Tips for Designing a Cozy and Inviting Guest Bedroom

bedroom in yellow

Designing guest bedrooms offers a unique opportunity to test your designing skills and give way to your creative energy. It can also pose quite a challenge considering that this room is not frequently in use and when it is, its occupants can vary greatly. Therefore, you need to come up with a décor that will make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

If you want to create a perfectly cozy and inviting guest bedroom, think in terms of luxury furnishings, unique details, high-quality bedding, soothing colors and rich textures.

Here are several decorating tips to get you started on your mission of creating a wonderful experience for your guests.

Give your guests a warm welcome

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The last thing you’d want for your guest bedroom is to appear irrelevant and secondary. Your guests need to feel welcome and wanted, so think of your favourite hotel room and the little touches that made it warm, cozy and inviting. Introduce a hint of glamour and give attention to every detail. Add various things that will make your guests’ stay enjoyable, such as a warm, fuzzy throw, soft cushions, a bedside lamp, a comfy armchair by the window and a convenient charging station for their electronics.

Choose the best bedding

An absolute must is a comfortable bed and high-quality bedding. It’s best you go with a classic style that won’t date and lose its charm. Choosing the right bedding is a great way to decorate the bed and it might be best to go with a neutral color that can be easily modified and accessorized to suit different individuals of different generations. Introduce warm, welcoming colors and textures by layering the bed with throws, blankets and pillows.

Making sure your guests are comfortable is your number one priority so splurging on a comfortable queen mattress is a must. To accommodate both older and younger guests whose preferences will inevitably vary, choose a firmer mattress with a soft mattress topper that can be put on if necessary. And for added comfort, you could opt for elegant upholstered beds that go well with any style and bring in a touch of luxury. In this way, everyone’s needs will be satisfied and your guests will get a truly royal treatment.

Incorporate high-end details

bedroom details

Just because your guest bedroom isn’t a primary and frequently used room, it doesn’t mean it should be dull and unattractive. Wow your guests with glamorous and chic details that will make them feel as if they’re getting special treatment. Make a feature wall by putting up wallpaper with a delicate and elegant pattern, add a vintage chandelier above the bed and complete the luxurious design with a classic silver-framed wall mirror.

Go with a neutral palette

A neutral color palette is a fail-proof way to create a flawless background for a beautifully styled and decorated bedroom. A neutral base is perfect for adding vibrant accents and splashes of color of any choice. For instance, if you choose a soft light grey for the walls, you can add details in charcoal grey, silver and blue in the wallpaper, window treatments and rugs, and it will leave space for hints of violet, purple or green in other accessories around the room.

Have fun with the design

girl on bed

Once you have chosen the color palette and furnished the bed, it’s time you have some fun with the design. It’ll be refreshing to add some quirky and unique details that will make the space more lively and interesting. For instance, in a small guest bedroom, an entire wall covered with an illustrative black-and-white wallpaper can make the room seem bigger. The design will stand out even more if paired with brightly colored cushions, a soft faux sheepskin rug and lots of natural light.

Take the playful design further and add mismatched bedside tables, an artsy corner floor lamp, an old suitcase filled with vintage magazines and comic books and your favourite artwork on the walls. While it’s perfectly okay to have fun designing the bedroom, try and keep your personal items out. Instead of your family photos, make a gallery wall of framed photographs of famous landscapes, cities or animals, and it’ll instantly add a homier vibe.

Even though your guest bedroom is not a primary room in your home, it’s an equally important space that will enable your guests to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay at your home. With tips listed here, you’ll be able to incorporate just a few simple updates and additions and create a warm and inviting room without sacrificing high quality and style.

About the author: Mike Johnston is an avid freelance writer and blogger from Sydney, Australia. He is a regular contributor to numerous lifestyle blogs and online magazines, where he writes about interior design (his specialty!), travel, family, sustainable living and other related and unrelated topics. Mike’s goal is to create insightful and compelling content that will help readers navigate through these vast and ever-changing fields.

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4 Tips When Buying Furniture After Moving In

Moving from one location to another is a long-term process. After scouting through several long-distance movers and hired the best moving company New York City, you now have to think about how your entire family will be comfortable in living in your new house – and buying the right furniture can help you achieve this goal. 

With the number of options to choose from, it’ll be easy for you to buy furniture. Regardless of your lifestyle and budget, several furniture can be bought from your location. To help you narrow down your search, use the following tips when buying furniture:

bookshelf room

1.     Come up with a budget and stick to it. 

Before you head out to your local home depot store, come up with a budget first. Determine what amount are you comfortable in spending on furniture, and no matter how tempting it can be, make sure that you stick to the budget. Never look at a furniture which you know you can’t afford to buy.

