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How to make the most of your small spaces

Living in a small home can be equal parts blessing and curse – depending on how you choose to look at the situation.

If all you can see is the tight space you need to navigate to get from the sofa to the kitchen, or the fact that the bathroom doesn’t provide enough space to prance around belting out your favorite oldie – you might start to feel cramped.

On the other hand, if you embrace the lack of space as less space to keep tidy and clean, and enjoy the lower rent and utilities – you’ll notice you enjoy it more.

Here are 5 ways to make the most of your tiny space:

Choose the right furniture

The first thing to consider in a small space is the furniture you choose to bring it to life with.

Think about the items you actually need – do you actually use the dining table, or do you always end up eating at your desk? Do you need a desk, or do you usually work at the dining table? How many guests do you expect at any given time, and how much seating do you need to provide?

Make sure you measure the space properly, so you go furniture shopping armed with the right data.

Make good use of your items

Sometimes you don’t need to crowd your space with appliances that do the same thing.

For instance, you can buy a microwave oven instead of a regular oven, especially if you don’t do a lot of cooking at home. You can use the aforementioned desk as a dining table and vice versa. You can sleep on the sofa, especially if you get one of those comfy sleeper sofa mattresses you can just throw over the actual sofa.

Store things wisely

Storage is often the most challenging issue in smaller apartments, so the more your furniture can double as storage space, the better.

Coffee tables with extra shelves, beds with storage space under the frame, sofas that open up and offer some space are all great choices.

You can also hang a lot of stuff on the walls (including your bike), or get some of those hanging storage units that drop from the ceiling.

Pocket your doors

Doors that need to swing open can take up an excessive amount of room. If you can make them pocket doors or slide doors instead, or even opt for foldable doors (or turn your space into a no-door area entirely), you will suddenly open up your interiors.

Play with lighting and reflections

Smaller spaces can be made to look bigger with the clever use of mirrors. Strategically placing them above your sofa, above the TV, or so that the living area is reflected in the sleeping area or kitchen can introduce a bit more airiness.

Lighting will also play a huge role – darker spaces will seem smaller and less inviting, while well-lit spaces will appear larger.

Place your lamps well, or go for fairly lights and other trinkets that will bring in some warmth and bring your space to life.

To sum it up

With a bit of clever engineering, even the smallest of spaces can be made to appear much more inviting and homey than they might appear to be at first glance. Take some time to furnish and decorate your space, and you’ll find yourself resenting its size less and less.

How to Decorate a Tudor Home

Traditional Tudor homes have a way of feeling magical and grand. With such a unique and stunning exterior, you want your interior to shine just as brightly. It’s important to stay true to the house’s character while breathing new life into the decor.

Here are five ways to decorate your Tudor home.

1. Select Ornate Furniture

Tudor homes have a charming old-world feel, and your furniture should reflect it. Select items that are ornate but functional. Most furniture should be wooden and sturdy with hand-carved decorations. It may be challenging to find this style at your local home goods store, so try finding secondhand pieces. Flea markets and antique dealers often have unique furniture items and accessories.

If you are looking for something genuine, be sure to request a certificate of authenticity to prove it’s not counterfeit.

2. Choose Warm Tones

When choosing paint colors, furniture and accessories concentrate on warm tones. Most Tudor homes feature wooden details throughout the interior structure. Wood has warm undertones that pair well with similar hues. Implementing cool colors in the decor will cause a clash and lack of consistency.

3. Utilize Wood and Stone Accents

The inside of your home likely displays the same natural and striking elements featured on the exterior structure. Stone, wood and brick features provide the fairy-tale style design that is distinct in Tudor homes. Utilize these same materials to create a unified look and flow throughout the property.

4. Hang Wall Decor

Emphasize wall decor in your Tudor home design. Specifically, consider hanging ornate tapestries or rugs in addition to picture frames. If you want to create a cohesive and historic allure to your residence, consider hiring a wall cloth painter or purchasing an authentic tapestry online.

5. Add Character

With such an ornate and stately exterior, you may feel that your interior decor could use some sprucing up. Corbels can be an inexpensive way to add visual interest and historical significance to your home.

Many Tudor homes traditionally feature stained glass windows, so you may choose to purchase a salvaged piece to install inside your home. If you’d prefer something personalized, you can pay to have an artist customize a new stained glass window and add your family’s crest.

6. Remain Practical

Consider these five ways to decorate your Tudor home. Implementing these features will help to create a seamless design that resonates with the house’s character. Remember to choose elements that are practical to ensure the decor will fit your lifestyle. If this is a new property, you may choose to add additional details to create a more historical aesthetic.

