Strategies to Make Your Living Room Pop

Your living room is the heart of your home, so what better place to showcase your sense of style? It doesn’t take a whole remodel to make some big changes either. Check out these eight simple tips, tricks, and techniques!

1. Paint an accent wall

This is a quick project that can add a lot of bang for your buck. Choose just one wall to feature a coat of bold color, and roll it on! But which wall should you choose? A good rule of thumb is the darker the color, the smaller the wall. Dark colors tend to absorb light and make a space feel smaller. Consider the way natural light moves through your space, and choose your feature wall accordingly. Not quite ready to commit to a whole wall of color? Divide the wall with a chair rail, then use the space below for your bold accent color.

2. Feature your window treatments

Too often, windows are neglected, especially in small spaces. It’s a bit nerve wracking to risk reducing light in a room that already feels dark, but drapes or other window treatments can actually help a space feel larger. With dark spaces, choose lightweight, semi-transparent curtains, and always hang them all the way to the floor. This creates the illusion that your windows are larger than they are. Add a valance or draped swag for a luxurious, welcoming look. Want something more modern? Bold, geometric print drapes set on cast-iron piping instead of traditional curtain rods make quite a statement.

Keep in mind that curtains are a style statement and can also help cut down on heating and cooling costs. In the summer, keep the drapes closed during the brightest parts of the day to reduce heat; in the winter, choose heavier curtains that keep out drafts at night.

3. Choose a single statement piece

The key to creating a cohesive look that changes and adapts to your family’s needs is sticking with classic or understated pieces for the majority of your furniture and choosing just a piece or two that really drive home your style sense. For example, a trendy pair of armchairs or a vintage sofa can really set the tone without needing every other item in the room to match. Look for classic pieces in neutral colors that compliment your feature furniture without stealing the show. Need a little help tying it all together? Rely on color, with matching throw pillows or a multicolored rug that brings different elements into one pattern. When you want to change things up, swapping out these accessories can refresh the look of the space without needing to completely upend your interior design.

4. Feature your coffee table

In many living spaces, the coffee table is central to the space. Make it a focal point in your interior design as well with a striking natural stone table. Natural stone is a design feature that can blend seamlessly into a whole range of aesthetics, from industrial chic to rustic to clean and modern.

The key is choosing the right stone for your table. Granite, for example, is a dense stone available in a whole range of colors, from red to blue. Light shades are typically filled with darker flecks, though, so if you want something uniformly pale, consider marble. Filled with swirls of subtle color, marble is a classic choice often seen in bathroom countertops and antique designs. Limestone is softer and more prone to scratching; though it may not be ideal for kitchen countertops, the lighter use in a living room makes it the perfect place to show off limestone’s unique texture.

5. Create a gallery wall

Showcase your memories with a wall of framed images. This is a great place to let your imagination run a little wild. While a mix of images always looks best, try to have a consistent theme. For example, you could choose family portraits or vacation photos, opt for kids’ artwork or handwritten notes. Maybe the unifying theme is that all the images are black and white, or all feature a chosen color prominently.

Once you’ve decided on a number of images, gather your frames. A mix of different shapes and sizes gives the gallery wall a homemade look, while identical narrow frames and white matting looks sleek and modern. Whatever you decide, take the time to test out different arrangements on your wall. The easiest way to do this is to trace your frames on paper, cut them out, and tape them up using painters’ tape, which won’t damage your wall. When you like the arrangement, it’s time to attach hanging hardware and put your gallery on display!

6. Scale up your artwork

The reason a gallery wall is so striking is because it takes up far more space, and in a more visually interesting way, than having the same frames and images scattered around the room. You can achieve a similar effect with a single oversized piece of artwork. This works particularly well in rooms that have unusually high ceilings, or large expanses of wall that are uninterrupted by doorways or windows. There are many resources online to find oversized artwork, and even more DIY options if you feel up to the challenge. It’s important to make sure that you take the weight of your oversized artwork into account when it comes to hanging it. Bigger artwork is often heavier therefore make sure you’re either drilling directly into studs when attaching hanging hardware to the wall or using the appropriate drywall anchors.

