5 Bedroom Interior Design Ideas to Personalize Your Sleeping Area

The bedroom should be the most comfortable and inviting room in our home, promoting calmness and relaxation, and allowing us to get some restful sleep each night. However, our sleeping area can often be the one space we tend to neglect most often, focusing only on the necessary aspects that allow the room to perform its basic functions. But if you want to create a bedroom of your dreams that is both a calming sanctuary and an aesthetically pleasing space, you will have to personalize your sleeping area with decor that perfectly complements your taste and style. To that end, here are some design ideas that will help to transform your bedroom:

Focus on an impactful color palette

Colors can have quite a powerful impact on our thoughts and feelings, which is why many suggest choosing generally calming shades when designing a bedroom, such as muted or pastel greens and blues. However, if you want your sleeping space to perfectly represent your personal style, opting for a color scheme that revolves around your favorite hues might be a more suitable option.

Whether you opt for shades ranging from sky blue to navy, or even a black and white combination with grayscale in between, don’t be afraid of some deeper, darker, or brighter colors if they evoke positive vibes in your home. However, in an effort to keep things peaceful and more cohesive, choose only one impactful color as an accent, and combine it with complementing muted shades for the rest of the room.

Add interesting furniture pieces

Besides the bedroom essentials such as a comfortable bed and an inviting mattress, it would also be wise to personalize the rest of the furniture in your space, in an effort to make it more suitable for your lifestyle. To that end, think about how you would want your bedroom to function, and choose furniture items to match.

For instance, if you have quite a small bedroom, bedside storage space and under-the-bed storage solutions might be good options to make the most of your space. Similarly, if you lack a seating area, you could include handy ottomans as versatile pieces that add another personal touch. Or, you could opt for a desk in the corner to double as an office area. Simply adjust your bedroom to your lifestyle needs as best as possible.

Hang up meaningful wall art

Wall decorations are the simplest and most efficient way to add some personality to any interior, especially a bedroom. And while decorative mirrors and personal photos of your friends and family might be great options as interesting accessories, they’re not the most impactful choice when it comes to wall hangings.

Instead, a much better option would be to go for custom prints that are as beautiful and inviting as they are unique. Not only will such pictures be a perfect focal point in your bedroom, adding some necessary interest and dimension, but they’re also ideal for including that custom, personal touch that perfectly represents your taste and style.

Choose a statement area rug

Apart from focal point artwork, another way you could add a personalized accent into your sleeping space is through area rugs, whether you decide on only one statement rug, or even a few layers of different-textured rugs. While undoubtedly adding warmth, coziness, and comfort to the one room that truly needs it the most, area rugs will also bring that necessary character that will instantly transform your bedroom.

However, it would still be wise to stick to the same color palette you’ve previously chosen, and only opting for a different pattern or an interesting print. This will help to add some texture and dimension, and bring the entire bedroom design together, without looking too busy or overdone.

Don’t forget to accessorize

No space can be complete without those final touches to finish off the room, and make it that much more comfortable and inviting. To that end, opt for bedding, decorative pillows, and throw blankets that match your personality and the overall color scheme of your bedroom, while still providing you with some essential coziness.

Then, consider bringing in some nature with greenery and flowers, decorate the shelving with your favorite books and personal photos, or embellish your desk and tablespaces with decorative mirrors and beautiful pottery pieces, for example. Accessorize your bedroom with anything that feels true to your taste and style, for the most personalized space possible.

To sum up

From choosing the overall theme to carefully selecting the finer details, any bedroom can instantly be transformed into a pleasant, delightful, and personal space, just by utilizing the handy tips mentioned above.

About the author: Mike Johnston is an avid blogging enthusiast and experienced freelance writer. He is a regular contributor to the Smooth Decorator blog and numerous online publications where he writes about real estate, construction, home improvement, and interior design.