How to Have a Home Office Makeover: from Dreaded to Loved


If you work from home, it is up to you to get your office in top shape. If you let the clutter pile up, it will only get worse. In this article, I will share tips on how to keep your office neat and tidy:

Deal with Paper

If you have lots of clutter in your home office, you need to sort through it and throw away the unnecessary items. Do you keep stuff because you do not know whether it is safe to throw it out? You need to research the importance of different items to figure out what is useful.

Pull out all the papers from shelves and drawers then sort through them before shredding the unimportant ones. Sort the paper into categories and label the categories with a marker – this will keep you from losing track of where different papers go. Anything that does not belong to your home office should go back to its original home.

Create Space

Pull all non-paper items from your desk and drawers then sort them into piles. Sort through the piles and get rid of duplicate items as well as things that do not belong in the office. You should also dip into your files to get rid of any papers that you do not need. If you want to make your office a paperless one, you should go online and start setting up paperless billing and statements.


You need to think outside the box if you want to come up with an organization system that will work for you. Instead of rushing to buy storage containers, look for the best home office desk here with filing cabinets to store important paper documents in file folders.

Here are some other ideas for organizing your home office:

  • Use cups and bowls to make drawer and desktop organizers.
  • Keep papers organized by clipping them to the wall using clipboards
  • Traditional files are useful for important documents

Freshen up

If you have gotten this far, you should give yourself a pat on the back because the hardest part of your office makeover is behind you. Now, you just have to clean the space and make it more pleasant to stay in. You can start by vacuuming your space from top to bottom then add an attachment for cleaning fabric lampshades, window treatments, and high corners.

Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down surfaces and shelves. You should also clean your computer screen using monitor wipes. A keyboard cleaner will come in handy for blowing dust from between the keys.

Consider Comfort

How comfy is your working space? If you use your office all the time, make sure that you invest in an adjustable chair that offers plenty of support. A small stool for propping your feet and good lighting will also come in handy.

Add a Personal Touch

The beauty of having a home office is that you can emphasize the hominess of it. You can add some family photos or travel treasures that will put a smile on your face. You can also store your office supplies in china teacups and pretty fabric baskets or drape striking textiles over your office chair.

Daily Maintenance

As soon as you notice clutter, you should organize your office before things get out of hand. You also need to straighten your office at the end of each workday to maintain a clean office.

The above tips will come in handy for keeping your home office neat and tidy. A neat office will improve your mood and increase productivity.

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Change in the weather

How quickly we’ve morphed from Spring to Summer.  It seems like yesterday I was wearing sweaters and now I’m sweating.  A change in the weather alters the affairs of daily life, so it makes sense to alter your home to match. Subtle changes in décor can turn a living room or bed room into a space that’s comfortable for different seasons.  This isn’t about doing costly makeovers, but  keeping the major furnishings and swapping in some versatile, seasonal accessories. You’ll find that your rooms are more appealing.  Putting items away for half the year they look new when you bring them out again.

The idea that household embellishments should reflect the time of year is an old one.  In eighteenth century France, wealthy people owned sets of curtains and coverings that were switched with the season.   These transformations don’t have to be the stuff of royalty, of course.  In fact, they can be as commonplace as it is to slip on a cardigan in winter or a linen shirt in summer.  Throws and curtains in lush textures, for instance, offer warmth when the ground is outside is covered in snow and set a formal tone that is approiate for holiday celebrations.  Fabrics in bold patterns are in keeping with the more casual lifestyle of spring and summer.  In short, your decorating should be rooted in practicality.

Summer is the time for dressing casually and mixing things up in the fun way.  Think seersucker, batiks and sheers and brighter colors such as shell white, ocean blue and green grass.  Winter is layered in quiet and ice, layer the indoors in textures and heavy fabrics.  Velvet, wool and silk are not only warm they’re dressy.  Richer colors like forest greens, midnight blues and silvers are a perfect compliment.

When the cold weather arrives, have a collection of cozy, fluffy throws to place on your furniture for snuggling. Remove them or replace with soft cotton or silk throws for warmer months.  Remove the toasty down-filled duvet from your bed in the spring and substitute a light cotton matalasse bed cover or a simple cotton blanket.  Floral arrangements of pine and holiday colors can be changed for light, colorful ones for the spring and summer. Put away dark brass or pottery containers and bring out clear glass or crystal vases. Change dark-patterned decorative pillows by covering them with fresh, floral prints or plaids for warmer weather. Either change out the pillows with a second set or alternate the decorative covers.

If you have a collection of plates on display, put classic holiday designs away for the winter and replace with pretty floral china from grandma.  Have your draperies made so they are reversible allowing you to easily turn them from lively to neutral with the seasonal changes.  A plain ivory on one side can be a neutral option while a more colorful stripe on the reverse offers a fresh look for another season. Be sure to put garden magazines and flower books out on the coffee table in the spring and summer. That will help bring the outside in and add color to your interior.