7. Try something smaller

Big artwork can make a bold statement, but so can something smaller. In fact, smaller furniture can be quite striking. Today, it seems furniture just keeps getting bigger—oversized sectional couches, extra wide, overstuffed chairs. There’s no denying it’s impressive and often comfortable, but it’s not always suited to the layout of your space. Think about how you most often use your furniture, and see if you can make your space more dynamic by, say, switching out a loveseat for a pair of armchairs instead. This also gives you more options when it comes to rearranging the room and creating different seating areas. Whenever possible, keep large pieces of furniture pulled away from the walls to allow for better traffic flow throughout the room.

8. Let there be light!

A beautiful room can really be dampened by a boring lighting fixture. Not only is the fixture itself a focal point of the room—after all, it’s literally glowing—but it also helps set the tone for the rest of your decor. Choose something that provides the light you need, but also makes sense with your design. An industrial-inspired space might use pendant lights with exposed incandescent style bulbs, while a textured globe light provides a softer, cozier look for a modern cottage style.

Ready to get started?

You don’t need to plan a major overhaul just to get your living space up to speed. With just a few focal elements and a little bit of planning, you can completely transform a room. Just remember to keep things cohesive by choosing one or two things to highlight and letting the rest of your decor play a supporting role. Before long, your living spaces will look like something straight from a design catalog!

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4 Ways To Deck Out Your Rec Room

Rec rooms are the ideal place to gather with friends, have a little fun, and hang out. While the idea of pool tables, foosball, and ping pong tables may turn your stomach, there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to decking out your rec room. You can transform your rec room into the ultimate entertainment space with an elegant touch by with these simple steps.

Make It Your Own

Depending on the activities you have planned for your rec room, you can make it an additional living space that doubles as a bonus room. This is the ideal place to host family get-togethers or game nights with friends if it is done right.

You need to consider exactly how you will use your rec room and make it functional for these activities. Once you have decided on how you will spend your time in the space, you can go about designing a room that fits your lifestyle.

Have A Place To Sit

To make your rec room as livable as possible, you need to start with some quality furniture. Let go of those hand-me-down pieces that are just taking up space and invest in some elegant furniture that will set the mood. Think comfy and plush with a bold color that will create an inviting living space.

You will want plenty of seating for your family member and friends, so don’t skimp on making sure you have a seat for everyone. You can add additional seating with ottomans, pillows, or stools that compliment the couch, loveseat, and comfortable chairs that you have purchased. Try to incorporate some texture to give your room some warmth such as suede or leather with your accompanying seating options.  

Do Up The Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of your lower level, and you need to incorporate more than a few lamps. While this may take some mastery skills the results will be well worth the effort. Be creative with your lighting both in your room décor and accent pieces. Neon lights can provide a tasteful touch to your rec room by lighting up areas that would otherwise be dark.

Add neon strip lights under cabinets or along the flooring. This will add some ambiance and allow you to create a fun space that your guests will enjoy. Neon lighting is also a bold choice when used as a wall hanging or sign. Neon lights can provide a fun focal point to the room in lieu of a fireplace or add some drama to your favorite wall pieces.

It’s All About Accents

Accenting your room with accessories will help pull everything together. You enhance your room theme or go bold with pieces that tell a story of places that you have been. Carefully place your mementos around your rec room and incorporate items that mean something to you. This will make your rec room a place that you will want to spend time in as well as making for great conversation starters.

If you don’t have many trinkets from your travels, not to worry you can pick unique and interesting items at flea markets that are fun and whimsical. Make sure they pair well with each other and provide a nice accoutrement around the room. Think interesting artworks, wall hangings, and shelf pieces that can create that ultimate oasis in your rec room.