Essential Pieces of Furniture Every New Homeowner Should Invest In

If you’re a new homeowner, you likely need to purchase furniture to fill your space. However, you don’t want to waste money on cheap pieces that won’t last. It’s a smart idea to do your research so you’ll buy items you can use for years to come. Here’s what you should invest in as a homebuyer.

1. A Supportive Bed

What’s one thing you do every day? Sleep. Therefore, you need to ensure your bed allows you to rest peacefully. A high-end mattress can cost $1,200 to $3,000 depending on what material you choose. That may seem pricey, but it’s a direct investment in your health. Plus, you don’t want to have to buy a new mattress every few years. It’s best to make a bed one of your first purchases.

2. A Quality Dining Table

You need somewhere to eat. It’s fine to use your kitchen counter as a table for a couple of weeks when you first move, but you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience when you have a place to sit down. A dining table and chair set will run you upwards of $1,000. You can also choose to spend more on features like extensions to make your table accessible for guests.

In any case, you can bet that a sturdy dining room set will come with you wherever you move. Look for options that are comfortable and stylish.

3. A New Roof

A roof isn’t a piece of furniture. That said, you need to pay attention to yours. You may not think your house needs a new one, but it’s something to consider over time. There are various signs and indicators that your roof needs fixing, and if you notice any of them, you should consider a replacement. After all, it’s an essential part of your home. Without one, you’d have a lot of problems.

4. A Comfortable Sofa

There’s a decent chance that you spend time watching TV, reading, playing games and chatting in your house. You should have a place to sit while you do those things. A comfortable sofa can make a difference in your space style-wise, but it’ll also serve as a gathering spot. The more seating you have, the more you can entertain. There are many things to consider when buying a couch, so give your decision some thought beforehand.

These Items Are Worthwhile Investments for Your First House

You don’t need to splurge on many items for your house, but you need to invest in some key pieces. Use these ideas as a starting point to ensure you have quality furniture for years to come.

Quick Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Workspace for Your Business

Do you need to find new or gently-used furniture for your home or workspace? Give Furniture Works a call today to see what we have in stock! (360) 570-0165

Do you need a workspace for your home-based business? Maybe you’re in the early stages of planning your business, or perhaps you already have an established company without an adequate work area to run it. Either way, having a workspace that you enjoy and that allows you to work productively is critical in the pursuit of long-term success.

The first part of creating a workspace or office for your home-based business will be to choose the location. The key is to set up somewhere that helps you to separate your work and home life, such as a spare bedroom, a garage, or a basement. Once you know where your workspace is going, it’s time to start putting it together and making sure your business is set up for success. From establishing a business structure to shopping at Furniture Works, here are some quick tips for creating the perfect home workspace for your business:

Pick the right business structure  

Before you get too far into designing a workspace, you will want to make sure you have the right business structure in place. Many entrepreneurs operate as a sole proprietor because it’s the easiest structure to set up. However, forming an LLC is often the way to go. Not only will it help protect your personal assets and provide tax advantages, but an LLC is also fairly simple to establish, and you can dodge steep attorney fees if you file yourself or hire a formation service. Just be sure to learn your state’s regulations on forming an LLC beforehand.

Put security in place

Along with setting up your business structure, you will want to establish security measures for working online. Small businesses are a big target for cybercriminals, which means that you should prioritize getting the right antivirus software for your computer and other devices. And be sure to double down on digital security strategies that can protect your business and personal data from thieves, hackers, and other types of criminals.

Create zones

When it comes to your home office or work area, you may want to consider laying out a couple of different zones. One will be your active work area, including your desk, office chair, computer, and other equipment. The other will be an area that allows you to comfortably think, brainstorm, and research; in this zone, it can help to have a comfortable chair, ottoman, side table, and so on.

Get your furniture

The furniture you choose for your workspace will make a big difference. You want a desk that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your space while also providing enough surface area for you to work on, as well as storage options if you need them. Your office chair is also essential. If you’ll be working full days (or overtime), you need an ergonomic chair that will provide plenty of comfort and support. Shopping at Furniture Works is a great way to find high-quality desks and chairs at a good price.

Make it personal

Once you have the furniture, it’s time to put your personal stamp on the workspace. Look for stylish lamps and decorative storage solutions. Add an area rug that pops and some house plants that add energy to the space while cleaning the air. And hang classical paintings, abstract art, and/or high-quality photographs on your walls. The possibilities are endless when it comes to tastefully decorating your workspace as your own.

No matter what kind of home-based business you are starting or running, having a space where you can work happily and productively is essential. Remember to handle necessary tasks like establishing a business structure and digital security measures. Then, you’ll be ready to divide your workspace into zones, choose the right furniture, and decorate the space to make it your own.