5 Keys to the Perfect Patio Furniture Choice

Are you looking forward to spending more time outdoors? Building and furnishing a patio is a great way to boost your usable outside area at minimal costs and make your home a more exciting place to be at.

The patio is a paved area that is, unlike a deck, typically situated directly on the ground. Whether you want to utilize it to throw parties or to relax during warm summer evenings, a properly furnished patio will provide you both with comfort and functionality. On the other hand, you can also choose to build a deck, which is typically a raised area, usually made of wood, but which serves the same purpose – allowing you to spend more time in the fresh air.

Where Do I Start?

If you want to take on the role of designer, you will first need a patio to work with. While construction costs vary based on the available size and materials used, patios can be up to three times cheaper than decks, depending on where you live.

On the other hand, if you go for a deck, make sure you invite the pros in to do the work for you. Levelling a deck is not an easy feat, and you are better off leaving it to someone with some experience under their belt.

1. Arrangement

Depending on the size of your patio or deck, the proper arrangement of furniture is essential if you want everything you need to fit.

Start off by defining the focal point of your patio. This point is the centre of attention and action, and that’s where the table is usually located.

Continue to distribute the furniture around the focal point. Make sure there’s enough space to walk around freely.

2. Consistent Style

Whether you’re after a natural, wooden look or a modern, metal-based design, you will want to make sure the style of your patio is consistent.

There will likely be many furniture pieces that you will want, despite them being entirely different from one another. In this case, you’ll have to stop yourself and think about what you really want and need. Then, stick to that style in everything you buy.

3. Activities

The way you intend to use your patio will determine the type of furniture you’ll need.

  • Will you use it for relaxation?
  • Will you throw parties and BBQ bashes?
  • Do you want to use it for sports, reading, or entertaining your guests?

Whatever the case, some general furniture pieces you should consider are quality-made benches, chairs, a table, pillows, and systems such as LED lighting that can boost the mood. You can also opt for outdoor speakers, colourful finishes, and selected plants to make the area livelier.

4. Quality

Since your patio will most likely be exposed to harsh weather conditions, you can settle for nothing less than top-notch quality when picking the furniture. Look for weather-resistant pieces that will take whatever nature throws at them.

Buying a new set of chairs or pillows? Make sure to test everything before you buy it. Keep in mind that even if it looks good on the picture, it might disappoint you when you see it and try it out in person.

5. Easy-Care

You want your patio to serve you and not the other way around. For that reason, opt for easy-care furniture with an extended lifespan.

Most metal, cedar, teak, and other weather-resistant pieces will make your maintenance job easier by not getting affected by fierce weather.

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House Project 101: Resetting Your Living Room Without Getting Broke

Did you know that you can actually redesign your living room without spending too much money?

Everyone wants to have their living rooms look nice but oftentimes, they are discouraged from decorating them out of fear of the amount of money they would have to take out to do so. Thankfully, there are a number of cost-effective ways to spruce up your living room without spending too much money.

  1. Declutter

The living room will no doubt be the most visited area in your house and because of this, it can be assumed that it will be the messiest place as well. With this being said, there is no better way to bring back the life to your living room than clearing all of the mess away.

Start by decluttering all the unnecessary items inside the room. Maybe add a few shelves to organize your room décor effectively and to maximize the space. You can also add a basket to place small items such as your TV’s remote and maybe even some toys.

  1. Paint Job

1. PaintingPainting your living room wall can definitely change the ambiance of the place. Painting walls is a simple thing to do and you don’t even have to paint all the walls. In fact, you can just opt to add a new color to an accent wall to bring back the energy into the room.

  1. Add Life

Once you’ve decluttered and added a new color to your room, it would definitely do wonders if you add something alive to it, preferably a green plant or two. You can even add some flowers from your own garden.2. Add Life

By adding a few plants into your living room, you’re also breathing in new life to the place. Just make sure you have decent and clean pots for your plants before placing them in the living room.

