How to Decorate the Country House of Your Dreams

There is nothing cosier than a country house, with its wooden seats, comfortable blankets and cushions, flowers, plants and that beautiful feeling of warmth generated by its rustic theme. If you have or want a country house, here are some tips to decorate it as in your dreams, with the best products and the latest trends of rustic interior decoration.

Wood, your best friend

A real country house has wood and other natural materials as essential elements. Not only is the location of the house, the meadows, trees or the surroundings important, but it is important that within the house the relationship with nature continues in terms of the furniture and fabrics that are used. Rustic seats of wood, with natural braiding, or wrought iron, are very suitable for a country house. Focus on robust furniture, preferably old, or aged, in a colonial or classic style. Look for floral, leather or neutral upholstery that matches the elements you use.

Create a natural environment 

Remember that a very important characteristic of a beautiful country house is the natural materials that it has. This includes the presence of stone, clay, and wood, or elements that generate a cosy and rustic atmosphere. Brick walls can be a positive choice. Keep in mind the general appearance of ceilings, walls and floors and keep a defined and congruent style in each internal space. The decorative finishes are also a central part including ceramic finishes or tiles.

Creating a cosy and beautiful space

While materials are a definitive part of achieving your ideal country home, something equally important is colour. Using colour appropriately is a key factor in successfully decorating your country home. Inspire yourself with nature, use tones that go well with wood, regardless of whether they are light or dark, but ensure they complement each other well. Green, ochre, blue, and tones between red and orange, are ideal to generate a warm and welcoming environment. You can also include the use of white in your decoration; also consider using floral print fabrics, or with landscapes, and classic stripes in earth tones.

Decoration and accessories

Beautiful country interiors include many and varied country-themed objects; choose the ones that most appeal to you, such as candelabra, figures of animals, iron elements, or horse-related items, floral ornaments, vases, ceramic dishes, or any item associated with country life. These will provide a perfect finishing touch.

When you’re finished, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful country house that everyone will envy. Buy some extra hot drinks and snacks because your visitors will not want to leave your house after seeing how cosy and beautiful it is.


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They are potted in specific soils to encourage longevity. A mixture of beauty and adaptability add a natural touch to any décor which supports today’s self-care, “me time” lifestyles.

Each is low maintenance and each potted in a unique and lovely vase or planter. This makes them suitable for either a home or office setting.  hey’re reasonably priced and come with a gift bag.

Another advantage is that they only require filtered light so there are lots of choices where they may be placed.

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How Can the Patio Sunshade Protect Your Patio Furniture?

The benefits offered by make them just perfect for the patio area. Whether it is your backyard, the outdoor area, or garden, you may use patio sunshade comfortably to derive a number of benefits. When it comes to pool, patio, or garden area, patio furniture is a great addition. Although you enjoy fun moments in the outdoors but you are always worried about beautiful table, set of chairs that are under the sun’s rays constantly. If you want your furniture to stay in the top condition, you may use patio sunshade. It will not only save your furniture from the harsh UV rays of the sun but also it will guard you from the sun’s glare.

To optimize the charm, elegance, and condition of your property, you may consider using sunshades. Whether you use sunshade in the indoors or outdoors, it offers a significant energy savings. When it is summers, you will notice a drastic reduction in the energy bills. As the sunshades are usually retractable, you may expect to control natural sunlight filtering into your home. If the sun is shining brightly, you may just lower the shade and vice versa.

Patio sunshades are a fantastic way to enjoy complete protection from the glare of the sun. This also offers an extended privacy to the outdoors where only you can see the outdoors and neighbors cannot. You can also improve the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying utmost privacy.

 A Complete Protection to The Furniture

 Are you annoyed looking at the patio furniture pieces fading so prematurely? You need to do something about it. Outdoor patio sunshades offer an extra layer of protection to the outdoor furniture. The appeal of exterior will remain intact with the sunshade. In fact, sunshade is a simple solution, which can protect your investment. Even the prices of sunshades are not much. Such shades can shade the furniture from the rays of the sun and may provide shade to you and the guests, as well.

 A Variety of Color and Style Options

 Visit an online store to check the range of sunshades available for patio and outdoors. You will be simply amazed at the color options. You may buy the one, which suits your décor. Avail the patio shades in suitable colors and types to suit your needs. Nowadays, the material used for such shades are of the best quality. You also get warranty of over 5-10 years on them. As the manufacturers come up with a wide variety of color options, it is not at all difficult to make a suitable choice. Some of the manufacturers use sunbrellafabric, which comes in a variety of color choices to give you more options. In fact, you may create a well-decorated backyard with such shades.

The Mounting Process of The Sunshade Is Easy

When it comes to the mounting of patio sunshades, it needs anchor points that may be easily attached to the ground poles, walls, or rooflines. Any object that may hold the sail’s tension can be used for the mounting or fixing of sunshade. D-Ring easily connects to the anchor via the chains, shackles, and cables. The use of turnbuckle permits one to apply tension and this adds to the tautness of the fabric. As the sail is just mounted to the top of the shaded area, your floor space is saved significantly. Sunshades are a great way to protect an area from the rays of the sun.

When choosing patio sunshades, have a closer look at the fabric of the shade. You may also order custom sunshades from an online store. Homeowners can also opt for motorized or automatic sunshades.

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This post is written by Joseph Webb. Joseph is an excellent blogger and philosophers, His keen observation to provide useful information which helps readers to get more ideas. He can be found on Facebook and on Twitter as @aussiesmag.

