5 Tips to Clean Your Furniture before the Big Move

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Moving is not an easy task – there are hassles, and not to forget, the workload is just insane. From effective planning to multi-tasking, you have to be an expert in it all. The bottom line is that moving to a new place is a whole process that needs effective planning.

First, you need to find the place that suits your requirements. That being sorted, you then need to pack and de-clutter. Now, this my fellow readers is an art, choosing what to take and what not to take is an art learned by few.

You might just don’t want to go crazy spending money to move the old furniture. If that is the case then you must ensure that you don’t take the old debris and stains with you to your new place. Cleaning furniture can be a challenge, especially when you have already so much to do.

But fret no more. We bring you 5 tips on how to clean your furniture before the big move.

  • Clean your Microfiber sofa set:

Do you have a dark spot on your sofa that you can’t get rid of? Well, microfiber is comfortable and ideally suited for daily use but it absorbs dust and dirt. This absorption over time appears on the surface as “the dark spot.” Knowing the origination of the mark, you would want to swipe your sofa clean (failure to do so would mess up your décor!).

The best way to clean your sofas is to spray alcohol directly on the stain and scrub the spot away. Yes! It is this simple, just spray the alcohol and scrub the sofa with a soft sponge or brush and Voila! Your sofa is squeaky clean and that too without being wet!

  • Get rid of the food stains

Well, the number of times when you have dropped a food item on your fabric upholstery would be uncountable. Even though wiping it out helps remove it, the stain lasts forever. If you want to recover your favorite upholstery, then prepare a simple cleaning mixture.

Mix water and detergent in 2:1 ratio and store it in a bottle. Using a white cloth dab the mixture on to the stain, make sure you only dab and not rub or else you will spread the whole stain!

Even though this solution helps you get rid of stains on your upholstery it is advised to do this as soon as you drop the food item.

  • Leather Furniture and the Cleaning Spree

Leather furniture gives your place a touch of elegance, however, it is a high maintenance furniture item. Moisturizing is the key. Make sure you keep your leather furniture clean and moisturize it to avoid any form of cracking. The best way to do this is to use a moisturizing soap. Never wet the leather though, just rub the lather and then buff dry using a clean piece of cloth.

  • Mystery Stains:

Often, you are unsure of where the stain came from, and you can’t Google the solution to it. If that’s the case then try applying the foam of shaving creams. Take a damp cloth and dab the cream, let it stay for two minutes. Blot the cream away with a clean damp cloth till the stain goes away.

  • Ink Stains:

Who doesn’t have these?! Ink stains, common as they may be, they are often the toughest ones of all. If your furniture has ink stains, then white vinegar is your lifeguard! Apply white vinegar using a damp cloth. If this doesn’t work, then mix vinegar and cornstarch in 2:3 ratio. Apply this paste to the stain and let it dry. Vacuum it out after a few minutes and the stain will come off.

It is essential that you have your mess sorted before you go to a new place. This means you need to keep a moving checklist handy. So what are you waiting for? Start of your cleaning spree today and get ready for the big move.

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Key issues to consider when moving to a new home

Change of scenery is something many people crave, yet the process itself is most often tiresome and nerve-wracking. Namely, things are seldom as simple as moving you and your stuff from point A to point B. There are many moving parts to pay attention to, which means you should create a schedule and establish a budget. Leaving this until the last minute is a sure way to make costly mistakes, and regret ever leaving the previous abode.

moving 1

Pack and transport

Packing and transportation are among the most dreaded activities, yet they’re paramount to the success of the moving. So, determine the number and type of sturdy storage units needed, and pick the appropriate relocation service. Also, don’t forget the unpacking box: It should contain the keys, tools for constructing furniture, scissors, screwdrivers, dust cloths, masking tape, glue, etc. This way, you will save precious time when setting up a new home. At last, prepare a first night box, and fill it with clothes, toiletries, pajamas, towels, bed linen, etc.

Get yourself connected

Internet connection is the air we breathe today, and many of us cannot afford to be left in a vacuum. So, bear in mind that you need to book service providers weeks in advance in order to ensure smooth online transition. Furthermore, you might have to disconnect the power in the previous owner’s name.  This is usually as simple as ABC: You just need to dial a number of the energy provider and give them your details. Finally, consider installing new switch plates and other devices, and have the mechanical equipment cleaned and serviced.

