8 Interesting Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture to Beautify Your Garden

garden furniture 1

There are a lot of ways we can reuse our old furniture for new and creative purposes. Why bother looking for new stuff and wasting money if you can be creative with things you already have? Your garden can get a completely new look with a couple of pieces of your old furniture. Here’s how:

1. Chair planter

garden furniture 2

Let’s start with the obvious choice – chairs are something every household has a lot of. There are always broken or old chairs in the garage or in the pantry that can be used as planters. More precisely, seatless chairs can be used as excellent planters if you use some type of wire to make a container and fill it with soil. A great choice of plants is succulents because you can make a succulents’ corner in your garden and use the chair to raise some of them up so that you have a garden with levels.

2. Bathtub planter

Big and old bathtubs make wonderful planter containers. Even if they are full of holes, they still can be used for planting big and attractive flowers, such as sunflowers. Their shabby look only adds to the vintage impression it makes. Besides sunflowers, trailing plants are a nice solution, too. They are free to fall over the bathtub edge and create shapes on their own.

3. Small dresser planter

garden furniture 3

Moving on to the bedroom furniture – small dressers are excellent for diverse flowers and making several levels of plants. The bottom drawer should be completely open while the top one should be open just enough for smaller plants to fit in. When choosing the type of plants, you can decide on the focal point, for example, the middle one can be full of colorful plants, while the top and the bottom one represent the frame, filled with greenery. If it was a mirrored dresser, consider leaving the mirror in its place, creating an impression of a larger garden.

4. Metal bed planter

Yes, beds are huge pieces of furniture, but it only means that you can do wonders with it in your garden. It’s best to fill the bed with shorter flowers so the bed design can still attract the looks. You can plant a different type of plants at the top of the bed, to make them look like pillows. On the other hand, if you want to hide the metal parts, use trailing plants at the bed’s corners.

5. Desk planter

garden furniture 4

Sometimes it’s easier to just call workers from Pink Junk and have them take away your old childhood desk, but sometimes it can be a perfect furniture decoration. Repaint it if you want to or just leave it looking shabby and fill its drawers with flowers. The great thing about a desk is that it usually comes with a chair that you can leave with the desk and also use it as a planter. Another great detail is to fill the desk with some kind of office supplies, such as an old telephone, a lamp or a typing machine (which can also be used as a lovely additional planter!)

6. Musical instrument planter

An old and broken piano makes a wonderful plant container. It also creates a romantic atmosphere of the time passed. You can also use a baby grand piano. Fill the top part with colorful plants, and the space between the keys can be openings for water that streams down into a pond. Just make sure the keys don’t get covered with plants, otherwise, it won’t be visible that it’s actually a piano. A double bass or any other string instrument makes a lovely and artistic planter, as long as you pay attention that it doesn’t get covered with the greenery.

7. Drawer planter

One or two drawers taken out of a desk or a dresser can make an interesting plant container on your front porch wall. Whether it’s an upright plant or a trailing plant, it certainly decorates the wall in a very original way.

8. Book planter

Books are not technically furniture, but when used for succulents and put on an old bookshelf, it can’t get dreamier than that! Decorate your porch with cute books that you can admire instead of just read.

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