  1. Cover Change

If you don’t want to buy a new sofa or pillows for your living room, that’s not a problem. It would be much cheaper if you would have your sofa cover changed, preferably to a different color that would match your newly painted wall. If that is still too much for you, you can simply get some new throw cushions and maybe even a nice velvety blanket just to change the look of your sofa.

  1. Furniture Rearrangement

3. Furniture ArrangementIf you’re looking to spark a big change in your living room, the best way to do that is to rearrange your furniture. Even the simplest changes can make a big difference and you’ll realize you don’t even have to spend a dime to get something new.

Try to get a feel of the overall flow of energy in your living room and consider this when moving around your furniture so as not to strain this positive flow.

  1. Mirrors

Mirrors do not cost that much. In fact, you can just spend for a replacement if your old mirrors haven’t totally lost their beauty. And when you add a few to your living room, you will be inviting more light into it. Furthermore, if you place a big mirror opposite to a wall, you’ll create the illusion of a larger room.

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5 Tips to Clean Your Furniture before the Big Move

packing a box

Moving is not an easy task – there are hassles, and not to forget, the workload is just insane. From effective planning to multi-tasking, you have to be an expert in it all. The bottom line is that moving to a new place is a whole process that needs effective planning.

First, you need to find the place that suits your requirements. That being sorted, you then need to pack and de-clutter. Now, this my fellow readers is an art, choosing what to take and what not to take is an art learned by few.

You might just don’t want to go crazy spending money to move the old furniture. If that is the case then you must ensure that you don’t take the old debris and stains with you to your new place. Cleaning furniture can be a challenge, especially when you have already so much to do.

But fret no more. We bring you 5 tips on how to clean your furniture before the big move.

  • Clean your Microfiber sofa set:

Do you have a dark spot on your sofa that you can’t get rid of? Well, microfiber is comfortable and ideally suited for daily use but it absorbs dust and dirt. This absorption over time appears on the surface as “the dark spot.” Knowing the origination of the mark, you would want to swipe your sofa clean (failure to do so would mess up your décor!).

The best way to clean your sofas is to spray alcohol directly on the stain and scrub the spot away. Yes! It is this simple, just spray the alcohol and scrub the sofa with a soft sponge or brush and Voila! Your sofa is squeaky clean and that too without being wet!

  • Get rid of the food stains

Well, the number of times when you have dropped a food item on your fabric upholstery would be uncountable. Even though wiping it out helps remove it, the stain lasts forever. If you want to recover your favorite upholstery, then prepare a simple cleaning mixture.

Mix water and detergent in 2:1 ratio and store it in a bottle. Using a white cloth dab the mixture on to the stain, make sure you only dab and not rub or else you will spread the whole stain!

Even though this solution helps you get rid of stains on your upholstery it is advised to do this as soon as you drop the food item.

  • Leather Furniture and the Cleaning Spree

Leather furniture gives your place a touch of elegance, however, it is a high maintenance furniture item. Moisturizing is the key. Make sure you keep your leather furniture clean and moisturize it to avoid any form of cracking. The best way to do this is to use a moisturizing soap. Never wet the leather though, just rub the lather and then buff dry using a clean piece of cloth.

  • Mystery Stains:

Often, you are unsure of where the stain came from, and you can’t Google the solution to it. If that’s the case then try applying the foam of shaving creams. Take a damp cloth and dab the cream, let it stay for two minutes. Blot the cream away with a clean damp cloth till the stain goes away.

  • Ink Stains:

Who doesn’t have these?! Ink stains, common as they may be, they are often the toughest ones of all. If your furniture has ink stains, then white vinegar is your lifeguard! Apply white vinegar using a damp cloth. If this doesn’t work, then mix vinegar and cornstarch in 2:3 ratio. Apply this paste to the stain and let it dry. Vacuum it out after a few minutes and the stain will come off.

