Exotic Woods

Trees are wonderful things.  Their shade is a comfort to the young and old, their age venerable, their structure striking, their physiology amazing…and we can make cool stuff out of them.  And there’re a lot of different kinds of them.

With the massive numbers of imported furniture, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to answer the question, “What kind of wood is that?”  Here’s a little pedantic litany of some of the more unusual hardwoods that are used to make furniture.


Australian Blackwood is one of several hundred species in the Acacia genus.  Most of it comes from southern Australia, and Tasmania is an important source.  It’s golden to chocolate brown with darker markings, saws easily and because it bends well, is often steamed and shaped.

Silky-oak (Cardwelia sublimis) has the beauty of oak grain, particularly when quartersawn, and so is often used as a substitute for oak, although it isn’t quite as durable.

Black Bean (Castanospermum australe) from Queensland, is a small tree but the wood is highly decorative with dense, clear grain.


Sen, or Acanthopanax ricinfolius, is also grown in China and Korea and is easily mistaken for ash.  It grows logs up to 3’ across and is frequently used for veneers and plywood.


Afzelia, sometimes called apa, grows in much of the southern continent.  It looks a lot like mahogany with a coarse texture.  It is 10-15% denser than oak.

Aningeria was introduced in the 1960’s as Tanzanian walnut and it has a fine and even texture.

Gaboon (Aucoumea klaineana) from Gabon is pale-pink, about the weight of spruce and is used mostly as veneers and in the plywood industry.

Rhodesian Teak (Baikiaea plurijuga), like other teaks, is dense, durable, resistant to molds and mildew and frequently used to make furniture for outdoors.

South America:

Brazilwood (Caesalpinia echinata) from the costal forests of Brazil, reddens like cherry when exposed to the air and is commonly used in violin bows because of its weight, flexibility and strength.

Pacific tropics:

Cordia grows in many countries, looks a lot like teak and is only slightly less dense.  The texture is coarse but and its light in weight.

Kapur is strong and stable and although plain in appearance also looks much like teak.

Jelutong (Dyera costulata) is almost as straw colored as yellow pine and is sometimes used as a replacement for pine in toys and models.

West Indian Satinwood (Fagara flava) is another very blonde wood with a wavy grain traditionally used in 18th century Adam, Sheraton and Hepplewhite furniture.

Ramin, because of its plain and straight grain, is used as a substitute for beech.

Select the Best Parquetry Dining Table for Your Home

The presence of the parquetry dining table in the house is essential to enhance the surrounding ambiance. It is styled in a unique manner to capture the imagination of the people. Draped in a contemporary and vintage design, the furniture goes a long way in delivering explicit results to the users. The geometrical wooden theme is evident in the appearance of the table. Although, it is a wonderful addition to the home; one should follow certain tips to find the best option to purchase. Among various style you can choose the right one that fits according to your space. parquet1

Simplistic design forms

The modern silhouette is streamlined into a sleek product that occupies minimum space. It can accommodate many guests in a party. Carved appearance of the wood plays vital role in introducing elegance to the product. Made from solid alder wood, the parquetry dining table is epitome of durability for the users. Family gatherings would never be complete without the purchase of the above-mentioned items.

 Rigid frame

The rigid frame might be crafted out of oak veneer top. Capable of hosting as many as 8 guests, the product goes a long way in captivating the imagination of the people. If the frame is not rigid and strong, the table is not able to survive adverse weather conditions. Therefore, you should also make sure that the strong lacquer coating is applied to it for longevity. 

 Classic style

Classic style never goes out of fashion. Bolstered by Glass planks, the minimal lines captivate the imagination of the people to a great extent. Herringbone surface is one of the most important parts of the table that imparts durability and white style. The classic theme fits well with the other furniture in the house giving eclectic décor to the interior. While hosting the party, the dining hall exudes top class elegance capturing the attention of the onlookers.

 Airfoil stuff

The Airfoil stuff is furniture to watch for. High-spirited meals and conversions can be carried out in style. Inspired by the wings of aircraft, the wooden material boasts of similar design to the users that are not only entertaining, but also regal in appearance. You can place the crystal glass on the table as an accessory and accentuate its beauty by many fold.


Axel style

Top of the line artisans has used the expertise to design the amazing table style. To start with, it looks rugged, but can transform the appearance of the vintage homes. Eclectic décor comprising old world and contemporary themes entwined together present a delectable view  to the users. The table is light in weight. Hence, it is easy to  move from one place to another.

 Personal touch

While you are selecting the item, make sure it is bespoke. The personal touch is essential, as the table will occupy the dining space inside the home. While, color would blend with the vibrant colors of the wall and impart old school charm to the ambiance. It is imperative to ensure that the texture is in harmony with the neutral backdrop of the wood.

Reputed retailer

Only a reputed retailer can provide tables carrying iron-clad warranty. One should take a closer look at the margins in design, because they vary from one product to another. Specifications are provided along with the product. Therefore, you should read the text carefully before proceeding ahead with the purchase.