Changing with the seasons gives you an opportunity to get out some long-lost pieces and make them the center of attention for a while. The change of decor can come all at one time, like spring house cleaning, or over a period of several days or weeks.  You’ll be surprised what a difference just a small change can make. If winter seems especially long, forget the calendar and get your spring things out even if there’s snow on the ground. You may still need the warm blankets, but the look can be light and uplifting.  My thanks to my associate Stephanie Jollie for authoring this article.

Make Your Home a Relaxation Paradise with These Features

living room

If you miss that relaxing feeling you get when on holiday, just know that you can recreate it in your humble abode with only a few simple tweaks to your home. Once you give these tips a try, you’ll never want to leave your oasis of peace again.

Luxe up your bath time

There’s nothing better than coming home from work and plunging into a warm and aromatic bath with a glass of wine. Well, you can make your baths even more relaxing and luxurious with a few gadgets. If you love to read in the tub, but are always worried you’ll drop your Kindle or book in the water, worry no more. Get a luxury bathtub caddy that will hold your books, glasses, candles and phone in a safe and dry place. You can also spice up your baths and showers with some music from your waterproof speakers.

Blackout curtains for sleeping in

If you’re tired of the sun waking you up early on your free day, then you must invest in a new window treatment for your bedroom. Blackout curtains come in all sizes, colors and styles, so get one for your bedroom and sleep in as much as you want. No more distractions.

Boost your comfort with furniture

If you think there’s no place more comfortable than your bed or your sofa, keep in mind that everything can be improved. So, splurge on some high-quality sheets and pillowcases that will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Additionally, update your headboard with something soft and luxe like velvet upholstering. It will make your bed look extra comfy and boost your entire bedroom style. You can also retire your old sofa and replace it with a modern, chic and comfortable model perfect for all those lazy days in front of the TV.


Enjoy some aromatherapy

Since smell is one of our strongest senses, make sure to satisfy it with some relaxing aromatherapy. Get some scented candles or diffusers and put them all around your home. Opt for lavender that helps you sleep, pine that relieves stress, vanilla that regulates your mood or jasmine that helps ease depression. On the other hand, if strong smells make you feel nauseated, you can invest in an air purifier that will ensure your indoor air is clean and odorless.

Make the temperature just right

It’s very hard to relax and unwind when you’re swimming in your own sweat. So, get a powerful air conditioner that will keep you chill even during the hottest of summer days. If you live in an area with a colder climate, there are high-quality Frigidaire ACs that can also warm up your place in the fall and winter and achieve the perfect temperature for relaxation all year round. Some models also carry an Energy Star label which means that they help conserve energy and help our aching planet.

Improve lighting

If you feel like your home lacks romance, you can easily fix that. You can set the perfect relaxing atmosphere with some string lights or lamps with darker shades. They will provide you with soft lighting that will make every evening more chill and romantic. Himalayan salt lamps will also make your home a warm and healthy place you’ll never want to leave. If you’re pretty satisfied with your existing fixtures, you can simply install dimmers on your general lighting.


Introduce some greenery to your home

It’s scientifically proven that plants have a positive effect on people. They help reduce stress, boost the feeling of well-being, and help us concentrate and unwind. Additionally, they help improve air quality and reduce noise pollution. All of these things will make your home more comfortable and relaxing, so grab some planters and choose your indoor plants. While some plant types require quite a lot of care, others (succulents, cacti, peace lilies and snake plants) require minimal watering and light, which makes them perfect for all beginner gardeners.


Don’t neglect your outdoor space

Make your outdoor space match your interior and boost its style. Hang a few hammocks in your backyard for lazy summer days or get some lounge chairs for your deck. Another thing you can do is build a fire pit. You’ll spend countless evenings chatting by the fire while it subtly illuminates your beautiful backyard decoration and landscaping. And don’t forget to stock up on marshmallows for roasting!

If you give all of these relaxation tips a try, your home will turn into the most desirable vacation destination in the world.

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How Can the Patio Sunshade Protect Your Patio Furniture?

The benefits offered by make them just perfect for the patio area. Whether it is your backyard, the outdoor area, or garden, you may use patio sunshade comfortably to derive a number of benefits. When it comes to pool, patio, or garden area, patio furniture is a great addition. Although you enjoy fun moments in the outdoors but you are always worried about beautiful table, set of chairs that are under the sun’s rays constantly. If you want your furniture to stay in the top condition, you may use patio sunshade. It will not only save your furniture from the harsh UV rays of the sun but also it will guard you from the sun’s glare.

To optimize the charm, elegance, and condition of your property, you may consider using sunshades. Whether you use sunshade in the indoors or outdoors, it offers a significant energy savings. When it is summers, you will notice a drastic reduction in the energy bills. As the sunshades are usually retractable, you may expect to control natural sunlight filtering into your home. If the sun is shining brightly, you may just lower the shade and vice versa.

