Top 5 Latest Trends in Office Furniture

Office furniture is an indispensable part of an office set up that can help create the right impression about your commercial space. Good quality furniture can uplift the looks of your office and render a professional look to the workspace. Your employees can enjoy utmost comfort and will perform to their optimum level. In short, well-chosen appropriate office furniture can increase the productivity of your workplace.

When choosing office furniture stores, there are many things to be considered. Before choosing any of the stores, you must know about your favourite style of furniture. Do a bit of research online about your preferred style of furniture. If you surf for the type of furniture you want, you will get a big list of stores that supply the items.

You must choose furniture pieces that allow an efficient use of the office space. Space utilization must also be one of your prime concerns. To stay productive, without compromising on the looks of office furniture and your office decor, you may find the names of the best office furniture stores and make your choices.

You may do research on your preferred stores, compare the prices of the items you want and get in touch with the professionals to discuss out your needs. Have a look at the services offered by the company, the pricing policy and also read up the reviews posted on the site. Good furniture stores upload the catalog of items and thus you may view the pictures, the pricing and the specification of the items. You can get a lot of better ideas, info on latest trends in office furniture, and latest designs while surfing the net to find the best office furniture store.  Let us check out the top 5 trends in office furniture that rule the year 2017.

Modular Office Furniture Rules the Show as Always

Modular furniture, whether for home or office, is never out of fashion. Over the past few decades, its popularity has increased amazingly. Modular furniture offers you a combination of superior aesthetics and smart functionality. The best part of this category of furniture is that it allows an efficient utilization of space and feature modern lines, trends, and designs. To make modular furniture, the manufacturer needs to implement the clever design to minimize the clutter that a furniture item may create in the space. Such items impart a modern but contemporary look to the workspace. Modular ideas may be implemented to create book shelves, cubicles, office chairs, and desks, etc.

The Perfect Blend of Style, Comfort, and Ease

In the past, few years, there has been an increased emphasis on the style and comfort element of the office furniture. Such items may suit any imagination and any budget. Now we have the ergonomically designed office chairs that offer perfect contouring. Featuring proper armrests, high backs, such chairs provide great support to the spine, back and the neck. They come with adjustable features and are suitable for people of various heights.

Eco-Friendly and Green Furniture

In this era of globalization and rapid industrialization, everyone is looking for eco-friendly options in furniture, clothing and home pieces. In the realm of office furniture, there is the use of green and eco-friendly materials and designs. Now we have the furniture made from reclaimed and used woods that are planet friendly. Eco-friendly furniture does not leave any carbon footprint as such.

Adhering to the Minimalist Look

Minimalistic look is the hallmark for modern furniture whereby the items are more functional than being complicated. They feature geometric lines fusing seamlessly with the abstract patterns. This pave the way for an efficient, professional and uncluttered look. These designs will be such that it will leave less room for dust to collect and also will have no corners that are inaccessible to the housekeeping staff.

The Trend of Collaborative Furniture

In most workplaces, there is the use of open plans to promote teamwork and collaborative working among the employees. Shared workstations are high on demand in the present time. You can discuss with the retail shop in your locality or seek assistance from the online store help desk regarding the most suitable design for your office space.

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Repurposing Your Garage Into A Home Office

If you need more space and moving isn’t an option, it’s time to get creative. Does your home office need to be turned into another bedroom? How about a nursery? With a little planning, you can move your home office into your garage while you make your next move.

garage office 1Your home office will need:

1) Privacy. Is your garage free-standing, or can you access it from your house? Make sure you can secure the garage via the man-door. You don’t want to open the overhead garage door every time you enter or leave the office. Wash the windows if needed and add blinds to give you some control over the natural light.

2) Temperature control. You may need a space heater for chilly days, or a window air conditioning unit. Replacing your existing garage door with an insulated one would be a good investment as well. Better thermal efficiency and noise isolation will keep the bills down while letting you work in peace.

3) Flooring. Sweep out the garage and power wash or hose down and scrub the concrete. Consider adding a coat of concrete floor paint, or get yourself a nice indoor-outdoor rug for your desk space. You’ll want a professional feel while you work. If possible, paint the walls around your workspace to help it feel a bit cleaner.garage office 2

4) Storage. If you currently have a heavy metal file cabinet but don’t want to move it, consider storing important papers in clear plastic tubs. Most people who work from home use their computer more than hard copy. Determine how much paper access you need and plan your storage accordingly.

