Guide on External Roller Blinds For Your Home

When you are looking for some quick tips and ideas on home renovations, then you might have come across some articles or people who believe roller blinds is also a good options for renovation and you must consider them. Well, they are not entirely wrong, and here in this article we are going to discuss on the external roller blinds.double-roller-blinds-sydney

Advantages of External Roller Blinds

External roller blinds, like normal window blinds, are a piece of window coverings. The only difference is that they are installed on your windows from outside. Here are some of the benefits of having one of these eternal roller blinds for your home:

  • Protects your glass from immediate damages.
  • Can be used to control the amount of light, wind and sun light entering the room, thus you can use them effectively in maintaining the temperature of your rooms.
  • Keeps your house away from unwanted visitors who looks at your house, and thus offers some privacy.
  • They are stylish looking.
  • Easy to maintain, hassle free installation and easy to use.
  • Many types and sizes of roller blinds are available in the market to meet your needs and demands.
  • You can easily open and close them.
  • Makes your house look more stylish from the outside.

dual-roller-blinds-sydneyThough there is some difficulty, and the main disadvantage of external roller blinds is the cleaning, but the latest and modern designed roller blinds are available in the market that you can clean them easily and there are many other ways in which way there won’t be any need to clean them regularly.

Apart from this, in addition to internal window blinds, when both of these things are installed simultaneously, they make an excellent covering and allows a very smooth and stable temperature inside the room, as they make a perfect temporary layer between the outside temperature and the walls and thus traps the warm or the coldness of the room from inside, as and when required.roller-blinds

How to Choose the Right Roller Blinds

If you have ever visited the shops, maybe online or from the local stores, then you might have noticed many types of roller blinds. Each of them has some different functionality and usages. Apart from this, there are also different types and make of these. So, in this guide we will give you some ways in which you can choose the best roller blinds to meet your needs and demands.

  • Selection of roller blinds should be based on the purpose of usages. For instance if you are looking for blinds which will protect your rooms from the winter chills, they you should consider to buy PVC blinds which are much more effective, or if you are looking to block sun light then go for normal ones which can be used to block sun light partially or completely, depending upon the need.
  • Next on the list is choosing the roller blind based upon the color. There are many different varieties of blinds with many color variants. So choose some contrasting colors that go well with your house colors.
  • Measurement of the area is an important factor. You should carefully measure the length and the amount will be decided on that. Always choose to buy a little bit extra-long from the size of your window, and not short which will be a good idea, and looks well with the surroundings as well.
  • Roam around some shops, or best go online and get some quotations from various prizes they offer, and then choose which one suits you. Depending upon the quality and material, price varies, so choosing the best price is always a good idea.


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Discover How to Properly Vacuum Blinds and Curtains

Keeping your home clean is often a top priority, especially if you suffer from allergies. Everyone likes to have a clean house where they can sit and relax without mess around them. However, what people often forget about are their curtains and blinds. These can be excellent places for dust to gather, as well as cobwebs and small pieces of debris.

While they may be easy to forget, they can also be a huge trigger for allergies, so it is important to keep them clean. Of course, you may be asking how to properly vacuum your blinds and curtains. Here’s a guide to the process so you can achieve the best possible results.vacuum1


When it comes to vacuuming your curtains, it should be done once or twice a month, depending on how dusty your house becomes (rural areas are prone to more dust in the home). When vacuuming, you should use an upholstery nozzle as it offers softer suction and a better overall clean for your curtains. Keep the nozzle of the attachment clean at all times to prevent dust and dirt spreading.

The reason you should vacuum your curtains instead of wash them is that when exposed to the sun for an extended time, they will not always tolerate washing and the material could deteriorate. This is also why you should be careful having your curtains dry cleaned. Unless they are severely stained, try vacuuming them instead.vacuum2


If your blinds only have light dust on them, then it may be worth using a cloth or an old sock to give them a clean. After all, they work very well at picking up dust and dirt. If they are stained in some way, try soaking them in hot water in your bathtub for a short amount of time before scrubbing.

However, if they are wooden blinds do not expose them to large quantities of water – use a diluted white vinegar mix instead as this is better for the wood.

