How to Decorate the Country House of Your Dreams

There is nothing cosier than a country house, with its wooden seats, comfortable blankets and cushions, flowers, plants and that beautiful feeling of warmth generated by its rustic theme. If you have or want a country house, here are some tips to decorate it as in your dreams, with the best products and the latest trends of rustic interior decoration.

Wood, your best friend

A real country house has wood and other natural materials as essential elements. Not only is the location of the house, the meadows, trees or the surroundings important, but it is important that within the house the relationship with nature continues in terms of the furniture and fabrics that are used. Rustic seats of wood, with natural braiding, or wrought iron, are very suitable for a country house. Focus on robust furniture, preferably old, or aged, in a colonial or classic style. Look for floral, leather or neutral upholstery that matches the elements you use.

Create a natural environment 

Remember that a very important characteristic of a beautiful country house is the natural materials that it has. This includes the presence of stone, clay, and wood, or elements that generate a cosy and rustic atmosphere. Brick walls can be a positive choice. Keep in mind the general appearance of ceilings, walls and floors and keep a defined and congruent style in each internal space. The decorative finishes are also a central part including ceramic finishes or tiles.

Creating a cosy and beautiful space

While materials are a definitive part of achieving your ideal country home, something equally important is colour. Using colour appropriately is a key factor in successfully decorating your country home. Inspire yourself with nature, use tones that go well with wood, regardless of whether they are light or dark, but ensure they complement each other well. Green, ochre, blue, and tones between red and orange, are ideal to generate a warm and welcoming environment. You can also include the use of white in your decoration; also consider using floral print fabrics, or with landscapes, and classic stripes in earth tones.

Decoration and accessories

Beautiful country interiors include many and varied country-themed objects; choose the ones that most appeal to you, such as candelabra, figures of animals, iron elements, or horse-related items, floral ornaments, vases, ceramic dishes, or any item associated with country life. These will provide a perfect finishing touch.

When you’re finished, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful country house that everyone will envy. Buy some extra hot drinks and snacks because your visitors will not want to leave your house after seeing how cosy and beautiful it is.


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Red & Blue States (of mind)

When it comes to color, we all have our likes and dislikes. I, for one, am certain there is a purpose for mauve, I just haven’t figured out what it is. And we are all, appropriately, aware that the colors around us affect our mood.   There is some interesting new research on exactly how the colors red and blue affect us.

Science magazine just published a study of 600 people to determine whether performance varied when people saw red or blue. The subjects were given computer tasks to do when the screen backgrounds were red, blue or neutral. Folks seeing red did better on tests that demanded attention to detail, like recall or spelling or punctuation. Those looking at blue screens did better at creative tasks like creating toys from shapes or inventing creative uses for a brick.

The study was conducted by the business school at the University of British Columbia. Juliet Zhu, an assistant professor who worked on the study said, “If you’re talking about wanting enhanced memory for something like proofreading skills, then a red color should be used. “ But for “a brainstorming session for a new product or coming up with a new solution…then you should get people into a blue room.”

Anthropologists from Durham University in England found that in the 2004 Olympic games, when evenly matched athletes competed, those wearing red won over those wearing blue 60% of the time. In a 2008 study at the University of Rochester, men considered women in photographs with red backgrounds or wearing red shirts to be more attractive than women with other colors (although not more likeable or intelligent).

In 2006, the Architectural Digest Home Design Show set up cocktail parties in three rooms of different colors (but with identical furnishings). The major paint companies (Pantone, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and DuPont) submitted colors they considered appropriate for entertainment, dining or relaxation and a red, yellow and blue common to each was chosen for each room. The results? More people chose the yellow and red rooms but those in the blue room stayed longer (and moved around less). Red and yellow guests were more active and social and although red guests reported feeling thirstier and hungrier, it was the yellow guests that ate twice as much. The blue guests ringed the perimeter while the red and yellow guests clustered in the middle.

It may be that we unconsciously perceive red as a symbol of danger and become more cautious. In a study at the University of Michigan, students taking IQ tests with red covers didn’t score as highly as those with green or neutral colors. Given a choice of questions, students with red covers chose easier questions.

The matching of red with danger and blue with calm plays out in advertising. Research shows there’s more appeal when product details or avoidance activities (cavity prevention) have a red background and positive actions (tooth whitening) have a blue background.

