Some of the Best Ideas to Make Use of Your Bedroom Space!

It might seem both tough as well as challenging to plan up how to decorate your bedroom. However, with proper planning as well as by making use of the right tips, you can turn up your bedroom from normal to being great. In this article, we will be reading about some of the best ideas about how to make the maximum use of your bedroom space.

  1. Make Sure There is a Way for the Light to Reach in

Make sure that the window light can come inside your bedroom in order to make the most of the natural light to keep the room bright. If you prefer privacy, you can add plain roller blinds or transparent white curtains so that the light shines in through.

  1. Trick Your Eye with the Help of Mirrors

Often, the idea of multiple mirrors is used specially to trick people in to believing that there is a lot of space. And it actually works as well. You can create the illusion of space with the mirrors. This trick is best to be used for small mirrors and doubles up the space.

  1. Proper Measurement of Pieces

If you get custom made furniture from the shop it can be quite useful for you. The advantage of custom-made furniture is that the furniture is made according to the space there is inside your room after which the furniture is put in to avoid cramming up of stuff.

  1. Make One Wall Special

If your bedroom is narrow, you can make use of one wall and put up a very pretty wallpaper on one wall. That will outshine your room and give it such a glow and make it look quite spacious as well.

  1. Make Use of Headboard

If you make use of a headboard for storage purposes that will be a very clever idea to make out the most of your space. That can be a bedside table or a headboard and then you could fix up a rail for storing your clothes.

  1. Put up Bold Colors in Your Room

If you put up bold colors in your bedroom, it will maximize the space and make it look more attractive. It can also give a look of a fun retreat as well as of a bright and energetic space.

  1. Use a Lot of White Color

Using white color in your bedroom is always the safest option and there can be many ways to do it. Soft colors add warmth and white windows display the beauty of nature. You can also make use built in wall units which will minimize the clutter around.

The Perfect Ways to Make Use of Bedroom Space

When we talk about bedroom spacing we should also be putting some thought over what is futon and its purpose in bedrooms. Futon is a Japanese traditional style in bedding. Futon can be a mattress or a sofa come bed or a foldable mattress all of which can be folded or tucked away either out of sight in a storage room or reduced in size.

This way, you can make sure that your bedroom has ideal amount of space and if any guests come over to stay you do not have to worry about space issues. You can easily make use of your futon sofas or mattresses and then shove them out of sight when they are not needed. It is an ideal choice to keep futon beds as well as sofa cum beds.

Premium Futon DHP Full Mattress Size

You can have a look at these premium futon mattress which is extreme comfortable and durable. The mattress is also free of phthalates. You can make use of this futon mattress in your bedroom and it will make use of most of the space in the bedroom.

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So, these were some of the best ideas to make use of your bedroom space which we are sure that you must have liked. Read up all of these points and try decorating your bedroom with these ideas so that you can create a wonderful bedroom.

Before designing your bedroom for real, have a proper plan and write down all the stuff you require as well as do some research about how you can make such a bedroom which does not only look nice but also is spacious. With thorough research only can you make sure that you turn out with a bedroom which is attractive.

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Importance of Choosing Furniture for Your Home

You can’t help but adore the gorgeous pieces of furniture you see whenever you flip through the pages of a lifestyle magazine. After taking a transform your home survey, it makes you wish you own some of them or even find a cheaper version to match your own house. While it makes your interior look good by adding character to your home decor, you have to keep in mind that furniture should be a combination of both form and function.

Having the right furniture could spell the difference between a charming and comfortable abode, and a cramped house that’s simply an eyesore. This is the reason why it’s essential to choose the pieces that are fit for your home. After addressing the need for a piece of furniture’s functionality, here other reasons why it’s important:

The Right Fit Matters

It is important to know the measurements of your house, so you can choose the right sizes of furniture you plan to purchase. Having stunning pieces won’t do much if you can’t even comfortably navigate through the rooms. They take up the majority of your floor space, so it’s prudent to pick wisely while considering both form and function.

If you have a few pieces that you want to own, it’s always a good idea to measure the space you plan to put them. Arm yourself with a carpenter’s tape measure and determine the size of the area you want to place a certain piece of furniture. Make sure it fits the floor area of the room and there will be enough space to comfortably move around.

A Reflection of Your Taste

The design and theme of your house should also be considered when choosing furniture. Your style is a reflection of personal taste, so try to stick to a design that blends well with the house. It’s okay to blend different styles as long your pieces don’t clash and make a certain room of your house look tacky. Antique pieces in a modern home? That works if you do it right.

It is worth noting that you don’t have to be dictated by the current trends. As long as the look appeals to you, nothing is going to stop you from having it as a part of your home.

Both the size and look are two important factors to consider in choosing the right furniture for your home. They can help you decide which one has the right fit and design that complements the room where they will be in. Choose wisely, so you can live comfortably in your own home with a delightful disposition.

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About the author:

Christina Santos is a real estate agent for Hoppler.

A quick note on furniture tariffs

On September 17, 2018, the President of the United States announced that imports from China will be subject to a 10% increase on tariff which went into effect on Monday, September 24 and last up till the end of the year. Subsequently, on January 1, 2019, the tariffs will again be raised; this time up to 25%. The final release of the so called “List 3” covers most of furniture products imported from China.

