4 Décor Ideas That Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your Bedroom Again

Image source: Pexels.com

The bedroom is where our days begin and end. Since we roughly spend a third of our lives in this private paradise, shouldn’t we make our time spent there as enjoyable as possible? If you overdo it, though, you just might never want to get out of your bedroom again!

Cozy Corners

In smaller rooms especially, the bed can take up a lot of space if we center it on a wall. To avoid blocking any closets, people often need to move their bed into a corner. What they unknowingly did, however, was create a cozy atmosphere. Placing your bed next to a wall makes it comfier than usual, even more so when moved to a corner!

What this also does, however, is free up a lot of space! Bigger parts of the room are now available for anything you’d like. Cover the wall with cool wallpapers or with pictures of your favorite singer. Whichever the case, our goal is to create a light and bright atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Wall Art

As we’ve touched upon the topic, let’s dive in a bit further. It’s not uncommon for people to use bedroom walls as canvases: putting up posters, using watercolor, or even repainting the room a more vibrant color. Another option, which has recently popped up, is to get a chalkboard for one of your walls. While this invites you and anyone else a chance to have a fun time drawing, you can also use it as a checklist! Just keep in mind that there are a lot of things you can add to your bedroom, as long as you know what kind of vibe you’re after.


Proper décor doesn’t have to be a mind-blowingly large project, and not everyone has the time to reorganize their home. What you can do, however, is get a few stylish items that can make your room as comfortable as can be along the way.

For instance, if you don’t own one already, you should know that bed lap desks are wonderful. They’re perfect if you want to surprise your partner with breakfast in bed, and you can binge-watch your favorite series when you don’t feel like getting up.

Feel like flipping through some pages in the evening or during your morning coffee? Just roll over to the other side of the bed, and grab some reading material from your handy magazine holder. The reason why these holders are so handy is that they’re designed to be mounted on walls. Why not attach the holder to the side of your closet, even?

A Green Touch

Something green is always welcome when it comes to home décor. This finishing touch could include a potted mix of petchoas, vibrantly colored flowers that will add color to your room. Plants have a wonderful effect and always breathe life into their surroundings, while also cleaning the air around our home. It’s wonderful when a pleasant smell from a batch of flowers welcomes you back into your bedroom at the end of a tough day.

To sum up, the bedroom should be a happy place. Personally, there’s no other place I’d rather end up at after a long day. Many people spend free time in the living room or even enjoy the atmosphere in the garden. Although, if you’re like me and think of your room as your little getaway, there are a few ways you can upgrade the place. But as I said before, if you make it too close to perfect, you might never want to leave!