5 Tips When Buying Furniture After Moving In

Whether you’re moving with a house full of furniture you already own or are looking to buy the majority of your furniture after you’ve moved in, chances are you’ll have to do at least a little furniture shopping as part of any move.

Here are just a few of our tips for buying new furniture after you have moved into your new home.

Set A Clear Budget For Each Room

If you’re planning on purchasing furniture for multiple rooms in your home once you’ve moved, making a budget to furnish each individual room rather than the house as a whole will help you get the most out of your money.

The best way to go about this is by looking at the average cost of each piece that you’ll need for a particular room. For example, if you’re furnishing your bedroom, look at the average cost of a bed, a wardrobe and any other piece of furniture you might need. This will allow you to get an idea of the ball-park figure that you’re looking at for each room.

Measure Up

One of the reasons that many people wait until they’ve moved into their new home before purchasing furniture is that it avoids any mishaps regarding furniture that just doesn’t fit. We all know someone who has spent hundreds of dollars on a new sofa, only to find that they can’t get it through the door of their new home!

Avoid this by making sure that you measure up all your space and use a measuring tape to check out the size of the pieces of furniture before you make a purchase.

Design The Room As A Whole

We might love the look of an individual piece of furniture, but will it necessarily go with our vision for the rest of the room – or could it be left standing out for all the wrong reasons?

When purchasing new furniture, try to start with a clear idea in mind of what each and every room is going to look like. Having this plan in mind will help you to work towards a cohesive interior design vision.

Don’t Forget Final Touches

Furniture is, of course, crucial to making your house a home, but don’t forget all the other final touches that will pull the look together.

When you’re planning out your budget, make sure you take things such as wall art and other soft furnishings into account. These things might not be quite as immediately important as picking out the right furniture, but they’re certainly the pieces that give a room personality.

Don’t Be Afraid To Do Something Different

New house, new furniture… why not get creative and go for a new look, too? Don’t be too tempted to play it safe with the same design choices you used in your old home! Get a little adventurous and really put a stamp on your new one with some creative new interior design ideas.