Things to Consider When Buying an Office Chair

If you work at a desk, you probably know how important a comfortable chair is. A chair in which you can sit all day is important not only for your concentration and productivity, but also for your own health.

So, the next time you have a chance to pick your own chair, you should know what to look for. In a conversation with a premier furniture salon, D3 Home, we came up with a comprehensive list of things you should pay attention to when selecting a chair for yourself.

Adjustability Is Key

First and foremost, if you are getting a chair which you will use daily for 8 hours, you don’t want to get a fixed chair. We’re all a bit different, our height, weight, body posture. Your chair should let you adjust for all of those factors.

Many people don’t know this, but the right chair height is the one which enables you to put your feet firmly on the ground.

Back and Lumbar Support

If you can’t properly lean back on your chair, that chair is not suitable for you. Your back needs to be able to contact the full height of the chair. Without this, over time, you will adopt poor body posture and may have pain problems down the line, even if you don’t feel the problems now.

However, even more importantly, you need proper lumbar support from your chair. The lower back is particularly sensitive when sitting for a long time, so extra support for your lumbar should always be present. Preferably, this part should also be adjustable, to fit any height.

Arm Rests

Most people prefer their office chairs to have armrests. That’s why most office chair retailers primarily showcase these. It is important what kinds of armrests your chair has, though.

Just like the back and lumbar support, your chair needs to have adjustable armrests. Setting the proper height of your armrest can take a big load off your shoulders and upper arms. Not only is it important for the proper body posture, but it can also help move your chair through the office, avoiding desks.

Build Material and Quality

In the past, the preferred material for the body of office chairs was wood. However, due to the environmental impact, as well as the cost, manufacturers turned to different materials. Today, the most prevalent are metal and plastic.

Both of these materials have their merits and the quality of the chair will largely depend on the build quality, which is why you should inspect the joints to see if they are firm and if they allow for smooth rotation.

When it comes to padding, most people think that leather is the best material, but that is not always the case, especially in the summer. What you need to make sure is that the chair is comfortable enough to sit in and that it is padded sufficiently. Everything else is a matter of preference.

Make the Chair Fit Your Space

One more important thing which you may omit to pay attention to is your work environment. If you work with clients who visit your company office a lot, chances are that you want to impress them and present an aura of professionalism and confidence. That means that your desk and your chair need to look presentable.

On the other hand, picking a huge leather chair to go with a flimsy desk in an unimpressive office may just seem gaudy and out of place.

Office chairs are an expensive investment and one which should not be taken lightly, since you will be using it daily for years to come. So, take your time to pick the perfect chair for yourself.

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Selecting the Right Furniture – Easy and Tactful Tips

Furniture binds the entire décor of a space together. But the question is how to select furniture for your home without going wrong?

You can choose great furniture for your space if you do not limit the selection parameters to budget and design. Instead look at what the structure of your space is like, what kind the rest of the décor is, how much space you have, and a few other important things. To assist you better,

I am sharing a few tips on how to pick furniture for your space and do it right.

Pick a Theme – While it’s perfectly fine to mix, match, and go with your instincts, having a theme makes everything in a place come together beautifully. This also makes selecting furniture for your home much easier since, with a theme, you will know exactly what you want it to look like. If you like staying up to date, you can go for modern furniture. If you want a cozy and peaceful space, you can design it in Scandinavian style. If you are confused between themes because you like them equally, you can design each room in a different theme; just make sure that there’s a common element to unify the design.

Pick the Right Size – Picking the right size is one of the most important furniture tips. Using oversized furniture to design a small or compact space can make the space look cramped and draw attention towards its small size. And using minimal, small-size furniture in a huge space can make it look empty. So, measure the floor and choose your furniture accordingly.

Take the Architecture into Account – It’s very important that the furniture you choose complements the architecture. For example, if you have round walls, you must use furniture with curved edges, or if the space is linear, you may add an L-shape couch.

Moreover, you must make sure that furniture doesn’t block the interesting features of the architecture, such as the fireplace.

