Small-Space Trends to Make the Most of Your Home

No matter how spacious your home is, if you cannot fully utilize that space you’re wasting it. Smaller living spaces tend to be more problematic in terms of decoration. But, there are ways in which you can utilize that space completely and make it feel and look spacious. Listed below are several things you should do to make the most out of your home and the living space.small_spaces_1

Only the necessary

When decorating your home, especially when you don’t have a lot of living space, opt for a minimalistic design. Minimalism pays off in these situations, and less is sometimes more. In this particular case, less is definitely more; your space is limited and you cannot fit everything. Don’t go for anything luxurious and bulky; instead, get the things that are of the appropriate size and can fit perfectly into your home. Look for something fancy and modern. Minimalism will fix your clutter issues, and will create additional space for things that you actually need. Your room will receive more light and look vast and spacious. Illusion or not, it’s definitely worth it.

small_spaces_2Try different storage techniques

It’s very important to know the limits of your home. At some point, you will realize that you have too many things and that you simply lack the storage for all of them. The solution is not in purchasing a large cupboard; instead, buy or create drawers and bookshelves which inset in the wall. This will give you plenty of living space and storage space for your belongings. Again, the solution is in minimalism, so try and make the most out of it.

The way you see it

Another very important factor that can really help you make the most out of your home, is lighting. Manipulating light can create an illusion in which your house will actually look bigger and more spacious. Find a way to illuminate your home by using brighter lights. Dim lighting usually makes your room feel smaller, while the bright one does the opposite. There’s plenty of high quality LED lighting which you can buy at your local store. Another option is to simply purchase modern lighting online. Nevertheless, spend some money on extra lighting and make the most of your home.small_spaces_3

The trick with the floor

The thing with your floor is that it is always covered with something so large, that you simply cannot see the full size of your home. To maximize the space and make your home even more spacious, get a small rug and place it on the floor. Smaller rug will give impression of a larger living area. Do not diminish the size of your floor with a large rug; go with a smaller one instead which is both stylish and comfy. There are hundreds of carpets which you can place on your floor, so make sure you find the one that fits the best.

small_spaces_4The color of the wall

Being confined in a small living space can be a nightmare, especially when redecorating. However, you can always try something different; for instance, paint your walls in white or cream or even a subtle grey. These bright tones will give impression of a larger living space, while still keeping the level of style you require. Add patterns and strips to make the walls look even taller/wider.

No matter how small your living space is, if you take the right steps and actions, you could easily turn it into a comfy and spacious home. Rely on your creativity and set your imagination free.

About author: Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.

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Creative Design Solutions for Repurposing Wooden Pallets

In most cases, wooden pallets are tossed out without a second thought. Thankfully, the rise of environmental thought has led many people to realise pallets are versatile pieces you can utilise for numerous DIY furniture projects. If you’ve got enough skill with carpentry tools and you want to contribute to the sustainability practice, check out these innovative ways of repurposing wooden pallets.

Acquiring the material

The bulk of wooden pallet stock can be found lingering behind supermarkets, near factories and storage facilities that used them as shipping crates. Before harvesting these pieces, don’t forget to inspect their condition. For example, if they were previously stored on standard industrial racks, there are high chances they’re solid and ready for use. Also, make sure to check the stamp on it that indicates chemical and other treatments.9394987003_7070103c41_z

Shelving ideas

Wooden pallets are made with the storage function in mind, so it’s no wonder many people decide to exploit it as shelving solution. Depending on their finish and wood quality, you can transform wooden pallets into either modern or rustic storage pieces for your living room or kitchen.

Firstly, select a design that fits into your interior. Proceed by disassembling the pallets and customising the planks according to your design requirements. Don’t forget to create a smooth finish on the side where your possessions will be stored. Make use of the power drill, jigsaw and orbital sander to accomplish the project tasks.

At last, some of the cool shelving elements you can create include handy kitchen shelves, TV units, wine-tasting open cabinets and bookshelves.pallets 2

Indoor furniture

If you were looking for ideas on how to employ wooden pallets for creation of indoor furniture pieces, we have some great suggestions for you. For starters, you can construct a simple coffee table. Tweak the measurements to your needs and attach wheels on it so you can move it around at will. Pair it with a padded pallet sofa and instill a relaxed and outdoorsy atmosphere into your living space.

Moving on the bedroom area. You may think that wooden pallets don’t fit into this room, but our ideas may change your mind. Make a vintage headboard out of individual planks or build a toddler’s or master bed platform out of entire pallet for your summer houses or winter cottages.