5) Space to concentrate. It may be eerie to sit at your desk and feel the whole garage space at your back. Consider investing in free-standing screens, or put up a volleyball net behind you and cover it with fabric. As possible reduce the space around you to give yourself an insular sense.

6) Task lighting. While you may have desk lamps, your garage probably has a higher ceiling and may be a bit gloomier. If you need a new lamp or a glass top work table to brighten the space, invest in them. This is your office space, and even a temporary work space needs a bit of dignity. If you limp along on cast-offs in your garage office, you’ll get resentful and won’t be able to do your best work.garage office 3

If you plan to use the other half of the garage for a car, consider building a wall of storage totes or boxes between your space and the car’s space. Work out a communication system with your partner so you get a heads-up when they’re coming home. That way, you can be out of the garage or at least have papers secured when the door opens.

Should you be planning a long-term or permanent conversion of this portion of the garage, build up. Depending on the height of your garage ceiling, you could create a platform for your desk and paper storage. Under the platform you could store tools, tubs, or whatever else you need to store. You could add flooring to the platform, or a rubber mat so you could eventually set up a standing desk.

Eventually, you may choose to frame in your office area and stay in the house. The shortened area between the garage door and your office wall could be a great spot to store bikes, grills, and garden tools.

Furnishing Tips for a Small Home Office

More and more people are choosing to freelance and fully organise their time and terms of employment. This often asks for some reorganisation and remodelling of the space at hand. When the room in question is modest in size, the process can be even more challenging, requiring smart choice of furniture.

office-1078869_640We have decided to assist you in this procedure by presenting some helpful tips to guide you through. But before you get down to the furnishing business, get the answers to the following questions:

  • What are your basic needs when the job you’re performing is concerned?
  • Does your work demand the use of a PC or a laptop, and where do you plan to position it?
  • Is any storage room required at the moment, or in the future?
  • How much storage space is need and what is the nature of the stored goods?
  • Where should the storage be situated, across the room or beside your working post?
  • Do you need a desk for the writing or drawing activities?
  • Are the scanner and printer needed in your business dealings?
  • Will your clients get reception here?
  • Are close-by fax and land line a prerequisite?small office 2

The workplace considerations

The small office areas shouldn’t be congested with lots of furniture, as the minimal number of furnishing elements provide the comfort and eased manoeuvring around the workspot. If you’re sole business tool is your laptop, a petite but high table and chair should suffice when it comes to furniture. Additionally, if the room allows it, you can place a secondary tiny stand by your table to serve as a food and beverage counter. This way you’ll avoid the risk of spillage onto your computer.

On the other hand, if your home businesses requires extra space for the scanner or printer, for instance, a good old desk is a must. When browsing for the right model, favour the robust, weight-proof pieces. Steer clear of the flimsy desks that may eventually collapse and cause damage to your equipment.

If writing and drawing or the use of heavy books and dictionaries is a part of your daily schedule along with the computer work, it’s advisable to get two aligned desk so you can switch between them at will. Make use of the built-in vertical cabinets so you can pick the smaller desks for space saving.

The mater of clients’ visits

small office 3If you answered ‘yes’ to the question related to client’s visits, you should give even more thought to the furnishing processes. You can’t make a mistake with the quality commercial furniture if you’re aiming to make a solid first impression. When your workroom is not spacious enough for such meetings, consider transforming the front room of your apartment for this.

The setting itself doesn’t have to be extravagant, as long as the atmosphere is pleasant and professional. However, you can’t do without a desk here either. It should be positioned opposite the door so you can have a clear view of entryway. It also establishes you as a person in charge. The desk should be large enough to accommodate your belongings, as well as the clients’. Bring the laptop and some work-related items for this occasion to instill professional air.

The most suitable chair

Naturally, you would have to put some chairs for the visiting clients in the room as well. This could be avoided only if your presentation relies on a small notebook computer, in which case you can utilise the couch seats. For the meetings requiring the presence of desk, the clean, comfortable chairs are a no-brainer.

The potential long sessions would benefit greatly from ergonomic models that are kind to your spine. The best advice we can give is to head to a furniture shop and try out the ones that catch your eye. Lastly, buying a few of the adjustable, back-friendly pieces would give you and your client the same amount of comfort.

Proper organisation of a small home-office space is essential aspect of your productivity. Also, it decidedly affects the success of the relationship you want to nurture with prospective clients.

5 unconventional office designs for eccentrics

Even though, for years now, people have tried to find the optimal office layout they seldom succeeded. However, sometimes this traditional approach is simply inadequate. There is no reason whatsoever why one shouldn’t use their office design to fully present their eccentric nature and with this in mind, here are 5 unconventional office design ideas that might just come in handy.

