4 Creative Ways to Organize the Kids Room


The amount of things owned by the little humans is incredible. No parent is aware of that until they watch their children grow from babies to preschoolers. You cannot have a home big enough to accommodate all of their belongings unless they are properly organized. Since children are not borne with organizational skills, it is up to you to teach them how to put their things away properly. There is nothing that better sticks with them than learning while playing. This is why you should apply all of your creativity to come up with fun and smart storage solutions.


The clothes

Let’s start with their clothing. Most children have a phase when they become stylistically picky and like to choose what they wear each day. If you fold things as you normally would and put them away in a wardrobe, the chances are that you will have to do it over and over again, each time your child digs through everything to find just the right garment to wear. A smart way of resolving this is by using rails and hangers. The dressier clothes, particularly for girls can be hung on a DIY clothes rail. You can choose to leave it open or conceal it with vintage curtains, or perhaps, make a doll-house-like shallow dresser they could use. Alternatively, you can use low cabinets, similar to the ones in your kitchen, and hang their clothes in there.

A stuffed animal zoo

This is a perfect storage solution for the stuffed furry friends your children seem to keep everywhere. Pretty much any festive occasion results in them getting several of these toys. There are wooden zoo cages with flexible bars available in stores, but they can also be an easy DIY project. Alternatively, you can use bungee cords or colorful rope to make the bars on any shelves or nooks you already have in their room and keep the animals in. If your children have a toy tent, you can keep the stuffed animals there and have them live in a circus, rather than a zoo.

Smart storage

When it comes to organizing any space, smart storage solutions are the key. With kids’ rooms, you should stick to as many separate storage units as possible as that allows more organizing options and makes things easier to find. Speaking of easy finds, see-through boxes, bins and storage bags are your best bet, even though they only look nice as the combination of things in them and sometimes they can appear a little bit sanitary. This is why you could use curtain rails and curtains to create faux windows and entrances and keep the boxes nicely stored away behind the curtains.


Utilize the walls

As with any small space, the trick is in utilizing the walls. Before you start making use of the walls, mind the position of your AC. If you do not have one, quick airconditioner installation is probably a good solution to keep the air fresh and the temperature right. However, with children, you cannot go too high as they will always require your assistance when reaching the top shelves. Take their height into consideration. You can use spice racks or even paint old rain gutters or even certain styles of ceiling moldings and use them as really narrow shelves to display magazines, books or small toys collections.

Hopefully, with right organizational solutions, you only have a couple more years of messy rooms before they learn to put away their things neatly and stop crying for you to help them find something.

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Cozy Family Room on a Light Budget

cozy image 1A family that spends time together, stays together. Spending quality time with family members means devoting attention to each other in order to create stronger bonds. We could not think of a better place to have pleasant family chit-chats, play board games or watch movies, than a cozy family room. You probably think that designing such a room requires a great deal of money and even more effort. It does not have to be that way. There are simple and affordable ways to create a warm and friendly family space that will become an investment into your future. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Paint the Walls

Giving your room a fresh coat of paint is not only affordable, but also simple, especially if you are aiming for the simple monochromatic appearance. In fact, that can be a great bonding time for the whole family, because you can paint and have fun together. Choose colors that create feelings of warmth and promote communication and socializing. Some great colors with such functions are orange, brown, burgundy, green, yellow, pink, light blue and lighter shades, such as cream, sand and beige.

Cozy Seating

cozy image 2There is nothing more important in a family room than a cozy seating. You can either buy a new sofa or reupholster your old one, or the one you bought for a bargain at a local flea market. Still, you will need some more seating, especially if you are lucky enough to have a big family. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get it, though. Just equip yourself with several ottomans and lazy bag chair, or try out your DIY skills with a wooden pallets couch and other seating solutions.

Make It Fun

This should be the room where all the fun takes place, so do your best to make it so. You will probably use the room to play various board games, so a large coffee table, where you can spread those boards is a must. Similar to couch, you can also make one by yourself, using wooden pallets. Equipping the room with some neat Universal Home Theatre systems would thrill the kids, and it would provide you many unforgettable family movie nights. You can take it a step further and purchase some game consoles (used, to save money) and organize fun competitions in your family room.

Add More Warmth

cozy image 3A family room requires more warmth than any other, so raise that loving temperature by adding a shag carpet, or several colorful area rugs. Additional throw pillows are never a bad idea. Make a unique storage space for cozy warm (and why not, even personalized) blankets for each family member to take when it gets a bit chilly during a movie night. Dress up the windows with nicely patterned curtains, or, for even stronger feel combine patterned plantation shutters with sheer curtains. Depending on the colors on your wall, choose shades like yellow, orange, purple, etc.

Finishing Touches

cozy image 4You are not done just yet. Now you need to add some finishing touches which will create a cohesive look and harmony. Find accessories in one color that you want to use as an accent one in the space and then arrange them throughout the room (on the coffee table, on the wall, on the shelves, etc.). Fi
nally, since the room you are designing is a family room, you should use family photos to decorate one accent wall and arrange souvenirs from family vacations on the shelves. Other things that can be used as decorative elements are postcards, diplomas, medals, etc.

