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Making your home more beautiful and comfortable is what we are all about.

We sell the best in used, consignment, and new furniture and accoutrements to make your home more comfortable and inviting. We strive to find only the best in contemporary, eclectic, and unique pieces. You won’t find most of our pieces anywhere else. Our selection changes all the time so be sure to stop in often to see what fun and interesting pieces we’ve acquired recently.

Furniture makes a statement.

We like the way that furniture uniquely combines form and function. It can be both attractive and comfortable, and it is used to make friends and visitors more happy and relaxed in your home. Our unique selection of gently used, consignment, and new furniture offers you a wonderful opportunity to select items that reflect your personality and complement the style of your home.

We support the practice of recycling and reusing.

Furniture with some “seasoning” often has more character than new items. Unless you furnished your entire house with brand new pieces it can be very difficult to find that table, chair, or lamp to fit in with the furnishings you already have. Why not have the very best of the past instead of the ordinary from the present?

We support local artists.

We’re proud of the work of our local artists and want to give them a new venue for their works to be seen. Come by and browse the pieces we have in stock, or we can put you directly in contact with the artist for commissioned pieces.

A unique selection of furniture and home decor items, great service, and reasonable prices.

That’s what Furniture Works is all about. Please stop by our store, we’d love to show you around!

Owner, Jaycie Grisso

Hi, I’m Jaycie Grisso the owner of Furniture Works. When I was 19 I started working for the company and realized my love and passion of used furniture, I bought the company from Ken our former owner in 2021.

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