So fresh, so clean

moving 2

Note that previous tenants might have forgone the professional cleaning, settling for a “broom clean” house. At other times, the house simply sits empty and collecting dust for a prolonged period of time. Hiring professionals is advisable, especially when operating on a tight schedule. If not, assemble the area for all the supplies, steam the carpets, scrub the bathroom, and clean the kitchen thoroughly. Wash the cabinets down, as well as counters and plumbing fixtures. This will allow you to feel better and turn your attention to other pressing matters.

Personal tones

Depending on the condition of the property, you may have more work ahead of you. One of the most common tasks is repainting the home. Before applying a fresh coat of paint you need to check whether the surfaces are damaged. Prepping is often a time-consuming ordeal, which is to say assistance is always desirable. Once that is settled, feel free to pick a color you like, and opt for hues from the same family, unless you know what you are doing. Also, remember that sticking to neutral colors is always a safe bet.

Gaining ground

moving 3

Get your priorities straight, and make sure that there’s enough storage space to accommodate your belongings.  If the answer is no, install an extra shelf, coat hook, or utilize some smart storage solutions in the form of household items like shoe boxes. Customizable and stylish storage furniture is a special treat, but in older houses, the closets are often outdated and clunky. So try to whip them into shape: Ample storage allows you to carry out the relocation as stress-free as possible and turn a new leaf in no time.

The homework

We all want a fresh start in life without blowing the budget or having a nervous breakdown. Still, this demands us to do the spadework, engage in a numbers game, and demonstrate due diligence. Activities like cleaning, prepping, and painting are real chores, so figure out when you will need a professional touch. Plan and schedule everything ahead of time and you should be able to start enjoying the new living environment even before the dust settles.

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5 Tips to Hire Good Movers

Selling or buying a house is always a huge event. Once you firmly decided to do so you need to consider moving in and out which leads to the necessity of packing and preparing for the moving day. As a rule at first you will be overwhelmed by the number of factors and details to keep in mind. But the easiest thing to avoid mess and chaos is to start from hiring movers who will help your organize everything faster and much more efficient. Below we prepared five easy tips to help you find and hire great movers for your relocation.

#1: Listen to Others

Word of mouth is one of the most reliable things you can count on when choosing movers. Of course, we all tend to trust people we know. This is why according to Alberta-movers.com – pro movers in Canmore, you need to ask your friends and family members, maybe your coworkers for recommendations. If none of your close people can give any useful tips go online and read forums and independent websites for any information.

#2: License and Insurance

Moving can be unpredictable so you should always hire movers who have insurance. Make sure that insurance covers not only your belongings but also health and wellbeing of the movers workers so that you will not be responsible for any accidents happening in your home.

With no doubt it is easer to avoid accidents than deal with them later so cooperate only with licensed companies who guarantee quality and reliability of their services.

#3: No Upfront Fees

No reliable movers in Canmore will charge you upfront for anything. So if a movers tries to charge you anything or asks for a deposit, it is a bad sign. Never give any deposits especially in cash to the movers before they do their job. Likewise, you should never cooperate with movers that charge for a quote because the latter are always free.

#4: Ask Questions

Questions were created to be asked so do not be ashamed of it. If you have any questions or something is unclear in your contract call your movers in Canmore or visit the company to clarify any misunderstandings or missing info. You need to understand that movers deal with these issues everyday and everything seems clear to them while it may be not obvious to you. When asking questions pay attention to how the movers’ manager answers your questions and to their customer service. Based on the answers and their behavior you will later be able to choose your moving team.

#5: Specialized Movers

Make sure to cooperate with movers in Canmore that deal with your type of relocation/ For instance, if you are moving to a different province then local movers will not be your best match. Furthermore, if you have some oversized objects to relocate you need to find out whether movers have the required equipment to do so. Also check what services are included to make sure that the moving company will do everything you need.

