3 Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom with Furniture

By Eric Mellmer from ProlineRangeHoods.com

The bedroom is a personal space that should feel comfortable and maybe even serene. It’s a space to relax and destress – to step away from work.

The bedroom should be a space for R&R. So, how can you attain the homey feel? We’ll go over five different pieces of furniture to make your bedroom yours.



A dresser can make a strong statement in your bedroom. In the above bedroom, the massive dresser is made of finished wood, giving the bedroom a rustic feel. It sets the tone for the entire bedroom.

Your dresser doesn’t have to be that prominent, though. Especially in smaller rooms, you probably want to conserve the little space you have. But, for a larger room like the one above, the dresser provides a lot of valuable storage space.

loft bedroom

This dresser includes tall cabinets along with drawers for additional space, but not all dressers are like this. Here’s an example of a smaller room, that includes a dresser with six drawers. In this room, the dresser can double as a nightstand, too!

Bed Frames and Headboards

modern bed

A bed frame or headboard can be a fun way to make your bedroom unique. Sure, every bedroom will have a bed, but not many feature great bed frames. The most common type of frames are metal or wooden frames. In fact, a beautiful headboard can be as simple as a hand-carved wooden slab, like in the above photo!

Or, you can experiment with a more ornate design. The possibilities are endless! There are some great DIY projects out there as well! Check out Pinterest for some fun bed frame ideas.

Open Built-In Shelving for Extra Storage

This last tip is functional and beautiful in your bedroom. It’s especially practical if you don’t have a lot of floor space. Simply install some built in shelves behind your bed or on another wall and you’ve got space for anything you want! Show off some cool knick-knacks, store your clothes, set your alarm clock on the shelf…you’re free to store whatever!

You could also paint the shelves to match the theme of your room so they blend in seamlessly. Or, make them pop as an accent wall.
These three tips are customizable within any number of design aesthetics; you have so much freedom to adapt the design to fit your needs: modern, traditional, rustic, farmhouse, and many others! The bed frame is a nice subtle touch to your bedroom, while the open shelving and dresser provide great storage and elegance. Thanks for reading.

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