With a little ingenuity, you can overhaul your rec room from drab to fab and make it a place where spend the majority of your time with friends and family. You can have the dream rec room you have always wanted without giving in to the traditional storage space the basements tend to end up as. Let your imagination run wild as there are tons of possibilities when it comes to designing the ultimate rec room.

Lara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.

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Transform Your Garage into the Mancave of Your Dreams

A garage has uses beyond just being used to store your shiny commuter car and fancy hardware. It can easily be transformed into an extra living space for you and your buddies to hang out in without disturbing the rest of the house.

The most important part of a man cave, though, is the feeling it provides you. Do you want a mancave that’s for watching sports with your pals, or a mancave that is for video gaming, drinking, lounging around, or all of the above?

Read on to make sure your garage is properly equipped not just for storage, but for parties, weekend games with the boys, or just a place you can get away comfortably.

Find Quality Furniture

Lounge Furniture: Two things every man-cave needs to even be considered a place to relax are good, comfortable furniture and a TV, preferably a larger one.

Having a futon instead of a couch can be utilitarian, as it allows your friends to stay the night, but it still gives you a spot to sit down in. On the other hand, a large, comfy leather or suede couch will be very comfortable for a long period of sitting time, although harder to keep clean and take care of.

Consider buying a few end tables, a shelf for storage, and other things you would use in your living room. You’re going to spend a lot of time out here, so make sure it serves your needs.

Before you begin buying the furniture, map out the area you’ll be using. If your garage is going to need to be multi-use, as in, when your parents come to visit, they park their hybrid four door in your garage, you’re going to want to know ahead of time to buy furniture that can be easily moved around.

The Right TV: The TV is where everything in the man-cave happens. Aside from drinking, talking, and playing darts, the man-cave is centered around the TV both literally and figuratively. The TV should be in a place where anyone in the man-cave can see it clearly, so a high-up location on a shelf or a thin TV that can be hung up on a wall would be optimal.

The Walls and Floors: The way your walls and floors are accessorized can add a lot of character to your man-cave. If you think you’re going to spend a lot of time watching sports with your friends in there, get some memorabilia to hang up on the walls from your favorite teams. If you plan on gaming or doing your hobbies in there, buy some posters or other wall decorations related to your favorite games or inspirations.

For the floor, as long as the bland and cold grey stone of the garage floor is covered, you’ve already done a lot to improve the aesthetic of the man-cave. Think about getting a themed rug for your favorite sports teams or be silly with it and get a shag rug to really set the lounging mood in the garage. Anything that you don’t mind getting a little dusty will work just fine, but ideally pick something that is easy to care for.

Accessories and Extras

The walls, floors, furniture, and TV in your man-cave are all placed down now, but it doesn’t feel quite finished, does it? That’s because you still need to add some flair and some accessories that make it a comfortable and care-free place to be.

Think about buying a beer fridge or, if you want to get advanced with it, build a bar into a corner of the garage for storing cocktail mixers and such. You can pick up dart boards, foosball tables, and ping-pong tables cheap online or from a local story like Furniture Works.

Use dimmer lights in the man-cave – not so dim that you can’t see 5 feet in front of you, but dimmer than the lights in the rest of the house. This will help to set the mood of a place of relaxation and can subtly change the way you feel being in the garage rather than the rest of the house – you may find yourself spending more time there than you do inside!

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Importance of Choosing Furniture for Your Home

You can’t help but adore the gorgeous pieces of furniture you see whenever you flip through the pages of a lifestyle magazine. After taking a transform your home survey, it makes you wish you own some of them or even find a cheaper version to match your own house. While it makes your interior look good by adding character to your home decor, you have to keep in mind that furniture should be a combination of both form and function.