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7 Practical Tips When Moving Furniture

When you need to handle the moving of furniture you will have several options ahead of you, from working on the job by yourself and some family members and friends, or handling all of it with the help of a professional moving company. No matter how hard you prepare, there will be aspects of the job you will need to handle well ahead of time to be able to work your way around the experience. The following examples will point out how you can do that with a few good tips:

  • Initial analysis

7 Practical Tips to Follow When Moving Furniture1This is a must with any large project, so take a step back and decide on surveying the task ahead to find the most suitable and practical solution. Measure your furniture, make a floor plan of your new home on graph paper so you can figure out what will fit in there and what won’t after moving house.

  • Emptying out your home

Ensure that everything inside your furniture pieces disappears, from inside the drawers and more to lighten the load. Take the cushions off your chairs; remove the knobs, mirrors and other potential elements that could get in the way. Doing so will make your furniture easier to handle, not to mention to get through doorways.

  • Making use of sliders

You can deal with moving your furniture around with greater ease by using sliders underneath them. You can find those in most furniture or hardware stores out there, simply placing them under your furniture and literally sliding them to protect your floors from scratching.

  • Using a dolly

Putting wheels on your furniture will help allow the moving of items around with ease. Doing that with a dolly is one of the more practical and easy ways you can do this, as it will allow greater flexibility in motion you will need as you work on things.7 Practical Tips to Follow When Moving Furniture2

  • Walking your furniture

If you have a piece of furniture that is too awkward to move the usual way, then you will need to tilt it and “walk” it as needed through the room and through the door if possible. This should allow you to handle the job more easily without it becoming a problem.

You can simply lay on your back to press the furniture into moving, giving yourself the necessary leverage to do so, but that would require a good bit of effort and it may be dangerous for your floors if you’re not careful.  It will be a decent way of handling things, but hardly ideal.

  • Using a moving company

This is the one way you can deal with moving furniture in a way that is both useful to you and practical in nature. The professionals you plan on using do this thing for a living and they have years of experience behind their back. Make use of what they have to offer and the movers will be there for you when it counts, protecting your furniture from harm and your back from the pain of moving.

6 Handy Furniture Assembly Tricks

The move is complete, the removal van from the man and van service you hired is off, and now you are in your new house and facing a bunch of pieces of furniture, ready to be assembled back into actual furniture. Flat pack assembly furniture is often less expensive than other types of furniture. It can be difficult to actually assemble this type of furniture on your own, but with these 6 assembly tips, you don’t have to be a carpenter to put together a beautiful piece of furniture.

  1. Assemble the furniture piece in the place where you want to keep it. This way, you don’t have to move it once it’s assembled and risk damaging it. Furniture moving can be a big drag sometimes, so always pick your place properly.
  2. Unhelpful room mate

    Young Asian woman pulls her room mate accross the room on a lounging sofa. The lazy room mate pretends to be tired.

    Unwrap all of the components and organize them, then throw away the packaging to clear the space. This is also a good time to count all the different components to make sure you have everything you need.

  3. Look through the entire instructions booklet before you start to assemble the furniture. You will be less likely to make a mistake when you have a clear overview of the entire process from beginning to end.
  4. Use wood glue to ensure any wooden dowels are kept in their place securely. Wood glue can also be used in a variety of other furniture and home repairs, so it’s nice to keep a bottle of it on hand. If the glue doesn’t stick, well, even if you do break something, you can have the removal van back to take away the broken thing, right?
  5. Use a rubber mallet, rather than a hammer, to drive in wooden dowels. A rubber mallet puts less stress on the wood, so that it is less likely to split under pressure. Do measure the strength of your blows, of course. You do not want to start all that all over again.
  6. Paint the furniture before you assemble it. If you want to paint it a different color, you will get greater coverage if you paint each piece individually and then assemble them together afterwards.6 Handy Furniture Assembly Tricks2

Even if you don’t think you’re a handyman, it’s much more than possible to assemble furniture on your own. By following these tips and tricks and taking the process slowly, you’ll be able to assemble your furniture easily and quickly. If you still have a problem with that, then next time see if your moving company offers furniture collection services and directly order the pieces whole from the store. But overall, it should not be the hardest job in the world. You’ll be fine.