Pick Furniture that Complements the Décor – You may have your eyes on a beautiful furniture piece for a long time, but if it doesn’t complement the décor of the space, don’t buy it. You must take everything into consideration, for example, the color of the walls and the style and color of other furniture.

Understand the Purpose – Before selecting furniture, you must analyze your intent – is it mostly going to be just the family members, or are there going to be many guests over? This will help a huge deal in deciding if you can do away with smaller furniture and work around design accessories to make the space look aesthetic.

Decide on the Material of the Furniture – Do you want something plain and sturdy, or would you like to go for something comfy – taking time to understand what you want the space to look like makes choosing furniture much easier.

If you want a modern look, you can go for contemporary furniture with wood, glass, and leather upholstery. To exude a luxurious charm, going for some velvet is a great idea. If you want a softer look and want the space to look cozy, use furs wherever possible. But along with the material, make sure you choose the right colors.

I hope these tips help you with some great furniture shopping.

Author: Vivek Agrawal is a global sourcing expert and has worked with and assisted clients with their sourcing requirements for 1000+ projects in his 15+ years in the industry. With the aim to fulfil the evolving needs and demands of architects, interior designers, project managers, and HNIs, he started Arcedior – the most loved, curated products platform with 50,000+ products from 500+ brands spanning 30 countries.

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Rise of the Home Office: Challenges and Solutions

Remote working undoubtedly has its perks. No strict dress code. The flexibility to work whenever you want. No daily commute in the morning. And the best thing of all – your own home office!

woman in home office

However, if you’re new to remote working, setting up a functional yet inviting home office may prove to be a challenge. How to create a home-based workspace that you’ll love spending time in? How to make it both comfortable and practical?

Don’t worry – there’s a solution to every challenge.

Dedicated Space – a Crucial Factor

When it comes to creating your own workplace at home, the most important thing is to choose a dedicated space for it. For your remote job, you’ll need a space free of distractions. There, you will have the necessary peace and privacy to focus on your work.

When it comes to home offices, the ones situated inside log cabins are the latest trend. Offering extra space in the garden, these buildings are perfect to work in. They allow remote workers to separate their jobs from their home lives, which is vital to a healthy work-life balance.

It’s all About the Desk

The focal point of every office, be it home-based or not, is the desk.

This is where you’ll spend most of your time. As your “command center”, the desk needs to allow efficient working. However, as the central part of the room, it also needs to be in line with the overall décor of your home office.

A modern, stylish desk may be the best solution. These are particularly great if you’re aiming for a more minimalistic approach.

For a more formal look, bulkier writing desks, like the Executive Desk, work the best. It’s a fantastic solution if you want your home office to have the aesthetics of an elegant library.

Is your home office small and you don’t have space for large furniture? Something like the Extending Desk might be your best option.

Make It Comfortable 

When it comes to comfort, your home office will need a good chair. After all, you’ll be spending most of your working hours glued to it. Therefore, make sure to select one that promotes proper alignment and feels comfortable to sit in.

If you’re all about the style, you won’t make a mistake by going for a minimalistic white chair. If you want your home office to look a bit more luxurious, something like this may be a better choice. These old-style office chairs also provide ultimate comfort.

To make your home office feel even more comfortable, consider adding a modern or a more traditional rug.

If you’re planning to have clients over, additional chairs and sofas are in order, too. A simple but comfortable sofa from the Binetti collection is a great choice. A couple of Dundee Swivel chairs, on the other hand, are guaranteed to impress your clients.

Consider Storage Solutions

Another important part of a well-designed home office is its storage solution. Your files and supplies should be in a single location. This allows for maximum efficiency and easy access.

Just like everything else, storage solutions come in a variety of options. To complement the décor of your traditional-looking home office, choose a file cabinet made of heavy wood. If you’re looking for something a bit more simple but still sleek, a large bookcase can do the trick.

