Color of the Year: 4 Ways to Decorating Your Home In Pantone Blue

blue house

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Just like any other person, you’re probably attempting to accomplish the new year’s resolutions you’ve set. You may be exercising more, eating less sugar, or trying to wake up early to fix your dreaded body clock. These changes can be very beneficial for your physical and mental wellness, but there are other ways you can improve the quality of your life.

Other than building healthier habits, you should have some New Year resolutions with your home. The year 2020 is already upon us, and if you’re looking for ways to redesign your home or apartment, you can start by taking note of the color of the year.

Living up to the lively vibe of living coral in 2019, Pantone Blue is a powerful yet calming shade that can switch up the ambiance of any home for 2020. Take a look at these four cool, simple, and easy ways to decorate your home in Pantone Blue.

  1. Get Blue Pieces or Household Items

It may not seem evident at first, but the kitchenware, towels, and all the other appliances you use at your home can significantly influence the appeal of your space. Since they’re always on display in certain areas, the household items sitting in your living room unconsciously act as decorations, as well.

If you need to replace your appliances or you’re planning to make any upgrades soon, you should definitely shop for items in Pantone Blue. Instead of buying vases, mugs, and all sorts of stuff in random palettes, color-coding your home will give it an identity of its own.

  • Choose Blue or Complementary Pieces of Furniture

Having couches, tables, and chairs in Pantone Blue can definitely make your house look a lot better. But, keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to this color alone. Despite being such a rich shade, Pantone Blue is a cool shade that can go pretty well with any other tone.

Blue, white, and yellow is a popular combination that can give your home a brighter aura. Meanwhile, blue and purple may seem like they don’t match, but it can actually make your home a lot cozier than you think.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and mix things up. Have a clear picture of the space you want in your head and experiment with different shades to find the best combination possible.

  • Add Rugs in Common Areas

Once you’ve finally chosen the household items and furniture you want, you can spice things up further by adding rugs in common areas. Rugs are underrated pieces that can greatly influence the ambiance of any space.

Rugs with darker shades and thick textures can make your home feel a lot classier, while rugs in lighter tones and made out of smooth materials can make your home appear more welcoming. Take some time to decide on what kind of atmosphere you’re going for, then buy the matching rug to place the cherry on top.

  • Give Each Door, Cabinet, and Wall Its Own Personality

Repainting your walls, cabinets, and doors in blue can already be very soothing. But, if you want to have a little more fun with it, you can give each piece of your home a touch of its own. You can try geometric patterns for your cabinets’ design, striped patterns for your walls, and add different shades of blue for every single door. Pantone blue is beautiful, but having too much of the same shade can make everything dull and monotonous.  Diversifying your designs will definitely make your space a lot livelier.