2.     Consider the space of your home. 

Aside from creating a budget, you should also be well-informed about the size of your home before buying any furniture. Buying a dining set and later on found out that it cannot pass your door is both frustrating and expensive. Once this happens, you’ll be forced to return to the store where you purchased the furniture and start from square one again. 

You can steer away from this direction by measuring the space of your home first. Determine your floor space and assess what size of seating options are appropriate to your home. Don’t forget to allot space for movement or traffic so the space won’t be too cramped up even with furniture in place. 

3.     Think about its usage. 

If you’ve moved to a small house, buying different furniture for different purposes might not be the best option for you. Doing this will only take up valuable storage space, making your house feel and look cluttered. When choosing which furniture to buy, always think about its usage. Do you really need another bookshelf in your living area or can you use an ottoman as another storage option? Can everyone in the family use the couch? The more usability specific furniture can offer, the better. 

white room

4.     Think about the materials used. 

For you to make the most out of your investments, the furniture you buy should last for the longest time possible. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a dining set which won’t last for a year, right? When buying furniture after moving in, it’s essential that you pay attention to the materials used. Only invest in furniture which is durable and can be cleaned easily. 

It’s Easy When You Know How 

Buying furniture will require money from your pocket. Even if you’re only planning to buy furniture in one area of the house, expect that you will spend a certain amount of money. If you want to buy furniture which can be your investment long-term, use this article as your guide. It’ll be easier for you to buy furniture once you know what to look

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How to Create the Perfect Children’s Bedroom

child in a window

Hey, your child deserves a fresh-looking and chic bedroom, too! Just like adults, kids thrive in pleasant and comfortable environments, so make sure to give your kid a bedroom that will not only look beautiful but be practical and nurturing. Here’s a little guide that can help you with your remodel. 

Choose a theme 

child with teddy bear

If your kid is still young, you might want to pick a fun theme for their room. Choose something that interests them and make sure to consult with your little one. A theme that fits their interests and a color scheme that matches their personality will spark their imagination and make everything more fun, even homework! 

Opt for wallpaper

An easy way to add color, pattern and fun to your kid’s room is to choose wallpaper. No matter how intricate or simple, these provide a lot of freedom and are quite affordable. If you pick something bold, try hanging wallpaper on a single wall to avoid making the room feel too small or overwhelming. And don’t feel like you need to go overly childish! A gray pattern over a white background provides a perfect backdrop for future growth. 

Introduce practical flooring  

 baby with dog

No matter if you have young kids or blooming teenagers, you need some good flooring. Carpets are great solutions because they offer comfort, warmth, texture and color. However, if your kids suffer from allergies or a chronic case of spilling drinks and food all over the floor, you might want to choose something that’s easier to clean. Vinyl and laminate are not as soft but are durable and super easy to maintain. 

Light it up 

childs bedroom

This item on the list is very important. Just like any room in your house, your kid’s bedroom needs to have layered lighting that will offer flexibility. You will need to install general, overhead lighting for everyday illumination and ambient. Modern solutions are usually pendants because these come in many shapes, sizes and colors (some even cast a gorgeous shadow). If your kid wants something very hi-tech, track lighting could be the answer. 

Next, you need task lighting for homework, reading and other activities that require more focused lighting. Desk lamps are usually great solutions, but floor lamps also do a good job, especially for play-time. Younger kids might also require night lights to scare away the monsters and ensure safety. Some bedside lights come with a dimmer which means they can be used both as a soft comforting night light and a reading lamp! 

Color the space with accessories 

Accessories and toys are what make every kid’s room special and fun, so make sure to fill your child’s room with plenty of interesting stuff. If you want your kid to grow up into a little creative genius or a small scientist, check out some developmentally-appropriate toys that are also super cute when displayed on the shelf. From solar systems to art supplies and science kits, you can really find interesting things that will keep your kids busy and curious! 

Create a study corner

No matter if your kid is already in school or just starting preschool, they will need a place to study. Make sure to reserve one corner in their bedroom and dedicate it to academia. Make sure it’s ergonomic and comfortable because kids’ spines are especially sensitive. 

Go vertical

Every good bedroom needs plenty of storage space. In order to best utilize the space, go vertical with bookshelves, tallboys and other storage pieces. It’s amazing how many things kids collect from the moment they are born, so they will need some storage for all their toys, books, trophies and collectibles. Vertical is the way to go because it leaves more floor room for play and sleepovers! 

If you consult with your child and remember these tips, you’ll provide your kid with a bedroom that will be their personal heaven and oasis of creativity, peace and security! 

