7 Practical Tips When Moving Furniture

When you need to handle the moving of furniture you will have several options ahead of you, from working on the job by yourself and some family members and friends, or handling all of it with the help of a professional moving company. No matter how hard you prepare, there will be aspects of the job you will need to handle well ahead of time to be able to work your way around the experience. The following examples will point out how you can do that with a few good tips:

  • Initial analysis

7 Practical Tips to Follow When Moving Furniture1This is a must with any large project, so take a step back and decide on surveying the task ahead to find the most suitable and practical solution. Measure your furniture, make a floor plan of your new home on graph paper so you can figure out what will fit in there and what won’t after moving house.

  • Emptying out your home

Ensure that everything inside your furniture pieces disappears, from inside the drawers and more to lighten the load. Take the cushions off your chairs; remove the knobs, mirrors and other potential elements that could get in the way. Doing so will make your furniture easier to handle, not to mention to get through doorways.

  • Making use of sliders

You can deal with moving your furniture around with greater ease by using sliders underneath them. You can find those in most furniture or hardware stores out there, simply placing them under your furniture and literally sliding them to protect your floors from scratching.

  • Using a dolly

Putting wheels on your furniture will help allow the moving of items around with ease. Doing that with a dolly is one of the more practical and easy ways you can do this, as it will allow greater flexibility in motion you will need as you work on things.7 Practical Tips to Follow When Moving Furniture2

  • Walking your furniture

If you have a piece of furniture that is too awkward to move the usual way, then you will need to tilt it and “walk” it as needed through the room and through the door if possible. This should allow you to handle the job more easily without it becoming a problem.

You can simply lay on your back to press the furniture into moving, giving yourself the necessary leverage to do so, but that would require a good bit of effort and it may be dangerous for your floors if you’re not careful.  It will be a decent way of handling things, but hardly ideal.

  • Using a moving company

This is the one way you can deal with moving furniture in a way that is both useful to you and practical in nature. The professionals you plan on using do this thing for a living and they have years of experience behind their back. Make use of what they have to offer and the movers will be there for you when it counts, protecting your furniture from harm and your back from the pain of moving.