It is essential that you have your mess sorted before you go to a new place. This means you need to keep a moving checklist handy. So what are you waiting for? Start of your cleaning spree today and get ready for the big move.

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Author Bio:

JennyJenny Harrison is a passionate technology and lifestyle blogger. She loves to get engaged with the readers who are seeking for home, lifestyle and tech related information on the internet. She is a featured blogger at various high authority blogs and magazines in which she shared her research and experience with the vast online community. Follow her on twitter @MJennyHarrison for more updates.

How to Remove Water Stains From Wooden Furniture

Are sweating glasses or hot cups causing white marks on your coffee table? Did you hold a party and there are watermark rings all over your wood furniture? Or are there are types of liquids that leave marks on your on your lavish wood furniture?

You don’t have to worry about any of these instances because there are some best ways that you can use to get rid of water stains from wooden furniture. I will cover different methods that you can use so that you can try them.

  1. Petroleum jelly or mayonnaise

Apply either of these on the marks and rub in a circular motion. If you notice that the mark I still there, you can apply more of the product and leave it for about two hours or overnight.

  1. Toothpaste

Look for non-whitening or non-gel toothpaste. Apply the toothpaste on the wood. Them remove the toothpaste and shine the surface with a wood polish.

  1. Baking soda

Having hot cups can end up leaving white marks on your coffee table and other wooden furniture in your home. You can remove such marks using baking soda. Make a paste of 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of purified water. Do not use too much water. Rub the mixture on the mark on a circular surface until the mark disappears.

  1. Salt

Are you wondering how you will get rid of watermarks on your wooden furniture? You can do that by using salt. Mix a tablespoon of salt with some few drops of fresh water to make a paste. The next thing is to rub the paste on the marks using a sponge or a soft cloth, rub until the mark disappears. This is an effective way to give your wooden furniture its original look.

  1. Car Wax

White rings on your dining table give it a bad look. This mostly happens when someone forgets to use a coaster. To get rid of such marks on your dining table, you can use car wax. Find out the location of the ring and then apply the car wax. Give it time to dry and then buff using a soft cloth. The marks will disappear.

  1. Vinegar

This is another effective way you can use to remove white rings that are left when you use wet glasses on wood furniture. You can do this by mixing equal amounts of olive oil and vinegar. Apply the mixture to the furniture using a soft cloth. You then need to use another clean cloth to shine the surface.

  1. Steel wool

You can visit the nearest hardware and look for the finest steel wool available. You don’t want something that will end up scratching your table. You can use the steel wool gently to rub lemon oil on the furniture. Ensure that you work in the area of the mark because if you go further, you can end up damaging the finish.

  1. Hair dryer

A hair dryer also works well to remove water stains from your wood furniture. Ensure that you put your hair dryer in its lowest setting and direct it at the mark. Move your dryer around to prevent heat from concentrating on a single point.

  1. Iron

If you are handling some light stains, you can use an iron. You just need to apply a gentle heat and pressure using an electric iron and a non-abrasive piece of cloth. Set the iron at its lowest heat level and spread the cloth on the area with stains. The next thing, run the iron on the cloth and ensure you do each pass in the same direction. After a few passes, you can lift the cloth to find out if the mark disappeared.

  1. Commercial products

If you don’t want to use some of the home remedies, you can also remove such marks using over the counter products. You can get different products that you can use on a variety of surfaces like wood, enamel among others.

Final words

The next time you find some water stains on your wooden furniture, now you know some of the best ways you can use to get rid of the marks. Any of the methods I have covered above is effective. However, when using some methods like steel wool, iron, and hairdryer, you need to be careful to ensure that you do not end up causing more damages on your wooden furniture.

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Tips on keeping your upholstered furniture clean

Remember when you bought your sofa? How nice, clean and new it looked? You swore that you were going to treat this one right. The kids would not be allowed to eat or drink on it and the pets would not be allowed to sleep on it. Then by the end of that first week, it has had a bowl of Lucky Charms dumped on it and the cat has taken up permanent residence on the left arm of the sofa!

