When is Furniture Works?

Help us celebrate our 16th anniversary.  16% off all new furniture in September.

As we near our 16th anniversary, we’re publishing a short series of “news” blogs, one each to answer the 5 Ws of journalism: what, where, when, who & why.

There are a couple of “when” questions.

When is Furniture Works open?

We’re open 12:30-6pm Monday through Friday, 10-6 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday.  We’re open most major holidays but we’ll be closed, we share it on our Facebook page & post a note on our door.

When did Furniture Works start?

In the Spring of 2009, the owners, Kim & Ken Adney, new they wanted to start a new business.  We developed a business plan, found a location, began stockpiling furniture in our oversized garage.  We spent a couple of months rehabbing our new location at 402 Washington St NE in downtown Olympia & sold our first piece of furniture in December of 2009.  Since that time, we’ve sold approximately 25,000 pieces of furniture.

Where is Furniture Works?

As we celebrate our 16th anniversary, we’re publishing a short series of “news” blogs, one each to answer the 5 Ws of journalism: what, where, when, who & why.

Help us celebrate our 16th anniversary.  16% off all new furniture in September.

There are a couple of “where” questions.

Where is Furniture Works located?

We’re located at 402 Washington St NE in downtown Olympia, about midway between Intercity Transit (the bus station) and the Farmers Market. There’s free parking directly behind the store & usually metered parking available on street.

We’re also online too and you can visit our website (and online store) at https://olyfurnitureworks.com. You can also find us on Facebook at https://facebook.com/FurnitureWorks, on Twitter, LinkedIn and you can see our videos on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/FurnitureWorks.

Where do we get our used furniture?

When life circumstances change, so we all sometimes need to change our furniture.  As we age & move to a smaller home or condo, all that furniture we had doesn’t fit in our new home.  Sometimes a family member passes away & we need to find a new place for their furniture.  Sometimes we’re moving a long ways away and it isn’t practical to take our furniture with us.  Sometimes we’re just moving from one home to another & the old furniture doesn’t fit in the new home.

It is important to us to keep good quality furniture from being dropped at the landfill.  A good piece of used furniture may have many years left in its life.  We support recycle and reuse in principle, Furniture Works supports it in practice (we also recycle our cardboard, Styrofoam & plastic).

Where do we get our new furniture?

Of course, you can’t always find all the used furniture you want, so we also stock new furniture.  These come from a variety of wholesalers that we believe provide the best mix of quality & price.  They include Winsome Wood, Emerald Home Furnishings, Porter Designs, Home Elegance & Coaster Fine Furniture. This means that we’re happy and able to do special orders for you.  We favor shopping with Northwest companies, so we can get our furniture quickly, support our local economy & reduce shipping costs & environmental impact.

What is Furniture Works?

Help us celebrate our 16th anniversary.  16% off all new furniture in September.

As we near our 16th anniversary, we’re publishing a short series of “news” blogs, one each to answer the 5 Ws of journalism: what, where, when, who & why.

What is Furniture Works?

We’re a 6000 square foot retail store in downtown Olympia selling gently used, consignment and new home furnishings. At any given time, we have over 500 pieces of furniture in stock.  Although we tend to specialize in contemporary furniture, we’ve had every vintage from the most recent to pieces from the 1880’s. What percentage is used items that we’ve sought out or consignments or new home furnishings varies with what is available but it is generally about a 1/3rd of each.

Want to see what Furniture Works looks like? Visit our store with 360 views at either Google maps (using the street view) or at our website at https://olyfurnitureworks.com or on our Facebook page https://facebook.com/FurnitureWorks/ and click on the Virtual Tour tab.

Or you can visit us in person at 402 Washington St NE in downtown Olympia, midway between Intercity Transit & the Farmers Market.  We’re open Monday to Friday from 12:30-6pm, Saturdays 10am-6pm and Sundays 10am-4pm.

Our motto is “A different kind of furniture store”.


Gardening has long been considered a relaxing activity. But, what’s more relaxing is having a personalized garden that has a unique stature of portraying the epitome of the artistic virtuoso that is you. In this article, we will discuss a few reasons as to why you should use garden décors and statues.


Owning a garden means a lot more than having just a few plants and trees strewn randomly over a plot of an empty land. A garden is a place that lightens up your soul and mood every single time you decide to take a short walk or lay down on the grass. Having décor and statutes positioned wisely throughout adds a touch of surprise to your garden uplifting the overall essence of the garden.