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How to choose furniture for your mobile home

If you live in a small mobile home, it is important to make smart furniture choices so you are able to maximise the space that you have to ensure that you can live comfortably without any unnecessary obstruction. Luckily there is a whole range of practical and compact furniture options to suit mobile home living. Below are some smart furniture choices that will enable you to live in style and comfort without compromising on space.

The perks of mobile home living

The advantages of mobile home living are numerous, it gives owners a sense of community, it feels more like your own personal home rather than real estate and it provides an even bigger sense of freedom in that you are able to tow your home anywhere and explore new places and live in beautiful natural parks.  While you may be compromising somewhat on living space, as you are about to see, there are many clever furniture options available designed for maximising space so you can get the most out of your home.

Multifunctioning furniture

Finding the right sofa to fit a small mobile home can be tricky. You will want something that is slick and streamlined without any unnecessary extra padding, do you remember the overstuffed sofas from the 1990’s? Now that would be a disaster for a small mobile home! 

There are some lovely futon’s available with a wooden frame that can also double up as storage space, some of the designs have big roomy draws at the bottom which can be very practical. While they don’t come cheap, they are well worth the investment as they are sturdy, practical, comfortable and they last for a very long time.

Multifunction coffee table

A convertible coffee table is your best bet. Look for one that lifts up and out to create a workspace or somewhere to eat, this means it has two surfaces at the top, and some of them also have bonus hidden storage in the trunk at the bottom. They are stylish, compact and practical and perfect for a small living room.

Multifunction bed

It is possible now to buy full sized multifunctional beds, for example beds that have cabinets or desks built in, or ones that are raised slightly higher than normal to allow for much more storage space at the bottom. There are some fantastic double bunk beds with an L shaped design which are a great option if you have children. Many of them have inbuilt shelves and draws on the side which are economical on space due to the clever L shaped design.

Expandable dining tables

Expanding dining tables are a must for mobile home living. This means when it is not being used it can be folded down either side and stored somewhere discreet. Try to find one that is the most compact when it is folded down as this will be the most practical particularly if your kitchen is quite small. If you get one where both sides fold down leaving a surface in the middle then this could be used as a nice breakfast bar, or folded out completely to seat 4 people if you have guests or if you want the extra space.

Cube shelfing Cube shelfing is handy as it takes up little floor space yet provides a lot of storage opportunity, you could even turn it on it’s side and turn the fabric draws around so it could be used as a bench, or to give you more surface space on the top to put things on such as ornaments or books.

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The Craftsman’s Secrets to Restoring Water-Damaged Furniture

About 40 percent of American homeowners have experienced losses because of water damage, according to a survey by Chubb Corporation. This kind of damage may occur if your home is flooded, when you are cleaning, or due to certain weather conditions. Extremely humid weather conditions can make wood furniture expand and begin deteriorating. It may also cause your furniture to start growing mold. The humidity levels in your home should be balanced because if humidity is too low, your wood furniture may shrink and crack. Most of the time water damage can be managed or fixed with a partial repair

Minor water damage and submerged furniture

Minor damage like a white ring left on your wood table by a wet glass, can be dealt with using ingredients available in your home. Just mix equal parts of vinegar and olive oil and apply it on the ring with the wood grain using a soft cloth. If instead of a wet glass the mark was left by a hot mug, just clean the spot and apply car wax on the ring. Once it has dried, buff the area with a soft cloth. You can also use salt, toothpaste, baking soda, and petroleum jelly to remove water stains. 

Since there are many levels of water damage that can happen on wood furniture, there are different approaches in handling them. The first thing you need to do for furniture that was submerged in water is to let it dry slowly and naturally. Do not use a dryer because it may result in long-term warping, but instead use blowers or fans to accelerate the drying process. Some furniture may only take about two days to dry, but it may also take months depending on how long it was submerged in water. Use a mixture of warm water and bleach to remove mold or mildew if there is any growing on your furniture.

Restoring submerged furniture

Once the furniture is dry, you may notice that the glue that was holding the pieces together has been ruined. You can strip the deteriorating finish, remove the old glue with sand paper, and then clean and bleach the furniture. After this you should let the wood dry so that you can re-apply the finish. The stripping process is normally done using chemical stripping agents so that no layers of wood have to be removed. 

After the stripping agent has done its job, you can then scrape the surface of the furniture and sand it. Remember to re-apply glue to the area that had the old glue and then reattach the arm, leg or the furniture part the glue was holding. The next step is to use a waterproof stain on the furniture and then apply two coats of paint. Finish the whole process with a clear waterproof and insect repellent vanish.  You may make a few mistakes along the way that would make the furniture not look exactly the way it looked before the water damage. For that reason, you can just contact the insurance company and replace the furniture, especially if it does not hold any sentimental value. Another option is to hire a professional furniture restoration craftsman to do all the work for you.

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