In any case, prioritize practicality and make the most out of your space. With your paperwork and office supplies stacked and organized, you’ll be able to work as soon as you step inside the office.

The Importance of Lighting

No matter how comfortable it is, your home office won’t inspire you and make you productive if it has poor lighting.

Inadequate lighting can affect mental health, triggering stress, anxiety, and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). It also leads to fatigue, headaches, and eye stress.

Therefore, it’s important to make your home office well-lit with a combination of ambiance and task lighting. Have everything covered by combining a sleek floor lamp with an eye-catching desk lamp. During the day, let in as much natural sunlight as you can.

Add a Personal Touch

Besides statement furniture, your home office should also have some objects that reflect your personality.

Display your qualifications, as well as achievements related to hobbies and sports. Attractive wall art and motivational posters will keep you inspired and productive. Bring in any small items that are important to you.

Make sure to add some greenery, too. Not only will the plants introduce an aesthetic appeal, but improve air quality and boost your concentration, too. Pretty convenient, wouldn’t you say?

With the right furniture and stylish accessories, creating a dream workspace becomes entirely possible. By following the steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to design a home office that you’ll love spending time in. Impressed clients are an added bonus.

home office furniture

About the author:

Kevin has gone through an extensive home renovation with his son, which he has both thoroughly enjoyed, and dreaded every morning. He is now the proud owner of half his dream house (the other half has been waiting for spring). You can read more of Kevin’s work on PlainHelp.

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Furniture Works reopens June 1

With the approval of the county Department of Health, the county commissioners & the state Department of Health, Thurston County enters Phase 2 of the Covid 19 recovery.

On June 1, Furniture Works will reopen our storefront business, keeping regular hours. These are M-F 12:30-6, Sat 10-6, Sun 10-4.

What we will do:

We will keep a safe 6 foot distance from our customers. Our staff will wear masks. Our staff will be washing their hands regularly and using hand sanitizer. We will have a “sneeze guard” installed at checkout. We will continue to sanitize commonly used items (door knobs, counters, etc.) on at least a daily basis.

What we hope from you:

Based on the requirements of the Thurston County Board of Health, we require that you wear a mask. We expect you to keep a safe 6 foot distance from our staff and other customers. Regrettably, anyone behaving in an unsafe way will be asked to leave.

What about deliveries and pickups?

We will resume regular deliveries and pickups. We prefer to leave the items at the door if possible (although we recognize this isn’t always possible). Delivery staff will wear masks and gloves.

What if I still don’t feel safe?

Furniture Works has a new online shopping site at These are items which can either be shipped directly to you or items from our store that are available for curbside pickup. We will make every effort to add items as they become available.

What about stuff I consigned?

We will extend all consignment agreements by the time we were closed.

I still have questions.

Don’t we all. These are weird times. Feel free to call us at 360.570.0165 or email us at

How to Clean Furniture with Natural Products

There are so many precious things hidden under the plain sight when it comes to keeping your furniture clean. You always want to keep your furniture look nice and safe for everyone around you and still pocket friendly.

The answer is natural ingredients.  Among many benefits, one advantage is that as they are no artificial preservatives. They won’t cause a harsh reaction because the commercial products contain toxic chemicals that can be injurious often.

These are products such as vinegar with many cleaning purposes and comes handy in your pantry.

Another highlighted benefit is that they are environmentally friendly and do not create any impact on nature.

So, as much as getting a good furniture from a good furniture shop such  is important, care of those furniture also becomes important

Here we go with the details of cleaning.

cleaning supplies

  Cleaning the Wood Furniture

Removing the Dust

clean table

Over time, dirt and grime particles get gathered on the surfaces, and the water will not be removed. Here we will tell you how to make a homemade cleaner.

In 1 cup of water, add ¼ of vinegar, then add 2 teaspoons of mineral oil, and 15 drops of lemons drops in it. Stir it till the ingredients are correctly mix. Fill the solution in the spray bottle or keep it in the bowl.

 If you are keeping it in a spray bottle, then shake it well.