Image source- https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/garden-interior-figures-pots-1047884074?src=2iP-hkZqNSy5am5Zq8k-Uw-1-17


Garden statues sometimes have a greater significance, apart from simply adding up to the overall beauty of your garden. For instance, Gnomes (a popular and exquisite choice amongst garden statues in the western countries) are considered to be the creatures with substantial knowledge of earthly treasures and master craftsmen of magical articles. As a matter of fact, there are folklores about gnomes that entitle these tiny little creatures as the guardians who protect the houses at night. Guardians or not, one thing is for sure, gnomes do add a magical touch of cuteness to the gardens.


Image source-https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/best-friends-elderly-men-fairy-garden-1063154966?src=lMMDbIErVVmN-Ty71zDRew-1-3


People throughout the world are fondly using Gargoyle statues as garden décors to give their respective gardens a touch of personalization. These statues are usually customized in accordance with the owners and may signify a vivid range of emotions and feelings. People even replicate the faces of their long lost loved ones in the form of Gargoyle statues that are meant to preserve the memories related to the respective person. On the whole, these statues add on an extra bit of elegance to the gardens.


Garden décors like fountains and bird bath prove really helpful when it comes to conserving the all-natural spirit of the gardens. They practically invite a variety of birds to quench their thirst and replenish themselves, thereby summing up to the natural crux of the gardens.


Image source- https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/family-starlings-enjoying-water-bath-200129417?src=lfW9H5Qdzp1tSFBeictIOA-3-19

Sundials, Gnomes, Gargoyles, Fountains or Birdbath, all garden décors if and when used wisely will definitely end up uplifting the presence and allure of your garden.

Author’s Bio:

Akshay works as an Interior Designer with Lalco Interiors and he is in love with his job. Thinking up interesting home décor ideas and helping clients implement them is what makes him tick. You can catch up with Akshay and his team and indulge in one of their beautiful home décor pieces for your home at Lalco Interiors- Home Decor Stores In Bangalore

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Choosing Furniture for Common Living Spaces

While shared spaces, or coliving spaces, are an innovative way to collaborate and save money, as well as a host of other benefits, when it comes to furnishing your shared space, you need to be a little more creative than usual in order to ensure that you accommodate everyone. Your shared areas need to be functional, but that doesn’t mean that you should compromise on style; you want the space to be inviting enough to make everyone who uses the space, as well as their visitors, feel at home.

Setting the Stage

The first thing you need to to in order to set an intimate and neutral tone, is to choose a color palette and coordinate your decor and furnishings in a cohesive way, causing a cosy and effect. If you stick with neutral tones, then the area won’t look too cluttered or busy with a few unique or vibrant throws, rugs and cushions scattered around.

Furnishing the Space

Deciding on furniture pieces for a shared living space can be tricky, when you try to pick pieces which suit everyone’s taste while keeping functionality in mind. Since you need to accommodate several people, it’s vital that you have ample seating space – and extra, for when company comes over. Besides your sofas, you should have as many ottomans and small benches as you can fit, preferably tucked away when not in use so as to not make the area claustrophobic. When you are deciding on a dining room and coffee table, choose shapes that best complement the room they will be placed in. A round table in the corner is a great way to maximise space, as well as a rectangular or oblong central coffee table.

The Finishing Touches

Once you have chosen your major pieces, and you have draped and decorated your area according to your color scheme, then it’s time to tackle the finer details. Allocate a common area where all the members of the house can chuck their keys into when they enter the front door. Find a pretty basket which fits in with your color scheme, as well as a hat and coat rack, if your house doesn’t have an entry closet.

While neutral tones and furniture helps you keep the mood uncluttered, there are still plenty of ways to add a personal touch to the decor, make everyone feel at home by including their input. Get everyone to choose a style of throw pillow, and designate one wall to a photo gallery which features all the members of the house (past and present, if the dynamics are prone to be short-term). Use photo frames that echo your selected color scheme, and the overall effect is of an inviting space with character and warmth.

Last but not least, set the right mood in your shared spaces by using the right lighting. Your kitchen area will need functional lighting, whereas your living and dining rooms provide a cosier ambience when you use low lighting and freestanding lamps.

About the contributor

Looking for a room for rent in New York? Co-living is your reasonable choose, browse through the big choice of houses available to you and find the one that best suits your needs.  Just bring your suitcase and enjoy co-living with great people.

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