Patio sunshades are a fantastic way to enjoy complete protection from the glare of the sun. This also offers an extended privacy to the outdoors where only you can see the outdoors and neighbors cannot. You can also improve the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying utmost privacy.

 A Complete Protection to The Furniture

 Are you annoyed looking at the patio furniture pieces fading so prematurely? You need to do something about it. Outdoor patio sunshades offer an extra layer of protection to the outdoor furniture. The appeal of exterior will remain intact with the sunshade. In fact, sunshade is a simple solution, which can protect your investment. Even the prices of sunshades are not much. Such shades can shade the furniture from the rays of the sun and may provide shade to you and the guests, as well.

 A Variety of Color and Style Options

 Visit an online store to check the range of sunshades available for patio and outdoors. You will be simply amazed at the color options. You may buy the one, which suits your décor. Avail the patio shades in suitable colors and types to suit your needs. Nowadays, the material used for such shades are of the best quality. You also get warranty of over 5-10 years on them. As the manufacturers come up with a wide variety of color options, it is not at all difficult to make a suitable choice. Some of the manufacturers use sunbrellafabric, which comes in a variety of color choices to give you more options. In fact, you may create a well-decorated backyard with such shades.

The Mounting Process of The Sunshade Is Easy

When it comes to the mounting of patio sunshades, it needs anchor points that may be easily attached to the ground poles, walls, or rooflines. Any object that may hold the sail’s tension can be used for the mounting or fixing of sunshade. D-Ring easily connects to the anchor via the chains, shackles, and cables. The use of turnbuckle permits one to apply tension and this adds to the tautness of the fabric. As the sail is just mounted to the top of the shaded area, your floor space is saved significantly. Sunshades are a great way to protect an area from the rays of the sun.

When choosing patio sunshades, have a closer look at the fabric of the shade. You may also order custom sunshades from an online store. Homeowners can also opt for motorized or automatic sunshades.

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Everything you know is wrong

I’ve been married for more than 15 years so I’m accustomed to being told I’m wrong.  I used to think that maybe I was occasionally right, but now I know even that was a mistake.  And as a note to my wife, honey, if I really was right, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to be.  Like most folks, I’ve even been wrong about furniture. In this article, we’ll tackle a few myths about furniture that I used to cherish.

Furniture made long ago was built better than today’s furniture.  Yes, the quality of the wood was probably better because first growth forests were plentiful with tighter grains and there were some cuts of wood (like quarter sawn oak) and kinds of wood (like Cuban mahogany) available that are not available anymore but the tools of today’s trade allow for accuracy in cutting and joinery that were impossible a hundred years ago.  In addition, most furniture is glued and the glues of today are much better than the old hide glues especially the polymer glues like Gorilla Glue.  Finishes of today are also much more resistant to wear and tear than was the shellac of yesteryear.

Wood finish needs to be fed.  As we talked some months ago, there’s nothing you can add to a finish (unless it is more finish) that it can absorb or bond to.  The only thing a finish needs is a good waxing with a paste wax once a year and that’s just to put a protective layer between you and the finish.

Wood is alive and needs to breathe.  Sorry, once the tree was cut down, the wood died.  In fact, there’s some reason not to expose wood to the air since that makes it more likely it will absorb (and give off) moisture, making the wood move and causing cracks and loosening joints.

Wood veneer is bad.  Plywood, with its grain running in alternating direction with each leaf is actually more stable and harder to break than straight lumber.  What we’ve sadly become accustomed to is cheap pressboard furniture where the veneer is just painted paper that can peel off.  Real wood veneer is an opportunity to have visible wood grains that would be impossible to purchase if the entire piece were made of them.  And the choice of veneer can be one of style.  I’ve seen solid oak furniture from the 1940’s with a walnut veneer because oak was not a popular “look”.

All the wood in a set will exactly match.  Even if all the wood came from the same tree, there will significant differences in the grain between areas of the tree.  As the saying goes, wood is a natural product…some variation is to be expected.

The most expensive fabric is the most durable.  Silks and damasks can be gorgeous looking fabrics (and quite expensive) but they won’t hold up like some of the new nylon and olefin materials.  If you really like the look of silk, consider a blend.

You can’t clean leather or keep it looking clean.  Leather does change with time as the oils and dyes in the leather shift but this can be as much an affect of the type of dye as it is the leather.  Pigmented leather will change color less than aniline dyes.  Most of the places you can buy leather furniture will come with recommendations for how to clean it.

Fabric on the bottom of leather cushion is a cheap shortcut.  When you sit on the cushion, air escapes.  The fabric helps the air to get out of the cushion quickly.  Otherwise a leather sofa would feel like sitting on blown up furniture.

Box springs don’t need to be replaced as often as mattresses.  Sometimes the sag can be the box springs and not the mattress.  Most manufactures design box springs and mattresses to work together, when it’s time for one to go, they both should.

That said, I still prefer real wood to veneer, older furniture to newer and organic fabrics to synthetic.  What the heck, I may be wrong but at least I’ve got my opinions.