Deck structures

With the arrival of pleasant weather, decks become a popular gathering places. If you’re planning to build one of these, wooden pallets are a handy and cost-effective material solution. Considering the scope of the project, you should perform careful calculations to figure out the necessary amount of pallets. Also, decks should be constructed with safety measures in mind, so pick the firm wooden pallets that were well-kept on quality pallet racks and thoroughly preserved.

Even out the ground beneath them with scrap bricks or rocks and connect the pallets by using drywall screws. The space between them can be filled with any type of scrap wood.

pallet 3

Modular outdoor furniture elements

Wooden pallets are veritable XL-size legos of the furniture-making world. You can put together a wide array of outdoor-proof pieces out of it in a jiffy, from lounge chairs, dining tables to foldable picnic setups. Modular seating elements can be particularly useful for parties when number of guests is not entirely determined. Keep the pieces in your garage or garden shed and bring it out when necessary.

Miscellaneous ideas

Here are some of the uncommon design solutions on how to remodel wooden pallets:

  • Garden related: planters of all kind, potting workstation and space-saving vertical planting setups
  • Colourful coats racks for extra storage
  • Rustic wall panels
  • Parquet-like wooden flooring
  • Artistic wall-bound Christmas tree you can easily paint over

Despite its original function, pallets can find their way into our homes as creative and practical pieces of furniture. We hope our suggestions have provided inspiration for your own repurposing project.

Repurposing Your Garage Into A Home Office

If you need more space and moving isn’t an option, it’s time to get creative. Does your home office need to be turned into another bedroom? How about a nursery? With a little planning, you can move your home office into your garage while you make your next move.

garage office 1Your home office will need:

1) Privacy. Is your garage free-standing, or can you access it from your house? Make sure you can secure the garage via the man-door. You don’t want to open the overhead garage door every time you enter or leave the office. Wash the windows if needed and add blinds to give you some control over the natural light.

2) Temperature control. You may need a space heater for chilly days, or a window air conditioning unit. Replacing your existing garage door with an insulated one would be a good investment as well. Better thermal efficiency and noise isolation will keep the bills down while letting you work in peace.

3) Flooring. Sweep out the garage and power wash or hose down and scrub the concrete. Consider adding a coat of concrete floor paint, or get yourself a nice indoor-outdoor rug for your desk space. You’ll want a professional feel while you work. If possible, paint the walls around your workspace to help it feel a bit cleaner.garage office 2

4) Storage. If you currently have a heavy metal file cabinet but don’t want to move it, consider storing important papers in clear plastic tubs. Most people who work from home use their computer more than hard copy. Determine how much paper access you need and plan your storage accordingly.

5) Space to concentrate. It may be eerie to sit at your desk and feel the whole garage space at your back. Consider investing in free-standing screens, or put up a volleyball net behind you and cover it with fabric. As possible reduce the space around you to give yourself an insular sense.

6) Task lighting. While you may have desk lamps, your garage probably has a higher ceiling and may be a bit gloomier. If you need a new lamp or a glass top work table to brighten the space, invest in them. This is your office space, and even a temporary work space needs a bit of dignity. If you limp along on cast-offs in your garage office, you’ll get resentful and won’t be able to do your best work.garage office 3

If you plan to use the other half of the garage for a car, consider building a wall of storage totes or boxes between your space and the car’s space. Work out a communication system with your partner so you get a heads-up when they’re coming home. That way, you can be out of the garage or at least have papers secured when the door opens.

Should you be planning a long-term or permanent conversion of this portion of the garage, build up. Depending on the height of your garage ceiling, you could create a platform for your desk and paper storage. Under the platform you could store tools, tubs, or whatever else you need to store. You could add flooring to the platform, or a rubber mat so you could eventually set up a standing desk.

Eventually, you may choose to frame in your office area and stay in the house. The shortened area between the garage door and your office wall could be a great spot to store bikes, grills, and garden tools.

Finding the right design and size of chandelier

Interior designing is an art where you need to combine various colors, textures, and designs to get the unique look for each room. The perfect interior would be the one that merges the effect of furniture, furnishing, wall textures, artifacts, and lighting in such a way that it adds elegance to the entire room. Lights are used to illuminate the space but the same will amaze you when used for the decorative purpose. Chandelier is one such form of decorative lighting that sets the mood and brings the grand look to the entire space. Huge chandeliers have been the part of royal palaces from ages but now they come in more contemporary designs to fit the modern residences and commercial spaces.

chandelier-1009618_640All chandeliers may look impressive in the showroom but the idea is to find the right design and size that will add that striking look to the entire space.