Then spray the mixture or pour the mixture and wipe it with the microfiber cloth.

Eliminating the Stubborn Stains from the Dark Color Wood

A spot of grease oil or another type of spill penetrates the wood, and you have to apply a mixture of different kinds of ingredients to remove it. ½ cup of apple cider oil, ¾ cup extra virgin oil, 20 – 30 drops of lavender essential oil, and 1 tablespoon of vegetable glycine mix them well.

 (You can adjust the quantity according to your need)

The solution will not only eliminate the spots but due to lemon; it will also help to disinfect the germs.

Homemade Polish

polishing supplies

Although many types of commercial polishes are available in the market, what is safer then prepare your polish by own with the help of natural ingredients.

Take one lemon, and few drops of olive oil mix it well as the mixture should be like a salad dressing. Apply on the microfiber cloth and then wipe it on the whole furniture. For more effective results, you can also add 1/4 cup of vinegar.

All in One Cleaner

If you want to clean and polish your furniture at one time, then prepare the cleaner by adding 4 tablespoons of mineral oil, ¼ cup of vinegar, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice combine them.

After the fill in the spray bottle and spray on the furniture. Then wipe it.

Cleaning the Leather Furniture

cleaning leather

Eliminating the Spots and Marks

Spots that are not too old and not profoundly penetrate in the leather for removing them.

You have to take equal parts of lemon and cream of tartar mix it well. After that take the microfiber cloth and apply the mixture on the cloth and wipe it

If the stain has not removed immediately, then leave it for a while.

Eliminating the Hard Removing Stains

Sometimes, we didn’t take the immediate notice of the spots and mark they penetrated deep inside, which can’t be removed by the procedure mentioned above, such as oil spots.

Take the corn starch and rub it vigorously against the stains till it absorbs the whole oil inside it.

Cleaning the White Leather                                      

White color tends to it to absorb dirt, grime, and dust quickly as compare to another color.

Make the mixture by adding ¼ cup of vinegar, and ½ cup of olive oil in it stir them after that fill it in the spray bottle and spray it on the stains. If the spray bottle is not available then fill it in the regular bottle

Keep it for around five minutes, then wipe it with a cloth.

Homemade Leather Conditioner

To keep the leather in good shape and healthy. Here we are providing some ways how to prepare at home. One simple method is to take vinegar, and lessened oil in equal parts apply it with the help of a soft cloth.

 The second procedure is in 2 parts of almond oil and 1 part of beeswax and cocoa butter in the pan and cooks it on the medium flame. When you see the fat has started to melt switch off the flame. Allow the mixture to cool down up to 40 minutes

After this, the thick balm has been formed. Use your hand to apply balm on the leather. When it gets dried, wipe it with a cloth.

Cleaning Fabric Furniture

Before applying any procedure or method on the fabric, read the instructions carefully.  Because not every method is suitable for fabric  

Try Something Simple

Sprinkle the baking soda on the furniture. Leave it for up to 30 minutes for settling. It will not only wipe out the stains. But also help to eliminate the smell

For Mild Stains

If the spots can’t wipe out with the above procedure. Then make a mixture by taking  2 cups of baking soda, ½ cup of corn starch ½ cup of cornmeal 4 bay leaves and two cloves

Mix the ingredient well. You can also use a food processor or blender to leave it overnight. Then wipe out the then wipe out the ingredient.

Stronger Stains

Sometimes stains have deeply penetrated the fabric and can’t be removed.

Prepare the mixture by combing equal part of vinegar and water. You can also add the dish detergent as an optional.

Wipe the area in the circular motion and make sure all the stains have removed thoroughly. After applying the mixture, clean it again by dampening the cloth with the warm water to remove the mix.   


We hope that you find this article interesting and informative enough. We have provided all the cleaning detail about the common furniture cleaning. The scope is not limited – you may extend natural cleaning to your shower products as well.

Now, what are you waiting for, grab these ingredients and start cleaning?