Creative Design Solutions for Repurposing Wooden Pallets

In most cases, wooden pallets are tossed out without a second thought. Thankfully, the rise of environmental thought has led many people to realise pallets are versatile pieces you can utilise for numerous DIY furniture projects. If you’ve got enough skill with carpentry tools and you want to contribute to the sustainability practice, check out these innovative ways of repurposing wooden pallets.

Acquiring the material

The bulk of wooden pallet stock can be found lingering behind supermarkets, near factories and storage facilities that used them as shipping crates. Before harvesting these pieces, don’t forget to inspect their condition. For example, if they were previously stored on standard industrial racks, there are high chances they’re solid and ready for use. Also, make sure to check the stamp on it that indicates chemical and other treatments.9394987003_7070103c41_z

Shelving ideas

Wooden pallets are made with the storage function in mind, so it’s no wonder many people decide to exploit it as shelving solution. Depending on their finish and wood quality, you can transform wooden pallets into either modern or rustic storage pieces for your living room or kitchen.

Firstly, select a design that fits into your interior. Proceed by disassembling the pallets and customising the planks according to your design requirements. Don’t forget to create a smooth finish on the side where your possessions will be stored. Make use of the power drill, jigsaw and orbital sander to accomplish the project tasks.

At last, some of the cool shelving elements you can create include handy kitchen shelves, TV units, wine-tasting open cabinets and bookshelves.pallets 2

Indoor furniture

If you were looking for ideas on how to employ wooden pallets for creation of indoor furniture pieces, we have some great suggestions for you. For starters, you can construct a simple coffee table. Tweak the measurements to your needs and attach wheels on it so you can move it around at will. Pair it with a padded pallet sofa and instill a relaxed and outdoorsy atmosphere into your living space.

Moving on the bedroom area. You may think that wooden pallets don’t fit into this room, but our ideas may change your mind. Make a vintage headboard out of individual planks or build a toddler’s or master bed platform out of entire pallet for your summer houses or winter cottages.

Deck structures

With the arrival of pleasant weather, decks become a popular gathering places. If you’re planning to build one of these, wooden pallets are a handy and cost-effective material solution. Considering the scope of the project, you should perform careful calculations to figure out the necessary amount of pallets. Also, decks should be constructed with safety measures in mind, so pick the firm wooden pallets that were well-kept on quality pallet racks and thoroughly preserved.

Even out the ground beneath them with scrap bricks or rocks and connect the pallets by using drywall screws. The space between them can be filled with any type of scrap wood.

pallet 3

Modular outdoor furniture elements

Wooden pallets are veritable XL-size legos of the furniture-making world. You can put together a wide array of outdoor-proof pieces out of it in a jiffy, from lounge chairs, dining tables to foldable picnic setups. Modular seating elements can be particularly useful for parties when number of guests is not entirely determined. Keep the pieces in your garage or garden shed and bring it out when necessary.

Miscellaneous ideas

Here are some of the uncommon design solutions on how to remodel wooden pallets:

  • Garden related: planters of all kind, potting workstation and space-saving vertical planting setups
  • Colourful coats racks for extra storage
  • Rustic wall panels
  • Parquet-like wooden flooring
  • Artistic wall-bound Christmas tree you can easily paint over

Despite its original function, pallets can find their way into our homes as creative and practical pieces of furniture. We hope our suggestions have provided inspiration for your own repurposing project.