Furniture Arrangement Ideas for Small Living Rooms

If your home has a living room which is on the small side, you may feel cramped or even isolated, as though you can’t relax with your family or even entertain guests for fear of them feeling claustrophobic. You’re not alone, but there are actually a lot of tips and hacks you can use to make the most of your space. Not only can you make your living room appear larger, if you are savvy with your arrangement you can actually open up a lot more space – and that means enough room for both you and your visitors to feel cozy, but not cramped.

Tips for Making Your Living Room Spacier

Be Smart with Light, Shade and Color Palette

When you make use of white pained walls, subtle pastel furnishings, and tie it together with neutral drapes and carpeting, your living area will feel much brighter and lighter, which will result in it appearing much roomier.

Make sure that you make the most of the light entering the room, as this illuminates and further visually expands the space. The easiest way to achieve this is by keeping your window treatments as simple as possible to avoid obstructing the light from the windows. Using visually light furniture also goes a long way toward creating a light, open feel to your living space. Light wood, metal and glass pieces all fit very well with this approach.

Create an Unobstructed Path

A great way to create a free flowing space is to ensure that there is a clear path through the space. Be sure to arrange your furniture in such a way that it directs traffic centered around the conversation midpoint, as opposed to directly through it.

Functional Furniture

Let your furniture provide function as well as decor, and make the most of that functionality to maximize the space you can get out of it. An example of a very handy space-saving furniture piece is your bank of cabinets. This provides storage to de-clutter the room, and if it is a pale wood then it adds to the airy lightness of the room.

Choose furniture which is appropriate to the scale of the living room. For example, a small bench or ottoman can double as a coffee table without requiring additional space.

Let Your Decor Multi-Task

You don’t need so much furniture if your pieces have more than one purpose. For example, your window niche can become a small relaxing area, complete with a window seat, which can further provide storage functionality. You can even add extra storage space by building shelves in between your wall studs.

Choose a Focal Corner

Your living rooms space is determined by more than just it’s square dimensions, If you can arrange your furniture and decor to accentuate the vertical lines, as well as additional lines to converge at eye level, then your living space will never feel cramped or claustrophobia.

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Apex Window Werks provides wood window repair services in Chicagoland area. Their specialists can replace a broken window glass, remove moisture from double pane windows and even replace your old windows. Feel free to get in touch with Apex for a free quote.

Everything you know is wrong

I’ve been married for more than 15 years so I’m accustomed to being told I’m wrong.  I used to think that maybe I was occasionally right, but now I know even that was a mistake.  And as a note to my wife, honey, if I really was right, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to be.  Like most folks, I’ve even been wrong about furniture. In this article, we’ll tackle a few myths about furniture that I used to cherish.

Furniture made long ago was built better than today’s furniture.  Yes, the quality of the wood was probably better because first growth forests were plentiful with tighter grains and there were some cuts of wood (like quarter sawn oak) and kinds of wood (like Cuban mahogany) available that are not available anymore but the tools of today’s trade allow for accuracy in cutting and joinery that were impossible a hundred years ago.  In addition, most furniture is glued and the glues of today are much better than the old hide glues especially the polymer glues like Gorilla Glue.  Finishes of today are also much more resistant to wear and tear than was the shellac of yesteryear.

Wood finish needs to be fed.  As we talked some months ago, there’s nothing you can add to a finish (unless it is more finish) that it can absorb or bond to.  The only thing a finish needs is a good waxing with a paste wax once a year and that’s just to put a protective layer between you and the finish.

Wood is alive and needs to breathe.  Sorry, once the tree was cut down, the wood died.  In fact, there’s some reason not to expose wood to the air since that makes it more likely it will absorb (and give off) moisture, making the wood move and causing cracks and loosening joints.

Wood veneer is bad.  Plywood, with its grain running in alternating direction with each leaf is actually more stable and harder to break than straight lumber.  What we’ve sadly become accustomed to is cheap pressboard furniture where the veneer is just painted paper that can peel off.  Real wood veneer is an opportunity to have visible wood grains that would be impossible to purchase if the entire piece were made of them.  And the choice of veneer can be one of style.  I’ve seen solid oak furniture from the 1940’s with a walnut veneer because oak was not a popular “look”.

All the wood in a set will exactly match.  Even if all the wood came from the same tree, there will significant differences in the grain between areas of the tree.  As the saying goes, wood is a natural product…some variation is to be expected.

The most expensive fabric is the most durable.  Silks and damasks can be gorgeous looking fabrics (and quite expensive) but they won’t hold up like some of the new nylon and olefin materials.  If you really like the look of silk, consider a blend.

You can’t clean leather or keep it looking clean.  Leather does change with time as the oils and dyes in the leather shift but this can be as much an affect of the type of dye as it is the leather.  Pigmented leather will change color less than aniline dyes.  Most of the places you can buy leather furniture will come with recommendations for how to clean it.

Fabric on the bottom of leather cushion is a cheap shortcut.  When you sit on the cushion, air escapes.  The fabric helps the air to get out of the cushion quickly.  Otherwise a leather sofa would feel like sitting on blown up furniture.

Box springs don’t need to be replaced as often as mattresses.  Sometimes the sag can be the box springs and not the mattress.  Most manufactures design box springs and mattresses to work together, when it’s time for one to go, they both should.

That said, I still prefer real wood to veneer, older furniture to newer and organic fabrics to synthetic.  What the heck, I may be wrong but at least I’ve got my opinions.