Having the right furniture could spell the difference between a charming and comfortable abode, and a cramped house that’s simply an eyesore. This is the reason why it’s essential to choose the pieces that are fit for your home. After addressing the need for a piece of furniture’s functionality, here other reasons why it’s important:

The Right Fit Matters

It is important to know the measurements of your house, so you can choose the right sizes of furniture you plan to purchase. Having stunning pieces won’t do much if you can’t even comfortably navigate through the rooms. They take up the majority of your floor space, so it’s prudent to pick wisely while considering both form and function.

If you have a few pieces that you want to own, it’s always a good idea to measure the space you plan to put them. Arm yourself with a carpenter’s tape measure and determine the size of the area you want to place a certain piece of furniture. Make sure it fits the floor area of the room and there will be enough space to comfortably move around.

A Reflection of Your Taste

The design and theme of your house should also be considered when choosing furniture. Your style is a reflection of personal taste, so try to stick to a design that blends well with the house. It’s okay to blend different styles as long your pieces don’t clash and make a certain room of your house look tacky. Antique pieces in a modern home? That works if you do it right.

It is worth noting that you don’t have to be dictated by the current trends. As long as the look appeals to you, nothing is going to stop you from having it as a part of your home.

Both the size and look are two important factors to consider in choosing the right furniture for your home. They can help you decide which one has the right fit and design that complements the room where they will be in. Choose wisely, so you can live comfortably in your own home with a delightful disposition.

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About the author:

Christina Santos is a real estate agent for Hoppler.

How to Use a Color Wheel for Decorating

Interior designing is a tough job. If you don’t have the innate ability to combine colors together so the end result will come out exceptionally beautiful, then it’s probably best to hire a decorating service elsewhere. But thanks to Issac Newton’s virtuoso; this amazing tool he created way back 1666 is now commonly used today to help with color mixtures that’ll surely bring back memories or just simply – soothe you.

Introducing the ingenious color wheel: A useful circular tool that comprises of 12 basic colors and creates a variant of unique colors when combined. But the question is, why is it shaped like a wheel? Why not rectangular? Or triangular? Or octagonal? Well, the theory, according to artists, is that an exceptional mishmash of colors is created when you rely on precise proportions hence, a perfect circle.

What are the Basic Colors of a Color Wheel?

Like what we learned in school there are three basic colors and they are red, yellow, and blue. These are called the primary colors. Do you want to know an amazing fact? You can mix all the colors in the world but you’re still never going to be able to get these three precise colors out of that mixture! But what’s more amazing though is that when these colors are mixed; you get green, orange, and purple which are called the secondary colors. For instance, orange is by mixing red and yellow, green is from blending yellow and blue, and purple is the by-product of red and blue. The last one is tertiary colors which are produced when infusing the primary and secondary colors. This is where it gets more intense like blending blue and green results in teal (my favorite), or amber after mixing yellow and orange; the possibilities are endless!

How to Choose a Color for Decorating?

Apparently, there is a 60-30-10 rule in color combination. It should have a dominant color of about 60 percent, another secondary tone of 30 percent, and lastly, 10 percent should be a contrasting touch. But to do this, you can depend on warm and cool colors which the color wheel is divided into.

Warm colors are when you combine orange, red, yellow, and other synonymous colors. These colors resonate brightness like the sun. These colors are perfect for making huge rooms have a somewhat comforting feel.

Cool colors, on the other hand, represent the sky and the ocean, and tend to draw your perception of depth back ergo, they’re great for making smaller rooms seem bigger.

What are the Other Color Schemes?

If you want to take your designing to the next level, you can take a look at these four kinds of color schemes that will help you in choosing the perfect combination.

A monochromatic color scheme is straight up choosing one hue and extending using its varying shades. An analogous color scheme is mixing two or three colors that are sitting beside each other on the wheel. Next is the complementary color scheme which is picked if they’re facing opposite each other. Finally, the triadic color scheme is a mélange of three colors that are equally distributed on the wheel.

Author Bio: Evelyn Paulson, a blogger by passion, loves to write about home renovation and remodelling. She is currently working for, which offers an array of finest quality handcrafted wall beds and innovative space-saving products.