If your blinds have thick dust, then it is worth using either the upholstery or the dusting attachment on your vacuum cleaner (whichever you have to hand) to give these a thorough cleaning. The attachment will ensure the dust is not sprayed around, something that traditional dusting can’t necessarily prevent. Plus, if you suffer from allergies, many vacuums come with hepa filters that capture indoor allergens, so you are less at risk of a reaction.

For pleated shades and fabrics, you should never use water or any kind of cleaner on these if you wish to preserve the texture and appearance. For these, a light use of the upholstery attachment will often be enough to get the job done and leave them looking fantastic.

 To Conclude

If you follow the advice above for correctly vacuuming your curtains and blinds, you are sure to have an exceptionally clean home. With these little tips and tricks, you can combat dust and debris quickly and effectively. Don’t forget about your blinds and curtains, keep them clean and keep allergens out of the home as a result.

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Choosing the Right Windows and Doors

Today more and more people in Toronto (yes, I know, but I didn’t write this one…Ken) are looking for new windows and doors to replace the old ones installed in the middle of the 20th century. Here we prepared a useful guide for those who are willing to mount new windows in their houses.

The days when people were not able to find appropriate coverings for their glass in the houses are gone. In today’s society all the consumers want to minimize the money spent on heating or cooling their homes. So when you think of windows and doors (no matter if you want to replace the old ones or put completely new units) the key knowledge is in understanding your opportunities and choices to figure out which of them will give you the highest efficiency without spending a fortune on buying them.

If you think of changing the windows and doors do the math and check if it is cost-effective after all. One way to do so is to complete a home energy audit. No matter if you decide to do the audit yourself or by hiring a professional, this checkup of energy efficiency will give you an understanding of where in your house the major energy-loss areas are and how much loss they really bring you.

Also it is essential to completely understand the situation with the thermal transmission problems which take place in your house before you start a full-fledged window and door renovation. You may find out that it would be useless to spend thousands on a whole-house window makeover or new doors cannot save the situation if you figure out that the real problems could have been solved with a tube of caulk, for example.

Also think if new windows and doors in your old house will be good at all. Some professional say that in old homes, the original windows are a part of the house’s character, and those homeowners who want to upgrade energy efficiency of such old units ought to consult the professionals first and maybe try to add rather than subtract.

Situations in which you might need warranty window or door replacement are as follows:

  • If your windows and doors are designed with single-pane glass or have temperature-conductive frames. In case of such situation most experts on windows and their construction say that homes with cheap and poorly-performing units will almost always benefit from the replacement.
  • If your windows are in a very poor condition their state most frequently will lead to water leaks and humidity problems around the house and sometimes may even bring pest infestations. The reasons like cracked non-operational frames and doorways, or rotting wood on old units are very good to think of replacement.
  • If you feel that the windows and doors lead to safety problems. Experts from EuroSeal windows in Mississauga explain that if your windows and doors do not shut or open appropriately and completely or you see that they are weak or loose think of replacement. In case you have an attic with non-opening windows and still plan windows replacement, replace that one too and put a ladder to it to have an extra emergency exit in your house.

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The Perks of Using Double Glazed Windows

Remember the witches from Macbeth and their admonishing chant “Double, double toil and trouble”? Unlike in Shakespeare’s era, the concept of dualism nowadays does not always imply disguises, duplicity, contradictions and consequent hassle: in fact, double is a highly desirable asset in the world of contemporary window glazing.

Since the principal purpose of windows is to provide ample natural light indoors while preventing heat loss during cold seasons, double glazed windows are made to perform this function more efficiently than their standard single pane counterparts. If you are considering upping thermal insulation and soundproofing features of your home or office space before wintertime, you should definitely consider installing double glazed windows – and here is why.

windows on brick

Optimal Thermal Insulation

Double glazed windows consist of two glass panes separated by an air-filled cavity. This clever structure helps achieve optimal temperature indoors without loss of heat through air leaks between window panes and frames, which commonly occurs with single glazed windows. The air trapped in the gap between the two panes serves as a barrier that minimizes the impact of external temperatures, allowing your home to stay cool in summer and warm during winter.

