5 Ways to Redecorate Your Home During Lockdown

Being at home more frequently than before is one of the milder effects of being caught in the middle of a pandemic. This has prompted a lot of people to spruce up their space and redecorate. Since people are now spending most of their time confined in the four walls of their homes, it may be high time for a change.

For one, many employees have transitioned to home-based work. The safety risk of stepping out too often has also forced the majority to take up a new hobby at home. What better way to busy up than finally getting to that home redecoration plan you outlined months ago?

Whether or not you had plans of fixing things up at home, now is an excellent opportunity to do some interior decorating. You may want to make it even more comfortable and relaxing. Below are a few tips to inspire you to get started!

Declutter and throw away non-functional items

Ah, there it is. You may have been dreading to see “decluttering” in this list, but it truly is the first step to a beautiful home. It’s time to take a look at those overflowing boxes, haphazardly thrown clothes in the closet, piles of shoes, and old gadgets and equipment that may just be gathering dust in the other room.

If you need a bit more convincing, here are a few things you can benefit from decluttering:

  • It can help you create space, which is much appreciated, no matter the size of your home.
  • You can donate, sell, or repurpose anything you see in the pile.
  • It is such a satisfying feeling to get rid of the junk that you’ve been unknowingly accumulating.

After you have gotten rid of the things that you don’t need anymore, you will have more freedom to decorate! This will also help you create a minimalist home.

Rearrange your furniture

This seems pretty straightforward, but you will be surprised at how big of a difference a new sofa or table arrangement can do to your living space. Try to experiment where you can reposition your furniture, as there may be more space available to you now after the decluttering. Survey each room and face it head on one day at a time.

If you don’t find that you need to move a lot of stuff over, focus on the details. You can also take advantage of the cleaner space to reorganize books, candles, and other trinkets and add them as decorative pieces in your coffee table, for instance.

Add a splash of color

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate an accent color. In most cases, this can change the vibe of any room. You can do something as small as getting an accent chair, patterned curtains, or new light fixtures. If you feel like you need more change, then maybe you can repaint the walls, get a new wallpaper, or put up wall decorations.

You can get a shelf that can be the new home of your books and potted plants or try out a vibrant color for your living space to add excitement to your space. Whatever you do, make sure it feels you! While you can always redecorate again if things do not go to plan, you want to stick to your budget to avoid running out of resources or materials for your home DIY project.

Create a dedicated work area

If you are one of those people who had to transition to remote work, then you will undoubtedly benefit from a well-organized home office. If you keep doing your tasks on your bed or dining table, you may not have the same productivity rate as to when you were working in the office.

Your work area doesn’t have to be grand, either. A simple desk, comfortable chair, and a few feel-good trinkets are all you need to make sure you are motivated to power through your day!

Follow a theme

If you’ve always wanted to bring your Pinterest board to life, now’s the time! Redecorating your house based on a theme can help you achieve symmetry and streamline your vision. If you’re unguided by a theme, it could be overwhelming to know where to begin. On the other hand, it is also easy to go overboard. Try to stick to the look you want to create, so you also don’t end up overspending, too!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

It’s time to let out that pent up frustration, creative juices, and stored energy into creating a beautiful space for your home. You can go as grand as you like or fix it up with the details—it’s totally up to you! Be comforted by the fact that no matter which route you take, you will always end up with much more beautiful interiors than when you started. Have fun!

Author Bio:

Oscar Florea is a content contributor for Avida’s lifestyle blog Pursuit of Passion. He is an engineer by profession but a multipotentialite by destiny. Just like a normal dude in a basketball-crazy country, one of his passions is shooting hoops.