Well, today I am sharing with you some tips on how you can keep your upholstered furniture clean. The cushions, the pillows, and the whole area, in general, will stay looking good and also feel good for many, many years as long as you treat it just right. Best of all it is not hard or very time consuming at all!

Vacuum On A Regular Basis

I cannot stress this one enough and if you do this, you will extend the life of your upholstered furniture for many years. I am not talking about just picking up the vacuum and running it along the sofa, I am talking a real cleaning here. Use the wand/hose that your vacuum has and clean each cushion, get in the crevices and take as much care cleaning the area as you would the floor. Many people have issues with their upholstered furniture because they do not clean them enough. If you have kids this is especially true as they have a habit of spilling stuff and just leaving it. Or even worse they ram it down the sides of the sofa!

Get A New Vacuum

If the vacuum cleaner you have is not cutting the mustard when it comes to getting rid of things like pet hair, consider getting a new vacuum. One that has various attachments like a pet tool and a crevice tool is ideal. I found that when we got a new vacuum and it had all these little attachments, it made cleaning the upholstery so much easier and it also actually made sure the whole area got a real good cleaning. A cordless vacuum will usually give you more flexibility as opposed to being tied to a cord.

Put Pillows In The Dryer

Now, before you do this make sure that the throw pillows you have are able to go in the dryer, chances are that they will be able to. What this does is, first of all, it will get rid of any dust and dirt that is on them. It is also going to give them a real good fluffing and make sure that they are nice and soft for you when you are kicking back watching Netflix. I used to make the mistake of ignoring the pillows, tossing them on the floor while I vacuumed the sofa! Do not make that mistake, show your pillows some love.

Protect Your Upholstery

You may have visions of the awful plastic sofa protector that your grandma used to have. You know the type? It is see-through, it feels hot and sweaty in the summer and cold as ice in the winter. Well thankfully, upholstery protectors have come a long way over the years. You can get some very nice ones for the arms of your sofa that will keep them clean when the kids wipe their face, hands and yes even their nose on them. Plus they are great if the cat likes to sleep there as you can throw them in the washer when they are dirty. I know that this is not for everyone, but if you really want to make sure you get many years of use out of your sofa, protection may be something to consider.

Treat Any Spills Right Away

If you spill your morning tea or your late night white wine, clean that mess up right away and clean it properly. Far too many nice cushions have been lost and have had to be turned over forever because of a spill. The hardest part of this is the kids and pets. There is not really anything you can do about the pets. When it comes to the kids, you really need to make sure they let you know right away if they spill anything on the sofa and that they know not to just leave it or even worse, try and hide the evidence somewhere else on the sofa!

Try And Keep It Out Of Sunlight

We are not talking about protecting a Mogwai here! We used to have a very nice sofa in the backroom. Now, this was not the most expensive sofa in the world, but it was comfortable and I loved the design it had. Unfortunately, we decided to make the backroom a “sun room” for the summer months and took down the large curtains. The sofa being in constant sunlight resulted in nearly ¾ of it becoming really faded and dull looking. I swear it was not as comfortable either, but my other half says that was my mind playing tricks. The point I am making is, think about where you are placing your sofa and try to not allow the sun to beat on it all day as it will start to fade.

Call In Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing

In all honesty, as long as you vacuum the sofa regularly, you will find that keeping your upholstered furniture clean is not hard at all. While I think that a vacuum cleaner with a range of attachments is the way to go. If you find that cleaning the upholstery is the last thing on Earth you want to do, a last resort can be calling in a professional to make sure it is cleaned. They will know exactly what they are doing and have it as clean as possible. This, of course, will not be cheap, but it is always an option if you do not feel you can get it as clean as you would like.

There you have it! See I told you that keeping the upholstery was not that hard. Keeping on top of the cleaning and making sure you deal with any “accidents” as soon as possible are the man ways to keep your upholstered furniture looking awesome.

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