If you are confused what type of table to buy, contact the customer care departments to get an approximate idea on choosing parquetry dining table. It is quite handy to take information about quality and affordability before making a decision.

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10 Ways to Make Wood Paneling Modern

If you are like most people, you associate wood paneling with a dated, 70s look that has no room in a modern design. However, wood paneling has not seen its last days just yet. By incorporating a couple of changes into the design concept, wood panels can actually breathe the new depth and intriguing texture into any room. So, forget the overwhelming wall-to-wall-to-ceiling panels of the past, and take a look at a fresh and modern approach to wood paneling. You just might get inspired to incorporate it into your own home.

1. Whitewash

panelling 1

One of the simplest ways with which you can immediately impact old wood paneling is by whitewashing it. If you know how to whitewash wood, you can turn your dated panels into a mesh of whites and blanche natural colors. Because of its mild tones, it gives your wood panel a vintage look, and is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.

2. Turn It Sideways

Since most wood panels are placed vertically, place them horizontally to add a second dimension to your wall. With this, the panels take up less surface area. Used like this, and in combination with a basic plaster wall, wood panels give your walls an interesting dual-texture design.panelling 2

3. Paint It Over

Nothing is more distasteful than a wooden paneled ceiling in a bedroom. If you have it in your bathroom – and hate it – paint it over with a color that matches the color scheme of the entire room. Used in combination with quality bedroom lighting, the panels add subtle change in texture, making the entire room pop.

panelling 34. Polish to Perfection

Instead of painting it over, use a matte wood-polish to finish off your wood panels. Suggested by the professionals over at Koenig, it tones down the natural color of the wood. This is a great solution for kitchens, since it makes cleaning of the panels much easier.

5. Add Modern Furniture

Another ample way you can make your old wood panels look modern and new, is by introducing contemporary furniture. The pieces of furniture will serve as centerpieces, with the panel being a subtle backdrop, giving the room a cozy atmosphere.panelling 4

6. Accessorize

Just like modern furniture, you can use modern home accessories to move the focus away from the panels. Place modern paintings or posters on the panel in your living room, or a collection of vinyls in your study. Alternatively, use lighting tips for the bedroom when placing a night stand, bookshelf, or mirror, to help you modernize the space where you sleep.

panelling 57. Panel Strips

Modern kitchens are usually dominated by steel and concrete, so leaving long strips of wood panel can be a surprising move. However, selectively leaving wood panels in unexpected areas of the room softens the cold effect of steel and concrete. Combine it with ample light sources, and your kitchen will have both a homey feel and a modern design.

8. A Wooden Bathroom

Probably the only place where you would want to place wood-paneling is in your bathroom. In combination with the best modern bathtub design, the wood will bring a spa-like feel to the room. Not only that, but it will add a layer of texture, and bring harmony to a once pale white bathroom.

9. Open-Concept

Even though open-concept design homes have no walls, most of them use panels to separate the rooms. Using wood panels for this purpose is both modern and practical. It adds a dose of seclusion to each room, and an air of coziness you cannot achieve with glass-based panels.

10. 3D Panels

Finally, the most modern approach to wood panels is the 3D concept. It uses square-shaped pieces of wood panels, placed at various depth, to create a multi-dimensional wall. Beside the modern design, the plus side of this use of wooden panels is the space you get within the interlocking pieces that make up the wall.

Ultimately, wooden panels can provide your design with richness in texture, softer tones and contrast. Together with all the various contemporary application you’ve seen, you will definitely never associate wooden panels with something old ever again. You might be even tempted to introduce them into your home!

Creative Design Solutions for Repurposing Wooden Pallets

In most cases, wooden pallets are tossed out without a second thought. Thankfully, the rise of environmental thought has led many people to realise pallets are versatile pieces you can utilise for numerous DIY furniture projects. If you’ve got enough skill with carpentry tools and you want to contribute to the sustainability practice, check out these innovative ways of repurposing wooden pallets.

Acquiring the material

The bulk of wooden pallet stock can be found lingering behind supermarkets, near factories and storage facilities that used them as shipping crates. Before harvesting these pieces, don’t forget to inspect their condition. For example, if they were previously stored on standard industrial racks, there are high chances they’re solid and ready for use. Also, make sure to check the stamp on it that indicates chemical and other treatments.9394987003_7070103c41_z

Shelving ideas

Wooden pallets are made with the storage function in mind, so it’s no wonder many people decide to exploit it as shelving solution. Depending on their finish and wood quality, you can transform wooden pallets into either modern or rustic storage pieces for your living room or kitchen.

Firstly, select a design that fits into your interior. Proceed by disassembling the pallets and customising the planks according to your design requirements. Don’t forget to create a smooth finish on the side where your possessions will be stored. Make use of the power drill, jigsaw and orbital sander to accomplish the project tasks.

