such as the traditional tables and modern tables. Traditional desks are the normal or the standard classroom desks. While the modern tables may have other designs, such as they might have the capacity to store copy, books, or may have double cabinets to keep the things in the cabinet or the shelve under the table top.


Computer Desks: With the advent of technology and its implementation into a diverse field, education is also becoming advance and present time’s focus is on computer-based classroom studies, presentations, etc. Smart classrooms are equipped with different educational furniture. Not only classrooms, but also computer labs, library, and other such rooms have a specific place for the computer. Hence, computer desks are the essential educational furniture. These desks come with storage facilities and offer security to tuck the wires and lock the essential components.

Science Desks: These are mainly used in the practical rooms or science labs. These are sturdy and designed to withstand the science experiments. They are crafted in a way to avoid any mishap during the practical classes. They do not skid or slip easily and are leveled to provide the perfect lab surface while performing the experiment. Moreover, these are easily cleanable and are not infected by spillovers of the chemicals.

Creativity Table: These are the typical multifunctional tables. They are mainly used in the arts and crafts rooms, and other creative activities are performed on these tables. These differ as per the students and their class standards such as primary kids or younger students will have small and comfortable tables. Whereas, the students in the higher class or university level will need large tables to conduct the projects and creative tasks.

On the other hand, certain aspects to keep in mind while purchasing these products are the requirement of the space. The size and style of the table, the material may vary according to seating capacity, computer capacity, storage capacity, availability of colors, price and warranty. It can be of any style such as folding, adjustable height options, rectangle, octagon, u-shaped, square, half-round, round, rigid, attached to the wall, etc.

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Select the Best Parquetry Dining Table for Your Home

The presence of the parquetry dining table in the house is essential to enhance the surrounding ambiance. It is styled in a unique manner to capture the imagination of the people. Draped in a contemporary and vintage design, the furniture goes a long way in delivering explicit results to the users. The geometrical wooden theme is evident in the appearance of the table. Although, it is a wonderful addition to the home; one should follow certain tips to find the best option to purchase. Among various style you can choose the right one that fits according to your space. parquet1

Simplistic design forms

The modern silhouette is streamlined into a sleek product that occupies minimum space. It can accommodate many guests in a party. Carved appearance of the wood plays vital role in introducing elegance to the product. Made from solid alder wood, the parquetry dining table is epitome of durability for the users. Family gatherings would never be complete without the purchase of the above-mentioned items.

 Rigid frame

The rigid frame might be crafted out of oak veneer top. Capable of hosting as many as 8 guests, the product goes a long way in captivating the imagination of the people. If the frame is not rigid and strong, the table is not able to survive adverse weather conditions. Therefore, you should also make sure that the strong lacquer coating is applied to it for longevity. 

 Classic style

Classic style never goes out of fashion. Bolstered by Glass planks, the minimal lines captivate the imagination of the people to a great extent. Herringbone surface is one of the most important parts of the table that imparts durability and white style. The classic theme fits well with the other furniture in the house giving eclectic décor to the interior. While hosting the party, the dining hall exudes top class elegance capturing the attention of the onlookers.

 Airfoil stuff

The Airfoil stuff is furniture to watch for. High-spirited meals and conversions can be carried out in style. Inspired by the wings of aircraft, the wooden material boasts of similar design to the users that are not only entertaining, but also regal in appearance. You can place the crystal glass on the table as an accessory and accentuate its beauty by many fold.


Axel style

Top of the line artisans has used the expertise to design the amazing table style. To start with, it looks rugged, but can transform the appearance of the vintage homes. Eclectic décor comprising old world and contemporary themes entwined together present a delectable view  to the users. The table is light in weight. Hence, it is easy to  move from one place to another.

 Personal touch

While you are selecting the item, make sure it is bespoke. The personal touch is essential, as the table will occupy the dining space inside the home. While, color would blend with the vibrant colors of the wall and impart old school charm to the ambiance. It is imperative to ensure that the texture is in harmony with the neutral backdrop of the wood.

Reputed retailer

Only a reputed retailer can provide tables carrying iron-clad warranty. One should take a closer look at the margins in design, because they vary from one product to another. Specifications are provided along with the product. Therefore, you should read the text carefully before proceeding ahead with the purchase.

If you are confused what type of table to buy, contact the customer care departments to get an approximate idea on choosing parquetry dining table. It is quite handy to take information about quality and affordability before making a decision.

