5 unconventional office designs for eccentrics

Even though, for years now, people have tried to find the optimal office layout they seldom succeeded. However, sometimes this traditional approach is simply inadequate. There is no reason whatsoever why one shouldn’t use their office design to fully present their eccentric nature and with this in mind, here are 5 unconventional office design ideas that might just come in handy.

  1. Indoors Jungle

Jungle officeWhat can be more work-inspiring and at the same times design-wise innovative than a great indoors jungle. This means that you should add as much “green” to your design as possible and we are not just talking about color of your walls. By adding a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, Split-Leaf Philodendron or even occasional Sweetheart Vine to your office, you will make it beaming with life and completely unique.

  1. Coffee Shop

Now, it is a well-known fact that some people find themselves most productive in a coffee shop. This is why, more and more office workers are rushing to Starbucks with their laptops to finish some overdue tasks. Why not use this knowledge to your own benefit and transform your office into a genuine coffee shop. For starters, instead of traditional office desks get some unique cafe tables. Furthermore, if you want to go completely wild, you can even make a counter area and hire someone to work at a register.

  1. Roof Office

This option won’t be a permanent solution, but when the weather allows it, you can simply migrate to the top of the building. Here, you have two options, the more expensive one is to do a wooden deck on the roof in order to completely utilize it. The second option would be to just add some furniture or even make it from wooden pallets. On the climate of your region it depends how many hours a week will you be able to spend there.Roof office

  1. Back to School

Another unconventional option would be to transform your office into a classroom. Regardless of what you felt about your high school, returning to it in your office is usually a fun experience. Now, you can at least organize your meeting room as a traditional classroom with school desks and everything else. Naturally, the presenter or manager will this time assume the role of a teacher, which will most certainly be an interesting idea.

  1. Make Yourself at Home

Finally, some have decided to make a crossover between office work and home employment and organize their office as if it was a living room. This means that instead of traditional office chairs, there are sofas and armchairs, a giant plasma TV serves as a focal point and there are cushions everywhere. Seeing how, most of these designs are quite new, only the time will tell how effective this unconventional design idea really is.

As you can see, there is no end to human ingenuity and if you want to create a truly unique office space, your only limitation is your own creativity. Still, by employing outside of the box thinking in designing your office, you just might encourage your employees to follow in suite. Truly a goal worth working towards.