At last, some of the cool shelving elements you can create include handy kitchen shelves, TV units, wine-tasting open cabinets and bookshelves.pallets 2

Indoor furniture

If you were looking for ideas on how to employ wooden pallets for creation of indoor furniture pieces, we have some great suggestions for you. For starters, you can construct a simple coffee table. Tweak the measurements to your needs and attach wheels on it so you can move it around at will. Pair it with a padded pallet sofa and instill a relaxed and outdoorsy atmosphere into your living space.

Moving on the bedroom area. You may think that wooden pallets don’t fit into this room, but our ideas may change your mind. Make a vintage headboard out of individual planks or build a toddler’s or master bed platform out of entire pallet for your summer houses or winter cottages.

Deck structures

With the arrival of pleasant weather, decks become a popular gathering places. If you’re planning to build one of these, wooden pallets are a handy and cost-effective material solution. Considering the scope of the project, you should perform careful calculations to figure out the necessary amount of pallets. Also, decks should be constructed with safety measures in mind, so pick the firm wooden pallets that were well-kept on quality pallet racks and thoroughly preserved.

Even out the ground beneath them with scrap bricks or rocks and connect the pallets by using drywall screws. The space between them can be filled with any type of scrap wood.

pallet 3

Modular outdoor furniture elements

Wooden pallets are veritable XL-size legos of the furniture-making world. You can put together a wide array of outdoor-proof pieces out of it in a jiffy, from lounge chairs, dining tables to foldable picnic setups. Modular seating elements can be particularly useful for parties when number of guests is not entirely determined. Keep the pieces in your garage or garden shed and bring it out when necessary.

Miscellaneous ideas

Here are some of the uncommon design solutions on how to remodel wooden pallets:

  • Garden related: planters of all kind, potting workstation and space-saving vertical planting setups
  • Colourful coats racks for extra storage
  • Rustic wall panels
  • Parquet-like wooden flooring
  • Artistic wall-bound Christmas tree you can easily paint over

Despite its original function, pallets can find their way into our homes as creative and practical pieces of furniture. We hope our suggestions have provided inspiration for your own repurposing project.

Maintaining the Appeal of Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture is without a doubt an enriching factor to any interior environment. It has been favored by the majority of people for centuries now and still remains widely used in households all over the world despite the fact that there are far more affordable types of furniture available. One of the main reasons for this by all means is the beauty of it. If you own solid wood furniture, you surely want to keep it in the most presentable state and this is what should be done to maintain its appeal.

Regular cleaning

solid1Keeping the furniture surface clean on regular basis not only makes it more appealing it makes it more durable as well. No special chemicals are needed to do this, just use tepid water and a mild dishwashing soap. The only thing you need to pay attention to is not to soak the surface since the excess of water will damage the wood. Dip a soft cloth in water and soap mixture and rub the surface until it is clean. A tooth brush is a great aid for all hard to reach spots. Finally, wipe the surface with a dry soft cloth to remove any water residue.


Naturally, solid wood furniture finish lasts longer if appropriate protection is applied. The best time to do this is immediately after you are done with the cleaning and the surface had completely dried out. There are various types of effective wood polishes available to choose from and you should consider home-made ones as well. Whichever type you choose be consistent with its use, do not apply wax based polish the first time and continue with oil based one the second, the surface will look smudgy and unkempt. solid2

Things to avoid

Do not keep your furniture near a heat source of any kind. Dry heat is likely to cause damage to the surface making it crack or split. If your house is heated during winter, make sure you use the air humidifier. The same problems will appear if you leave the furniture exposed to direct sunlight during hot summer days. The finish will soon show signs of fading and start to deteriorate, leaving the wood unprotected, causing it to dry out, shrink and eventually crack.

Metal hardware maintenance

Metal hardware contributes largely to the overall appeal of your solid wood furniture. Even if wood is in perfect condition, when handles and metal decorations are dirty or chipped they take away a lot of the overall beauty of any furniture item. Therefore, metal hardware needs to be clean and polished regularly. It needs to be taken off first, in order not to damage the wood with metal polish. When cleaning and polishing is done and the hardware is completely dry and back in place your furniture will shine in a brighter light for sure.

Stain removal

solid3Leaving hot or cold items on top of wooden furniture is bound to leave a mark. They look like color fade outs or hazy rings if coffee or tea cups were in question. Luckily, they can be removed efficiently, as long as you react promptly. The gentlest and most convenient way of removing such stains is to use a soft cloth mildly dipped into a toothpaste and baking soda mixture. Gently rub it in and watch the stains disappear. Naturally, do not forget to dry the surface completely when the stains are fully rubbed off.

Furniture wood is dead wood

Do not fall for the laymen advice that furniture needs to be fed or nourished using various means in order to last longer and look better, advise the people who own and operate Robert Plumb. Protective finish is what makes your solid wood furniture durable. Its primary function, as the name clearly says, is to stop anything that tries to penetrate the furniture surface and no oil, polishes or waxes will be able to go through.

Once again, to keep a presentable appeal of your solid wood furniture you need to take good care of it and react promptly and in suitable manner whenever anything that could damage it happens. Follow these advice and you will surely enjoy the looks of your furniture pieces for years to come.