Attaining a Truly Effective Kitchen Design

Kitchens are considered task-oriented rooms, and that is why function should be put before the form when considering kitchen design. Smart space organization should be supported by the features of a well-designed kitchen. It can be achieved in many ways, by implementing various kitchen layouts (L-shaped, U-shaped, or galleys). Here some tips for designing your kitchen effectively and taking advantage of the available design 1

Power Sources

When it comes to supplying power to your kitchen appliances, safety is a prerequisite. Modern kitchens are filled with various appliances, like toasters, blenders, and microwaves, and each one of them needs a power socket. Some of them have short power lines that cannot be spanned across the kitchen, while power strips in a kitchen is not safe for that environment. Each appliance should be placed into its predesigned space so not to obstruct power or gas lines.

kitchen design 2Lighting

As the kitchen is a task-oriented room, lighting fixtures should be combined in order to fully illuminate the room. You can mount a central fixture and support it by various side lights in order to light up all the shadowy corners. Add under-cabinet or wall mounted lights and direct them on the countertop, because it is what every workspace requires.

The Importance of Having Storage

Not including enough storage in kitchen planning is a capital mistake. First of all, store the appliances within cabinets if possible, so to keep the countertop free of clutter. If your overhead cabinets do not go straight up to the ceiling, there will be a gap that cannot be used for anything, and unused storage room does not go in your favor. Use base cabinets with spacious shelves and deep drawers for storing pots and pans. Sometimes, due to bad placement of the pipes, kitchens are designed with important elements placed in a poor location, claim Hazlet-based plumbing professionals. In that case, a professional plumber should relocate the plumbing for a better element design 3

Kitchen Floor

The best option for a kitchen floor is probably natural stone. It can give your kitchen a rustic, yet luxurious look. Avoid placing hardwood floors because they are not stove, refrigerator or sink-friendly, even though they might look captivating at first. Linoleum floors, despite being slip resistant and cheap, are considered quite old fashioned. If you decide for the natural stone option, remember that you will have to reseal it now and then, because of the porosity of the material.

Safety Comes First

There are various things you can do in order to maximize the in-kitchen safety, especially if there are small children running around the house at all times. Place slip resistant floors, rubber inserts under kitchen rugs and rounded countertops. If your kitchen is yet to be equipped, prevent accidental burns by buying a kitchen set that includes an oven mounted at adult height. If the elements are arranged in the right way, you will have a good visibility of the front gate and backyard children play spot.

Starting Fresh

A piece of advice for people that are about to move or have just moved into a new home: take your old appliances and recycle them, or leave them in the old house. Technology should be new and up-to-date, and if you bring them into your new kitchen, they will stand out. Do not try to save money on kitchen appliances, because it should all be about quality and safety.

Smart space organization is the crucial thing when one ones to achieve a truly effective kitchen design. It is not a complicated business, but it will increase safety, bring maintenance requirements to a minimum, and make your job a whole lot easier.