4 Creative Ways to Organize the Kids Room


The amount of things owned by the little humans is incredible. No parent is aware of that until they watch their children grow from babies to preschoolers. You cannot have a home big enough to accommodate all of their belongings unless they are properly organized. Since children are not borne with organizational skills, it is up to you to teach them how to put their things away properly. There is nothing that better sticks with them than learning while playing. This is why you should apply all of your creativity to come up with fun and smart storage solutions.


The clothes

Let’s start with their clothing. Most children have a phase when they become stylistically picky and like to choose what they wear each day. If you fold things as you normally would and put them away in a wardrobe, the chances are that you will have to do it over and over again, each time your child digs through everything to find just the right garment to wear. A smart way of resolving this is by using rails and hangers. The dressier clothes, particularly for girls can be hung on a DIY clothes rail. You can choose to leave it open or conceal it with vintage curtains, or perhaps, make a doll-house-like shallow dresser they could use. Alternatively, you can use low cabinets, similar to the ones in your kitchen, and hang their clothes in there.

A stuffed animal zoo

This is a perfect storage solution for the stuffed furry friends your children seem to keep everywhere. Pretty much any festive occasion results in them getting several of these toys. There are wooden zoo cages with flexible bars available in stores, but they can also be an easy DIY project. Alternatively, you can use bungee cords or colorful rope to make the bars on any shelves or nooks you already have in their room and keep the animals in. If your children have a toy tent, you can keep the stuffed animals there and have them live in a circus, rather than a zoo.

Smart storage

When it comes to organizing any space, smart storage solutions are the key. With kids’ rooms, you should stick to as many separate storage units as possible as that allows more organizing options and makes things easier to find. Speaking of easy finds, see-through boxes, bins and storage bags are your best bet, even though they only look nice as the combination of things in them and sometimes they can appear a little bit sanitary. This is why you could use curtain rails and curtains to create faux windows and entrances and keep the boxes nicely stored away behind the curtains.


Utilize the walls

As with any small space, the trick is in utilizing the walls. Before you start making use of the walls, mind the position of your AC. If you do not have one, quick airconditioner installation is probably a good solution to keep the air fresh and the temperature right. However, with children, you cannot go too high as they will always require your assistance when reaching the top shelves. Take their height into consideration. You can use spice racks or even paint old rain gutters or even certain styles of ceiling moldings and use them as really narrow shelves to display magazines, books or small toys collections.

Hopefully, with right organizational solutions, you only have a couple more years of messy rooms before they learn to put away their things neatly and stop crying for you to help them find something.

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