6 Handy Furniture Assembly Tricks

The move is complete, the removal van from the man and van service you hired is off, and now you are in your new house and facing a bunch of pieces of furniture, ready to be assembled back into actual furniture. Flat pack assembly furniture is often less expensive than other types of furniture. It can be difficult to actually assemble this type of furniture on your own, but with these 6 assembly tips, you don’t have to be a carpenter to put together a beautiful piece of furniture.

  1. Assemble the furniture piece in the place where you want to keep it. This way, you don’t have to move it once it’s assembled and risk damaging it. Furniture moving can be a big drag sometimes, so always pick your place properly.
  2. Unhelpful room mate

    Young Asian woman pulls her room mate accross the room on a lounging sofa. The lazy room mate pretends to be tired.

    Unwrap all of the components and organize them, then throw away the packaging to clear the space. This is also a good time to count all the different components to make sure you have everything you need.

  3. Look through the entire instructions booklet before you start to assemble the furniture. You will be less likely to make a mistake when you have a clear overview of the entire process from beginning to end.
  4. Use wood glue to ensure any wooden dowels are kept in their place securely. Wood glue can also be used in a variety of other furniture and home repairs, so it’s nice to keep a bottle of it on hand. If the glue doesn’t stick, well, even if you do break something, you can have the removal van back to take away the broken thing, right?
  5. Use a rubber mallet, rather than a hammer, to drive in wooden dowels. A rubber mallet puts less stress on the wood, so that it is less likely to split under pressure. Do measure the strength of your blows, of course. You do not want to start all that all over again.
  6. Paint the furniture before you assemble it. If you want to paint it a different color, you will get greater coverage if you paint each piece individually and then assemble them together afterwards.6 Handy Furniture Assembly Tricks2

Even if you don’t think you’re a handyman, it’s much more than possible to assemble furniture on your own. By following these tips and tricks and taking the process slowly, you’ll be able to assemble your furniture easily and quickly. If you still have a problem with that, then next time see if your moving company offers furniture collection services and directly order the pieces whole from the store. But overall, it should not be the hardest job in the world. You’ll be fine.