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Decorating a Small Living Room: How to Liven Up Limited Space

Your living room is central to the relaxing activities that take place at home. If the room is small, there are ways to make it even more inviting and entertaining. Don’t forget about the latest trends and ideas. Keep in mind there are many products out there that can match your style and personality despite space being at a premium. From the color scheme to the furniture, there’s so much you can do to spice up a small living room. Here are some general ideas.

Lay an Area Rug

Adding an area rug that’s light in color can give your living room a more open feel. Dark wood floors can make a small room somber. Even if there’s a carpet, you can place an area rug on top to add flavor. Area rugs come in different sizes so you can easily find one that matches the dimensions of the room, or even covers just part of it.

Try Alternatives for Coffee Tables

If you’ve browsed furniture stores, you know how bulky coffee tables can be. Here’s an area you can be creative. How about African drums or carved wood? Any object with a flat surface can double as a coffee table. You can even go with a small trunk that doubles as storage.

Make the Space Functional

While on the subject of storage, small rooms don’t mean you can’t have it; if you look hard enough, you might find clever opportunities for storage. Consider every nook and cranny for vertical space. Awkward roofing and under-the-stairs spaces are often ideal for custom shelves, where you can store books, boxes, and attractive accessory items, sculptures, and more.

Brighten Up the Décor

Choosing a color scheme that brightens things up will make your tiny living room more desirable. You don’t have to use the brightest paints. Those that match your mood and style, and which give the room some depth, can really change things. Dark colors shouldn’t be shunned, however. They can contrast with other colors to play with light and add style. The kinds of window treatments you pick can make all the difference too. Light, smooth curtains can be a cozy addition so you can enjoy the warmth of the room. Also, hang them high up for the sense of height.

Don’t Always Go Small

Even if the room is small, that doesn’t mean everything must be miniaturized. That can call visual attention to the fact it’s so small, and you’ll end up feeling tight. Put in a large comfort chair, but decorate it with an attractive slipcover that compliments the character of the room.

There are many other tactics for decorating a small living room. Float furniture will add volume, and you can place artwork such that it accentuates the room’s height. Low seating, multi-purpose furniture (tables that store bar essentials and books), built-in shelves, and glass tables are just a few things that enhance a room. Liven up your living room, and it won’t seem so small after all.

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Remodel like a Pro – 2017 Furniture Trends You Simply Can’t Afford to Miss

The New Year comes with all things new and refreshing! It’s the time to update and upgrade. While you’re busy making resolutions and bucket lists for yourself, don’t forget about your house! Let’s look at the top furniture trends for the year 2017 so your home can reflect the same energy as you in the New Year!

  1. Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture will always be trendy. But the challenge is to incorporate vintage pieces to go with your existing décor correctly, or you can always choose to go for a full remodel, depending on your needs. If you’re looking for a whole new look, you can remodel your space to reflect any theme of your preference. It could be classic chic. Or weathered and rustic, the possibilities are endless. Just add vintage accents to your existing décor for a more personalized vibe if you don’t want to go for a full remodel.

Pro Tip – Keep it neutral to ensure it can blend with any style through the years!

  1. Greenery

This year Pantone announced ‘Greenery’ as the color of the year for its rejuvenating and revitalizing effect. And the beauty of this color is how natural it is, making it easily adaptable to any living space. You can add this shade to your room through furniture, upholstery and/or visual pieces. Or, go “au naturale” by adding more flora to your space and giving it a fresher feel.

  1. Dramatic Fabrics



Use materials that take inspiration from the 70s and the 80s like velvet and leather to add more drama to your interiors while staying in line with the vintage art-deco inspired trend. Velvet adds a whimsical aura to the room and is incredibly versatile if used correctly. You can fashion bedcovers, curtains out of it or simply use it as upholstery. And if you want to really experiment with textures, you can even combine velvet with faux leather for a more exquisite look.

  1. Mix it up with Metals


The home décor scene has been blowing up since the introduction of metallic inspired décor. Initially gold, rose gold and silver were the most commonly seen colors, but other colors like polished nickel, matte black as well as various oxidized and antique finishes are also finding their way back!

  1. Cérused  Wood


Cérused wood is all the rage now! This style dates back to the 16th century and still continues to find its place as one of the leading trends for years now. It adds texture and depth to any space as it fits well in any type of interior setting irrespective of the theme. You can pick furniture accents made of cerused wood, or go with accented paneling as the focal point of a room.