So why mention this? First, I’m always fascinated with whether scientific research backs up (or denies) what we think is true. Secondly, the more we know about how the things around us affect us, the more we can choose whether to be affected by them (Just how did that advertising manipulative us?). Lastly, and most importantly, I contend that our homes are where we are most ourselves and we should decorate them to make ourselves most comfortable but an important part of that is making those who visit us more comfortable too. Maybe it is also important to pick our colors with consideration to the task and what we are going to do in the room. Even so, I’m not painting my home office red.

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Characteristics of Educational Furniture

The primary purpose of educational furniture is to provide the educational setting and enhance the learning capacity of the students. Regardless of the usual table and chairs, certain educational furniture serves manifold purposes and improves the overall learning experience of the students. Besides, this furniture differs depending on the category of the students. The kids set up are entirely different from those of the students studying their Bachelor’s. Likewise, as per the educational set up and institute, the furniture differs. Where, playschool kids will have a different set-up and intermediate level have student desk chair, etc. Similarly, university level or other such educational institutes will have additional furniture.


Educational Furniture

A plethora of educational furniture products is crafted these days, keeping in mind certain factors to meet educational, practical and physical needs. The main purpose of educational furniture is to facilitate the students and teachers. These products include classroom desks, chairs, storage cabinets, practical room furniture, computer room tables & chairs and other such products. Some of the common educational furniture are wooden, art furniture, play furniture, work and study tables, classroom rugs, tables & chairs, book displays and reading lockers, shelving, storage, bin storage, easels, cushions, and loungers, etc. Hence, these products must be chosen with utmost care keeping in mind the material, quality, availability and competitiveness of the price. Nevertheless, it is the institute that decides what to purchase to meet the students and teachers need.

Some Staple Educational Furniture Features Include the Following:

Student Desks: One of the educational furniture pieces is the desk. The students seating arrangement is based on the desks and chair arrangement. These are of several types, such as the traditional tables and modern tables. Traditional desks are the normal or the standard classroom desks. While the modern tables may have other designs, such as they might have the capacity to store copy, books, or may have double cabinets to keep the things in the cabinet or the shelve under the table top.


Computer Desks: With the advent of technology and its implementation into a diverse field, education is also becoming advance and present time’s focus is on computer-based classroom studies, presentations, etc. Smart classrooms are equipped with different educational furniture. Not only classrooms, but also computer labs, library, and other such rooms have a specific place for the computer. Hence, computer desks are the essential educational furniture. These desks come with storage facilities and offer security to tuck the wires and lock the essential components.

Science Desks: These are mainly used in the practical rooms or science labs. These are sturdy and designed to withstand the science experiments. They are crafted in a way to avoid any mishap during the practical classes. They do not skid or slip easily and are leveled to provide the perfect lab surface while performing the experiment. Moreover, these are easily cleanable and are not infected by spillovers of the chemicals.

Creativity Table: These are the typical multifunctional tables. They are mainly used in the arts and crafts rooms, and other creative activities are performed on these tables. These differ as per the students and their class standards such as primary kids or younger students will have small and comfortable tables. Whereas, the students in the higher class or university level will need large tables to conduct the projects and creative tasks.

On the other hand, certain aspects to keep in mind while purchasing these products are the requirement of the space. The size and style of the table, the material may vary according to seating capacity, computer capacity, storage capacity, availability of colors, price and warranty. It can be of any style such as folding, adjustable height options, rectangle, octagon, u-shaped, square, half-round, round, rigid, attached to the wall, etc.

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Select the Best Parquetry Dining Table for Your Home

The presence of the parquetry dining table in the house is essential to enhance the surrounding ambiance. It is styled in a unique manner to capture the imagination of the people. Draped in a contemporary and vintage design, the furniture goes a long way in delivering explicit results to the users. The geometrical wooden theme is evident in the appearance of the table. Although, it is a wonderful addition to the home; one should follow certain tips to find the best option to purchase. Among various style you can choose the right one that fits according to your space. parquet1

Simplistic design forms

The modern silhouette is streamlined into a sleek product that occupies minimum space. It can accommodate many guests in a party. Carved appearance of the wood plays vital role in introducing elegance to the product. Made from solid alder wood, the parquetry dining table is epitome of durability for the users. Family gatherings would never be complete without the purchase of the above-mentioned items.