Energy Saving Made Easy

Since double glazed windows provide better thermal insulation than regular single paned versions, you will be able to significantly cut your electricity bills as you will not need as much energy to keep your home cozy and optimally heated/cooled. On hot summer days, double glazed windows will considerably slow down the inflow of heat, while window-bound heat loss on chilly days will be by as many as 50% lower than with standard single glazed on wood

Environmental Benefits

By conserving heat, double glazed windows also make your household or office greener. Reduced energy waste means lower carbon footprint and less squandered resources. To maximize energy efficiency at home, check the energy rating of different windows before purchase. In a recent chat with Sydney-based double glazing pros, I discovered that energy rating for windows available in stores depends on U-Values, air leakage rate and solar heat gain.

big windowsAdequate Soundproofing

In addition to providing failsafe thermal insulation, double glazed windows also offer better soundproofing properties than regular windows. Thanks to dual panes with air trapped between them, double glazed windows can help diminish external noise and preserve the comfort and peace of your home or studio. Laminated acoustic double glazed windows are even more efficient in terms of soundproofing, as they can reduce noise by as many as 35 decibels.

Optional Features

For increased versatility, you may choose windows with additional features such as reflective coating on external panes for lower infrared radiation and sun glare. Another convenient option is to have the inner pane of the window coated with reflective metallic paint for improved heat loss prevention and greater energy savings. Laminated panes provide even better protection from negative side-effects of intense sunlight as they reduce UV radiation by over 90 percent.

Thanks to their superior thermal isolation and soundproofing features, double glazed windows are an excellent home or office upgrade for every real estate owner. Good both for your budget and the planet, double glazed windows are made to last over 20 years, so they are definitely an investment that will pay off many times over in the long run. When choosing your new set of windows, pay attention to the general energy rating, pane coating options, glass thickness and the width of the cavity between the panes.

The rule of thumb for double glazing is: the thicker the panes and the wider the cavity, the better the window insulation and soundproofing properties. If you are looking for a perfect stack of windows to install in your home, studio or office, you will definitely go no wrong with double glazed windows, so make sure you check them out – after all, double is always better than single in the modern era.

How to Buy a New Entry Door

When it comes to buying a new door, you have to take many things into consideration, especially if you want one to keep your home safe. However, choosing a door should not be rushed, and you will also need to check around for prices and how to install them. Make sure that you also take your home’s design into account as well, and whether you will have to modify the entrance or not.

Do You Have Enough Money?

door 1Perhaps the first step when trying to buy a new door is that you should sit down and check if your budget allows it. This will be important because if you cannot afford the model you want, it is often better to wait until you can get it. After all, you will be seeing it for a long time, and you could regret it for a long time.door 2

What Type of Door Do You Need?

There is a plethora of door types to choose from, and every will have a specific aspect that you need to investigate in order to find the best one. Though, depending on what kind of overall design you are going for, you have to look into what each type can bring to your home, and if it will be good for security as well.

Does Your New Door Come With Features?

door 3Even though the main purpose of your entry door will be to let people in and out of the house, you should also consider the security features it has. Consider if you really need glass installed in it, as it can prove to be an easy way for burglars to peek into your home.door 4

Consider the Swing of the Door

Do not make the simple mistake of buying a door which will not open the way you want it. Moreover, it could be problematic if you do not have a lot of space in your hallway and you cannot fully open it because of that. The hinges that come with the door should be inspected for that reason too, and you should also find out if you can upgrade them later in the future, for security reasons.

Are They Good for Keeping in Heat?

door 5An unbelievable amount of energy can escape your home if you are not careful with how you install doors and windows, and when you are considering to buy a new entry door, you need to check out if it will be energy efficient or not. When installing the door as well, you should have a professional come help you out, so that it can be closed properly and that no heat will be leaking from your home.

Can You Change the Locks?door 6

If you are living in the same area for years now, and you have just bought a new door, you should not hesitate to change the locks as it could be suspicious and it could grab the attention of crooks. Luckily, Ryde locksmiths are here to help you with any lock-related problem you might find. Moreover, you can have them install a new modern one, to make sure that your home is safe.

door 7Making the final decision for a new entry door should not be rushed, and you should take into consideration a lot of things, because while a door might look good it could have little security value. You are not just decorating your home, but your new door will have more than just one function. In the end though, it is often best to avoid any compromises and go with the one you like the most.door 9