  1. Minimalistic Living


This trend is rapidly gaining popularity not only for its style but also because it involves picking and choosing objects that you absolutely require. The idea is to choose furniture that is not only functional in the general aesthetic of the room but also selecting items that are naturally sustainable. Finally, a style that’s great for the environment and for your home!

Fads come and go but trends are here to stay, and these trends made it to the top in 2017. Whatever style you pick, make sure you incorporate them in a way that is both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing so that they can stand the test of time!

Author Bio:

As the Director at Excella Worldwide, Shruti Agrawal is a strategist with an Electronics Engineering background and always on the lookout for ways to challenge and disrupt business models to make them better.

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Designing a Splendid Space for a Home Theater

Home theatre can turn a boring day into an HD movie marathon or a surreal gaming adventure. Two decades ago, only rich and famous were able to afford home theatre systems. Today, home theatres are much more affordable and many middle class households are already watching their favorite movies on big screens.

Home theatre equipment can cost from $1,000 to $30,000 and its set-up also depends on the size of the room in which you wish to place your home theatre system. In this article we will go through all essential tasks required for creating a splendid home theatre room.
eames chairs home theatre


People usually decide to place their home theatre systems in living rooms or basements. Most middle class families don’t have a spare room they can use for this purpose. Whichever room you choose, these are some of things you should consider in terms of comfort and quality:

Room shape

You should always opt for a rectangular room, because square space can create sound distortions. In a rectangular room, always use a short wall to place your display screen and main speakers, because this way you will get the best view of the screen and the best sound protection.

WindowsPlasma wall mount - complete

Reason why basement is such a good option for home theatre set-up, is because it usually doesn’t come with too many windows. This way they won’t produce sound distortions and their light won’t affect your display. If you choose to place your home theatre system in the living room, purchase heavy curtains, drapes or blackout-style window treatment.


Drywall is a completely appropriate surface for most home theatres. You can also break up large wall surfaces with some furniture or drapes. Don’t use glass ornaments or framed paintings for this purpose, because they reflect both light and sound. You should also choose darker wall colors, because light ones reflect light.

If you want to make your home theatre more soundproof, you can also purchase acoustic wall panels. These panels modulate high and low sound frequencies and prevent echoes.

home theaterFloor

Wall to wall carpet is always the best option, because it absorbs ambient sounds. Also many people like to watch movies from the floor and rich and cushy carpet will make them cozy and relaxed.


Speaker technology have drastically advanced during the last decade. Competitiveness of speaker market have turned home theatre sound into fine art. Today, highly powerful speakers are very affordable, and they are designed to provide specific type of sound in different listening environments, so you can also use them for parties and garage gigs. When it comes to sound, you need to consider the following parameters:

Sound placement and distance

Most home theatres feature 5,1 surround sound. These systems come with 5 speakers and the woofer. Three out of five speakers and the woofer should be placed in front of you (from both sides of the screen), while other two need to be slightly behind your viewing position. All of these speakers need to be placed at least 20 inches from walls and they should stay movable, so you can adjust them depending on the size of your audience.

Center front speaker

Center front speaker is the most important part of home theatre’s audio equipment. It projects sounds directly from the screen and it is especially important for dialogue scenes. You will need to spend some time adjusting it, if you want dialogues to be synchronized down to a millisecond.


The display screen is the most expensive piece of equipment and it is a crown jewel of every home theatre system. Its size and position depend on the size of your home theatre room. Most basic calculation you need to make before buying your TV is finding the right combination of screen size and viewing angle.

Viewing angle

Viewing angle represents an angle that points to your nose and is formed by lines pointed from screen edges. Each chair in your home theatre should have the optimum viewing angle, which is between 30 and 40 degrees.

Distance and height

Optimal distance between your seat and the screen should be from 1.5 to 2.5 times bigger then the screen’s diagonal width and screen center should be on the viewer’s eye level, together with the central speaker.


Also, if you wish to stream your favorite movies, you’ll probably need to spend some extra money for streaming service and equipment. Before you decide between Netflix, Hulu and various other companies that offer streaming services, use review websites to compare unlimited broadband deals.

Now you can implement this fine knowledge and create a dream combo of audio and video equipment that will allow you to watch movies, play games and have fun with your friends and family.