Remember to include each family member into the creative process and work, after all that is the room for the whole family, and the fact that you have designed it together will make it even warmer and cozier. Think of it as a great opportunity for bonding. Later, when the whole room is finished, you can all sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Simple ideas for affordable kids’ room décor

Kids’ rooms are their own little safe haven within the family home. So making sure the design matches their personality is essential. The room should be practical, as well as fun, because they will use their little in-door playground for a variety of activities. The most important thing before you set out to design their room, is to consult your children. Incorporate their ideas as well, and together you will make a room they will never want to come out of.1

Include Color into Their Room

Color is something kids love more than anything else, so it is important to incorporate it into their room. You can make a mix of colors on the walls, not sticking to the usual blue for boys, and pink for girl’s tradition. You can also incorporate murals of their favorite cartoons, or shows, while a great way to make the ceiling pop is to add florescent stars, planets, and comets. Kids’ furniture should also be vibrant, so always go for the colorful choices, making sure they match the walls. And if you have bland furniture color, let your kids decorate them with stickers, removable markers, or posters.

kids room 2Incorporate a Work Space

Although kids love playing, a good kids’ room design should incorporate a work area to enable kids to home in on their skills. Creating a work area will greatly benefit your child’s development process. By adding a creative desk, chair, or stacking their shelves with books, kids can utilize this place for learning, reading, and engaging in fun arts and crafts projects. You can also go a step further, and create a chalkboard wall, or a carpet with maps and words. This will be a creative way of teaching children, and making learning a fun experience when they take out their thinking caps, and play school.kids room 3

Create Hideouts

Kids adore nooks and crannies around the house. They are their little hideout spots to get away from the world, or a comfy little area where they can relax. So, why not incorporate hideouts into their room. With a bit of cloth and wire, you can create a canopy, or add shelves that can support their weight. Another great trick is to give your kids, a couple of polls and you’ll see how they make a tent out of it. This will take hide and seek to the next level, and make a room much more interesting.

kids room 4Display Their Toys

Put their toys on display as part of their room design. This will add to the overall themed room design, or make the perfect way of storing their many toys. Collecting toys of their favorite cartoons, comic books, or films, also has a positive impact on a child’s development, because it teaches kids to be organized, and they adopt perseverance as their character trait. Toy collectables, like popular Davey boys toys bobbleheads, are something your child will be proud of, and will want to display. And after all, if it has so much value, and its own place in the design scheme, the kids will always keep the room neat, tidy, and clutter free.kids room 5

These are just some ideas you can incorporate into your child’s room design. Make sure to ask them, and get their take on their future living space. And with the right ideas, and motivation, you will create a room your child will enjoy for years to come.

About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.

How to Choose a Rug for Your Kid’s Room

You may think that choosing a rug for your kid’s room is an easy task, but things aren’t so simple as they seem, as there are different aspects to consider when trying to find the perfect one. The easiest thing to do would be letting your kids choose the rug they like. If you do that, be sure that the rug will probably be to their liking, but will serve no other purpose. In order to find a rug that will be both beautiful and functional to the space, here are several tips on what to look.picture 1 of rug

Size and Type

The first thing to consider when purchasing a rug is its size. This solely depends on how much space is actually available in your kid’s room. Another thing to consider is whether you want a low-pile or high-pile rug. The former are a better option if your kids have a habit of running all over the room, so place it just in the center of the room to cover the biggest empty space. On the other hand, if your children spend most of their time on the floor playing with toys, reading and similar, a much better choice is choosing a high-pile option, as it will provide more comfort and cushioning under the feet.


picture 2 of rugAnother thing to think about is what shape to choose. This also depends on the shape of the room and the position of the furniture. In a recent chat with a highly-rated retailer of kids rugs, it was brought to my attention that children mostly enjoy non-conventional shapes, such as flowers, animals and cars. There is also a variety of rugs that come in classic geometric shapes (circles, rectangles, squares and triangles). Just make sure that the shape you choose will be compatible to shape of the room.

Color and Pattern

Fortunately there is a never-ending assortment of rugs of different colors, patterns and images. Perhaps the best idea is to let your children choose this element by themselves. Children are very visual so incorporating a rug that will simulate their imagination and creativity is a very important part of choosing the right rug. You can find different motives such as flowers, animals, sports, cars etc. all depending on what your children love. There is also an option of purchasing a rug with their favorite cartoon character that they will absolutely love. There are also interactive and educational rugs that allow your children learn numbers and letters while playing on them.11162762524_502a573118_z

Choosing a perfect rug for your children’s room might get overwhelming and tiresome at certain moments but be rest assured that it will pay off in the long run. If you find a good and quality rug to fit all the needs of your kids, you will certainly be sure that you made a good investment. It is very important to know that the rug for your children’s room is not supposed to be just fun and colorful, but also functional, practical and of good quality. When you consider all of these aspects it will be much easier to find the perfect one that will fit perfectly in their room.


Author Bio: If one thing is true about Lillian Connors, her mind is utterly curious. That’s why she can’t resist the urge to embark on a myriad of home improvement projects and spread the word about them. She’s also deeply into green practices, cherishing the notion that sustainable housing and will not only make us far less dependent on others regarding the dwellings we inhabit, but also contribute to our planet being a better place to live on. You can check her on Twitter and LinkedIn.