  1. Indoors Jungle

Jungle officeWhat can be more work-inspiring and at the same times design-wise innovative than a great indoors jungle. This means that you should add as much “green” to your design as possible and we are not just talking about color of your walls. By adding a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, Split-Leaf Philodendron or even occasional Sweetheart Vine to your office, you will make it beaming with life and completely unique.

  1. Coffee Shop

Now, it is a well-known fact that some people find themselves most productive in a coffee shop. This is why, more and more office workers are rushing to Starbucks with their laptops to finish some overdue tasks. Why not use this knowledge to your own benefit and transform your office into a genuine coffee shop. For starters, instead of traditional office desks get some unique cafe tables. Furthermore, if you want to go completely wild, you can even make a counter area and hire someone to work at a register.

  1. Roof Office

This option won’t be a permanent solution, but when the weather allows it, you can simply migrate to the top of the building. Here, you have two options, the more expensive one is to do a wooden deck on the roof in order to completely utilize it. The second option would be to just add some furniture or even make it from wooden pallets. On the climate of your region it depends how many hours a week will you be able to spend there.Roof office

  1. Back to School

Another unconventional option would be to transform your office into a classroom. Regardless of what you felt about your high school, returning to it in your office is usually a fun experience. Now, you can at least organize your meeting room as a traditional classroom with school desks and everything else. Naturally, the presenter or manager will this time assume the role of a teacher, which will most certainly be an interesting idea.

  1. Make Yourself at Home

Finally, some have decided to make a crossover between office work and home employment and organize their office as if it was a living room. This means that instead of traditional office chairs, there are sofas and armchairs, a giant plasma TV serves as a focal point and there are cushions everywhere. Seeing how, most of these designs are quite new, only the time will tell how effective this unconventional design idea really is.

As you can see, there is no end to human ingenuity and if you want to create a truly unique office space, your only limitation is your own creativity. Still, by employing outside of the box thinking in designing your office, you just might encourage your employees to follow in suite. Truly a goal worth working towards.

Ergonomic Office Furniture

When it comes to buying office furniture, there are infinite options – however, you aren’t always working with an infinite budget. Refurnishing your office space can become rather costly, depending on who you get your product from, and not only that, there’s no guarantee that what you purchase will be ideal for the various employee body types over a long period of time. Although that chair may look great and seem comfortable when you sit down on it at the store, the truth of the matter is: workers are going to be spending an awful long time at that desk, sitting in that chair… and if they aren’t completely comfortable, they’re going to go home with random aches, pains, and potentially develop long-term health complications.

ergonomic_office_furniture1Ergonomic office furniture is designed to ensure that your body stays comfortable and in a healthier, more optimal position – something that will benefit your work and your health in the long run. However, purchasing ergonomic office furniture is not going to be the fastest approach, although it will provide future benefits! When selecting ergonomic office furniture, you need to match the worker with their ideal furniture that suits the environment they work in, as well as the tasks which they are doing.

Different office tasks require different furniture – that’s the basic concept. Beyond that, ergonomic office furniture needs to take into consideration the work being done, in order to help each worker carry out their tasks more easily and efficiently. For example, a worker who does a lot of typing on a daily basis is going to need more back support than an employee who does more social networking or who spends little time at their desk. Another employee who spends a fair amount of time using a mouse or input devices is going to need better wrist support than someone who spends the majority of the time on a keyboard or using the telephone. ergonomic_office_furniture2

When choosing the furniture, consider these things: how much space is available in the office or work area? How is the current furniture laid out, and can ergonomic pieces be accommodated? Where is the best lighting? Where does the equipment – such as computers, external hard drives, tablets, printers – rest in the office and is it taking up space? Does the furniture prevent or encourage interaction with co-workers?

ergonomic_office_furniture3With these things in mind, and keeping in mind that the needs of workers will vary according to their size, height, gender, and preferred hand (right or left), it is worthwhile to select office furniture that can be adjusted if needed. Many ergonomic chairs have adjustable arm rests and chair heights, accommodating almost any height of the users. There are also ergonomic adjustable desks available, where the height of the desk can be shifted as well as the footrest area. Personal preference will certainly need to be addressed for the smaller office furniture details, such as mouse & mousepad, keyboard, lamps, and so forth.

Ergonomic furniture is designed with employee health in mind, and although it may be a somewhat more complicated process than simply buying regular office furniture, the long-term health benefits of employee comfort are certainly well worth the effort.