Factors governing the selection of chandelier

Chandeliers vary in size, design, effects, and controls. If you are buying the this big piece of light for your home then you have to consider following three factors –

  • Design
  • Size
  • Glitter or glaze
  • Controls for dimming
  • Power Consumptioncrystal-chandelier-from-the-czech-republic-pixabay

Design – Design is completely a personal choice as there is no rule of thumb governing the selection but whatever design you select should go in line with your room décor. If you have designed the room with royal touch and grand furniture then traditional or royal looking chandelier is the best pick. There are contemporary designs available too for the households having modern interiors. The modern designs mostly comprise of chrome and nickel finish with glazed glass molded in straight lines and simple curves.

curtain-chandelier-pixabaySize – Size of the chandelier would be decided from the size of the room. It should not be too big or too small for the room, and you must opt for the right size based on the rule given below –

  • Take the measuring tape and run it across the length and breadth of the room to get the exact measurements in foot.
  • Add these dimensions taken in foot and note down the number.
  • The number you have noted would be the chandelier diameter in inches.

Above rule will give you a rough idea about the size of chandelier that will be the perfect fit for your room. You can deviate a bit from this size to accommodate your favorite piece of light in the room.

Glitter or Glaze – Use of chandelier is more decorative than illuminative. Too much of glitter would make the whole place uncomfortable, so you may check whether the bulbs are throwing direct light or have glazed cover to make the light low. Exposed bulbs would throw lot of glitter and heat in the room, which would turn it into unwelcoming experience altogether. Before buying the chandelier, see how much light it throws and in what direction to make an appropriate buying decision.villa-cortine-palace-chandelier-pixabay

Dimming Controls – If the chandelier meets with your design and size requirements, but the lighting is too bright then you can look for the dimming controls. Some good chandeliers are offered with dimming controls that would let you control the light falling on the objects below. You can get these controls fixed later as well to regulate the amount of light.

Power Consumption – New age chandeliers are offered with LED fittings to reduce the power consumption. Your choice should be environment friendly, hence look out for the lighting choices that consume less power and offer grand design.

The apt chandelier would add brightness and style in the best possible way. Don’t just go by looks or price as there are many other factors to look for in chandelier to add the grace and glory to the space.

6 Handy Furniture Assembly Tricks

The move is complete, the removal van from the man and van service you hired is off, and now you are in your new house and facing a bunch of pieces of furniture, ready to be assembled back into actual furniture. Flat pack assembly furniture is often less expensive than other types of furniture. It can be difficult to actually assemble this type of furniture on your own, but with these 6 assembly tips, you don’t have to be a carpenter to put together a beautiful piece of furniture.

  1. Assemble the furniture piece in the place where you want to keep it. This way, you don’t have to move it once it’s assembled and risk damaging it. Furniture moving can be a big drag sometimes, so always pick your place properly.
  2. Unhelpful room mate

    Young Asian woman pulls her room mate accross the room on a lounging sofa. The lazy room mate pretends to be tired.

    Unwrap all of the components and organize them, then throw away the packaging to clear the space. This is also a good time to count all the different components to make sure you have everything you need.

  3. Look through the entire instructions booklet before you start to assemble the furniture. You will be less likely to make a mistake when you have a clear overview of the entire process from beginning to end.
  4. Use wood glue to ensure any wooden dowels are kept in their place securely. Wood glue can also be used in a variety of other furniture and home repairs, so it’s nice to keep a bottle of it on hand. If the glue doesn’t stick, well, even if you do break something, you can have the removal van back to take away the broken thing, right?
  5. Use a rubber mallet, rather than a hammer, to drive in wooden dowels. A rubber mallet puts less stress on the wood, so that it is less likely to split under pressure. Do measure the strength of your blows, of course. You do not want to start all that all over again.
  6. Paint the furniture before you assemble it. If you want to paint it a different color, you will get greater coverage if you paint each piece individually and then assemble them together afterwards.6 Handy Furniture Assembly Tricks2

Even if you don’t think you’re a handyman, it’s much more than possible to assemble furniture on your own. By following these tips and tricks and taking the process slowly, you’ll be able to assemble your furniture easily and quickly. If you still have a problem with that, then next time see if your moving company offers furniture collection services and directly order the pieces whole from the store. But overall, it should not be the hardest job in the world. You’ll be fine.