5 Ways To Help You Remember Your Loved Ones

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. It is a process that can extend beyond the person’s death, and whilst it can be difficult to find the right words, there are several meaningful ways to remember your loved ones by. Memorial benches, for example, are just one way you can honour the life and memory of a deceased individual. Below, we explore popular ways to remember a lost loved one, and cherish the memories you made for a lifetime.

  1. Memorial Benches

If you know someone who is grieving a loved one, memorial benches make an ideal gift for remembering a loved one. It can be heart-breaking watching someone you care about grieve over a lost someone, and watching them try to accept the mourning can be somewhat saddening. Whilst you can send a bunch of flowers or a card, memorial benches have even more meaning. Complete with a plaque or inscription, a memorial bench is an effective way to help pay tribute to someone.

  1. Create A Memorial Garden

Memorial gardens have been a popular way to honour and remember people by, offering a physical place for loved ones to visit to remember those lost. Creating a memorial garden is easy when you know how. Once you have chosen your space, create a boundary to make the section of garden feel more special. Then, begin decorating your space. A decorative water feature, for example, can help create a relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Commission A Piece Of Art

An increasingly popular way people choose to help them remember their loved ones is to commission a piece of art. Today, there are several artists who offer to create decorative glass pieces using a loved one’s ashes that can be placed inside or outside the home, and is a comforting way to keep your loved ones near after they have passed away. Other forms of commemorative art include sculptures and paintings.

  1. Shine A Light

Something as simple as lighting a candle can be an incredibly powerful way to remember a loved one, particularly when several people gather for the occasion. Whilst long held candlelight vigils remain a popular choice amongst those celebrating the life of a loved one, numerous churches and cathedrals alike hold their own candlelight vigils whereby people gather in their masses to remember a lost family or friend as one.

  1. Preserve Your Memories

For a down-to-earth memorial, preserve the memories you have. A loved one’s passing doesn’t end the relationship, and thus you can use memories of the special person you lost to help you grieve. Going through memorabilia is healthy, and can help you to heal. Talking to others who knew the person can help you to preserve your memories, and you should be eternally grateful for the memories you were lucky enough to have made. Whilst it can be hard to accept, you should let yourself enjoy life the best you can, and wear a smile just like your deceased loved one would love you to wear.