Choosing a child’s bed

Choosing the right bed for your child is important since quality sleep helps promote good health through the stages of your child`s life. Undisturbed sleep helps the body to rejuvenate and repair, as well as keeping the mind clear and focused during the day. Selecting a bed for your child depends a great deal on the age of the child and what stage of growth they are at. In order to enjoy the best possible sleep the bed should be the right size and firmness for the child to sleep comfortably and without interruption. Sleep deprivation can lead to learning problems and social difficulties and therefore selecting the right bed is crucial to your child`s health and happiness.

There are several stages in a child`s life and the newborn sleeps more than children who are older. A newborn baby sleeps between 10-18 hours a day. To ensure that the baby receives the best sleep there are some things to take into consideration when choosing a crib. The crib should have a tight-fitting and firm mattress so that there is no chance of the baby`s head rolling into a gap between mattress and crib sides. The slats should be close enough together so that the baby`s head cannot slip through and get stuck. The mattress should be fitted with bedding that is not easily dislodged so that the baby cannot become entangled in the bedclothes.

Once the baby is at the crawling stage they are ready to move up to a toddler bed. Toddlers need a lot of sleep just like newborns. Usually, toddlers sleep around 12-14 hours a day and should have a supportive and comfortable mattress to ensure optimal sleep. The child`s body is growing and a lot of this growth takes place during stages of deep and uninterrupted sleep. Even though kids can usually fall asleep anywhere it does not mean that they get quality sleep if the mattress is too soft or worn out. At this stage it is best to buy a bed that can be used for several years as the child is growing. Buying quality materials ensures that the mattress and bed last for several stages of the child`s life.

As the child is growing it becomes even more important to get optimal sleep. The National Sleep Foundation has done a study that indicates that 60% of children who are aged 4-12 years have complaints that they are tired during the day. This feeling of tiredness can interfere with school activities and leads to loss of attention and lower retention during studies. A refreshed and rested brain is a brain that learns easily and can keep focus on the activities at hand.

As children grow they spend more time in their bed reading, working on their laptops, or talking on the phone with friends. This means that a full sized or even queen-sized bed gives them plenty of room to enjoy these activities as well as get a sound night`s sleep. The mattress should be firm but not too hard and may even have a pillow-top to make it comfortable to sleep through the night. Since children spend around 40% of their childhood in bed it is important to buy childrens beds that make it easy to fall asleep and wake refreshed.