Bedroom Lighting Tips

Bedroom might be the trickiest room to choose lighting for. Even though dark rooms are better for sleeping you still need to have in mind some other activities that take place in there. Remember that bedroom is the place where you dress up in the morning and read at night. Because of that you will want you bedroom to be lit properly. Even though the standard lighting is ideal for most of the rooms, you can play with the style in your bedroom and choose to light it differently. Be sure to remember the following things when you are choosing lights for your bedroom.bedroom lighting 1

Think about the size of the room

Many people buy as many lights as necessary in order to light every corner of the bedroom. Too many lights will actually make the room crowded and feel smaller than it really is. Instead of doing this, you should think about the size of your bedroom and choose the light proportionally to it. So for most of the standard-size bedrooms 3 lights is more than enough. Two smaller lamps and a light on the ceiling is something most of the people choose to go with. For bigger bedrooms, you can add some interesting light pendants.

bedroom lighting 2Make sure lamps fit the style of the room

Bedroom is the only part of your home that has absolutely nothing to with guests and rest of the house. That is why you can design the whole room in a completely different style from the one in the other rooms. Whichever style you choose you have to make sure your lights fit into it completely. If you are going with more classic look a good-looking chandelier is a perfect choice. On the other hand if you are going with a more minimalistic style you can add some beautifully simple lamps which are quite a hit today.bedroom lighting 3

Choose the color of lampshades

No matter if it is the color of the lamp shade or the bulb itself, even the smallest change in color will alter the whole look of the bedroom. White lamp shades are the most common choice but if you want your bedroom to be different, you can choose some other colors. Light colors like yellow will make the room more alluring, while red will create more romantic atmosphere. Bedroom is the most personal room in the house so there is no reason why you should not go for the color you like the best. Changing the colour of your lamp shade is not too hard and you should be able to do it by yourself.

Add some bedside fixtures

bedroom lighting 4There are some alternatives for nightstand lamps which might just be what you are looking for. Pendant lights and sconces are becoming more and more popular. They free you up much space since there is no need for a big nightstand when there is no lamp on it. You can put them up on the wall so that light comes at the perfect reading angle. You can find many different types of led wall lights online. Make sure you choose the one which will match the style of the whole room. This of course does not mean that night stands are done. If there is enough space you can combine bedside light fixtures with a lamp on the nightstand.

Add closet lights

Many people say looking for clothes in dark closet gives them hard time. If you are among them you should install led lights inside of your closet. These won’t use too much energy but will still help you look for your clothes. Fluorescent led light will also help you tell the color of your clothing. If you decide to do this, just make sure light bulb is nowhere near the cloths as you do not want your favorite pieces of clothing to get damaged.

Whichever type of lights you choose make sure the lighting in the room perfect for relaxation. Do not overdo it and choose only as much lights as the room can fit. Remember that this is the room where you can play with the design as much as you want.