Although many of our vendors are working to absorb costs as much as they can, we can expect that several of our vendors will be raising their costs on November 1.  Since this increases what we have to pay for new furniture there will inevitably be increases in the retail prices as well.  We do not yet know what those impacts will be.

Please note that the increases mentioned about are an increase in the tariffs only, in other words, retail pricing will not be going up 25%, it is the tariff that is increasing by that percentage.  However, if you have plans for purchasing new furniture for your home, you’d be wise to buy before the end of this year.

New Trends for Furniture and Interiors In 2019

The world is ever-changing, and so is fashion, and nowadays trends in interior design and furniture are no exception, changing year on year. People desire to make the most of their living spaces and show off their style in the furniture they buy and the colors they choose. Deciding on what furniture to adorn your home with, can be daunting. Especially if you consider yourself not so creative.

Hopefully these tips will help you decide by enlightening you on the new trends for furniture and interiors expected in 2019.


The color of the year for 2019 is night-watch green which is similar to bottle green and is a good alternative to matte black shades. This color goes well with high shine pieces and furnishes. It may feel overwhelming to use this color in the whole room, so you may opt to bring it in small signature pieces like a rug or a textile cushion or even a piece of artwork.

Boho Design

Boho? Yes, you read correctly. Boho style is back in, even though it didn’t really leave, but nowadays it is making its debut comeback. This includes rich tones and an offset layered look.

Terazzo Surfaces

Terazzo surfaces are modern designs, perfect for any room, as they are sheek and evoke a playful nature. These prints can be brought into your home through flooring, night lamps and even the print on curtains.

Vibrant Ceiling

Next year is said to bring a fresh take on ceilings with patterned wallpaper. This has the effect of making any room look larger and brighter.


Tribal patterns, in particular. These patterns never quite left the scene and now you can look forward to even more ethnic inspire patterned furniture. You may not like a fill on patterned room, in which case you can bring in elements of patterns such as pillows or throws.

Eco-friendly Décor

There is more emphasis on eco-friendly décor nowadays and new trends for furniture and interiors in 2019 include energy saving appliances, live plant walls and leftover material like marble.

Luxury Furniture

Luxury and soft seating – Luxurious seating is a must when planning one’s living room. They are all big, soft and velvety giving the room a rich feel. These are coupled with marble surfaces, brass or copper and armchairs or ottomans.


  • Organic Material – Wood, glass and stone are still in and are made to last. These pieces are durable and give your room a fresh feel.
  • 3D Prints – These are a must in any home as it is not only modern but can be made from recyclable things. It is ideal for people wanting to show their nomadic nature.

There are so many trends to consider when thinking about new trends for furniture and interiors in 2019. Next year is the year you get to truly play around with designs and styles that are unique to you. Your home should represent your style and your preferences as it is ultimately a reflection of you and your family.

About the Contributor

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How to Use a Color Wheel for Decorating

Interior designing is a tough job. If you don’t have the innate ability to combine colors together so the end result will come out exceptionally beautiful, then it’s probably best to hire a decorating service elsewhere. But thanks to Issac Newton’s virtuoso; this amazing tool he created way back 1666 is now commonly used today to help with color mixtures that’ll surely bring back memories or just simply – soothe you.

Introducing the ingenious color wheel: A useful circular tool that comprises of 12 basic colors and creates a variant of unique colors when combined. But the question is, why is it shaped like a wheel? Why not rectangular? Or triangular? Or octagonal? Well, the theory, according to artists, is that an exceptional mishmash of colors is created when you rely on precise proportions hence, a perfect circle.

What are the Basic Colors of a Color Wheel?

Like what we learned in school there are three basic colors and they are red, yellow, and blue. These are called the primary colors. Do you want to know an amazing fact? You can mix all the colors in the world but you’re still never going to be able to get these three precise colors out of that mixture! But what’s more amazing though is that when these colors are mixed; you get green, orange, and purple which are called the secondary colors. For instance, orange is by mixing red and yellow, green is from blending yellow and blue, and purple is the by-product of red and blue. The last one is tertiary colors which are produced when infusing the primary and secondary colors. This is where it gets more intense like blending blue and green results in teal (my favorite), or amber after mixing yellow and orange; the possibilities are endless!

How to Choose a Color for Decorating?

Apparently, there is a 60-30-10 rule in color combination. It should have a dominant color of about 60 percent, another secondary tone of 30 percent, and lastly, 10 percent should be a contrasting touch. But to do this, you can depend on warm and cool colors which the color wheel is divided into.

Warm colors are when you combine orange, red, yellow, and other synonymous colors. These colors resonate brightness like the sun. These colors are perfect for making huge rooms have a somewhat comforting feel.

Cool colors, on the other hand, represent the sky and the ocean, and tend to draw your perception of depth back ergo, they’re great for making smaller rooms seem bigger.

What are the Other Color Schemes?

If you want to take your designing to the next level, you can take a look at these four kinds of color schemes that will help you in choosing the perfect combination.

A monochromatic color scheme is straight up choosing one hue and extending using its varying shades. An analogous color scheme is mixing two or three colors that are sitting beside each other on the wheel. Next is the complementary color scheme which is picked if they’re facing opposite each other. Finally, the triadic color scheme is a mélange of three colors that are equally distributed on the wheel.

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