 Rigid frame

The rigid frame might be crafted out of oak veneer top. Capable of hosting as many as 8 guests, the product goes a long way in captivating the imagination of the people. If the frame is not rigid and strong, the table is not able to survive adverse weather conditions. Therefore, you should also make sure that the strong lacquer coating is applied to it for longevity. 

 Classic style

Classic style never goes out of fashion. Bolstered by Glass planks, the minimal lines captivate the imagination of the people to a great extent. Herringbone surface is one of the most important parts of the table that imparts durability and white style. The classic theme fits well with the other furniture in the house giving eclectic décor to the interior. While hosting the party, the dining hall exudes top class elegance capturing the attention of the onlookers.

 Airfoil stuff

The Airfoil stuff is furniture to watch for. High-spirited meals and conversions can be carried out in style. Inspired by the wings of aircraft, the wooden material boasts of similar design to the users that are not only entertaining, but also regal in appearance. You can place the crystal glass on the table as an accessory and accentuate its beauty by many fold.


Axel style

Top of the line artisans has used the expertise to design the amazing table style. To start with, it looks rugged, but can transform the appearance of the vintage homes. Eclectic décor comprising old world and contemporary themes entwined together present a delectable view  to the users. The table is light in weight. Hence, it is easy to  move from one place to another.

 Personal touch

While you are selecting the item, make sure it is bespoke. The personal touch is essential, as the table will occupy the dining space inside the home. While, color would blend with the vibrant colors of the wall and impart old school charm to the ambiance. It is imperative to ensure that the texture is in harmony with the neutral backdrop of the wood.

Reputed retailer

Only a reputed retailer can provide tables carrying iron-clad warranty. One should take a closer look at the margins in design, because they vary from one product to another. Specifications are provided along with the product. Therefore, you should read the text carefully before proceeding ahead with the purchase.

If you are confused what type of table to buy, contact the customer care departments to get an approximate idea on choosing parquetry dining table. It is quite handy to take information about quality and affordability before making a decision.

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Decorating a Small Living Room: How to Liven Up Limited Space

Your living room is central to the relaxing activities that take place at home. If the room is small, there are ways to make it even more inviting and entertaining. Don’t forget about the latest trends and ideas. Keep in mind there are many products out there that can match your style and personality despite space being at a premium. From the color scheme to the furniture, there’s so much you can do to spice up a small living room. Here are some general ideas.

Lay an Area Rug

Adding an area rug that’s light in color can give your living room a more open feel. Dark wood floors can make a small room somber. Even if there’s a carpet, you can place an area rug on top to add flavor. Area rugs come in different sizes so you can easily find one that matches the dimensions of the room, or even covers just part of it.

Try Alternatives for Coffee Tables

If you’ve browsed furniture stores, you know how bulky coffee tables can be. Here’s an area you can be creative. How about African drums or carved wood? Any object with a flat surface can double as a coffee table. You can even go with a small trunk that doubles as storage.

Make the Space Functional

While on the subject of storage, small rooms don’t mean you can’t have it; if you look hard enough, you might find clever opportunities for storage. Consider every nook and cranny for vertical space. Awkward roofing and under-the-stairs spaces are often ideal for custom shelves, where you can store books, boxes, and attractive accessory items, sculptures, and more.

Brighten Up the Décor

Choosing a color scheme that brightens things up will make your tiny living room more desirable. You don’t have to use the brightest paints. Those that match your mood and style, and which give the room some depth, can really change things. Dark colors shouldn’t be shunned, however. They can contrast with other colors to play with light and add style. The kinds of window treatments you pick can make all the difference too. Light, smooth curtains can be a cozy addition so you can enjoy the warmth of the room. Also, hang them high up for the sense of height.

Don’t Always Go Small

Even if the room is small, that doesn’t mean everything must be miniaturized. That can call visual attention to the fact it’s so small, and you’ll end up feeling tight. Put in a large comfort chair, but decorate it with an attractive slipcover that compliments the character of the room.

There are many other tactics for decorating a small living room. Float furniture will add volume, and you can place artwork such that it accentuates the room’s height. Low seating, multi-purpose furniture (tables that store bar essentials and books), built-in shelves, and glass tables are just a few things that enhance a room. Liven up your living room, and it won’t seem so small after all.

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