3 Types of Entertainment Units Are Available, Which One Do You Have?

Entertainment units are a type of furniture. These are used to keep or to place the entertaining devices such as television, Radios, Compact Disk players, DVDs, Tape Recorders and home theater system etc. Entertainment units are on par with cabinets as these also has drawers, Shelves, Doors and areas to serve your purpose. The reason for using this is to create a convincing feel for the viewer or the owner while relaxing.


Entertainment units are not only meant for holding the entertainment appliances, but it also has to serve a major purpose of making the living room look elegant and to portray the overall look as rich and grand.

Different styles:

  • Traditional styled units will give a timeless appeal and rich look in wooden tones and provide the natural and solid appearance.
  • Rustic styled Units are otherwise called as the countryside design; this is somewhat old fashioned and vintage. Generally aged woods and metals are used to build this type of unit to provide the old and vintage feel to the house.
  • Contemporarily designed units are the present-day designs. Wood, metal and glass can be used to make this wall unit. The trendy design makes it look appealing and bold and it brings about a definite change for the house.

How are Entertainment Units made?

Before building an entertainment unit it is important to decide where to place it in the living space. The measurement size will be finalized only after knowing the available space to position the entire unit. After deciding the place in the living area, one has to decide the size of the unit. The size may cover the whole area available or people may prefer to leave some space. Then, the frame will be made based on the measurement using ample wood. After setting the frame, sub parts of the unit will be constructed. The shelves will be placed within the frame of the unit. The shelves will be attached using hard stick gums or the nuts and bolts based on the weight of the plywood or the material.

The sliders or the doors should be visually appealing as they will be the front portion of the entire unit. To fulfill this people, try to make them attractive by adding glasses or other decorative elements. The sliders should be made by using the Polyethylene sheets or colored wooden sheets based on the texture of the wall or the appliances that are to be placed within the unit. The drawers can be made by using single piece of wood, the reason is building the drawers with nuts and bolts will make it heavier.

eu2Materials to make Entertainment Units:

 An entertainment unit should be light and replaceable, but it also has to be firm and sturdy. To meet all the above needs the carpenter will select Douglas fir or Fir plywood as they are light and strong, this is used only for inner frame of the unit. The overall frame is being made by using hardwood for strong and firm structure, metals are also used to make the frame as they are stronger than wood and can tackles any kind of weather. But, the drawback is that it is hard to relocate. The shelves are made by using plywood or crates.  Plywood is the choice of most of the designers as it is sufficient to hold the weight of the entertainment appliances.

To make this entire unit attractive, glasses are majorly used. There are types of wood with vinyl coating or with colored texture that are used as decorative for the front portion of the unit.

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