Decorating a Small Living Room: How to Liven Up Limited Space

Your living room is central to the relaxing activities that take place at home. If the room is small, there are ways to make it even more inviting and entertaining. Don’t forget about the latest trends and ideas. Keep in mind there are many products out there that can match your style and personality despite space being at a premium. From the color scheme to the furniture, there’s so much you can do to spice up a small living room. Here are some general ideas.

Lay an Area Rug

Adding an area rug that’s light in color can give your living room a more open feel. Dark wood floors can make a small room somber. Even if there’s a carpet, you can place an area rug on top to add flavor. Area rugs come in different sizes so you can easily find one that matches the dimensions of the room, or even covers just part of it.

Try Alternatives for Coffee Tables

If you’ve browsed furniture stores, you know how bulky coffee tables can be. Here’s an area you can be creative. How about African drums or carved wood? Any object with a flat surface can double as a coffee table. You can even go with a small trunk that doubles as storage.

Make the Space Functional

While on the subject of storage, small rooms don’t mean you can’t have it; if you look hard enough, you might find clever opportunities for storage. Consider every nook and cranny for vertical space. Awkward roofing and under-the-stairs spaces are often ideal for custom shelves, where you can store books, boxes, and attractive accessory items, sculptures, and more.

Brighten Up the Décor

Choosing a color scheme that brightens things up will make your tiny living room more desirable. You don’t have to use the brightest paints. Those that match your mood and style, and which give the room some depth, can really change things. Dark colors shouldn’t be shunned, however. They can contrast with other colors to play with light and add style. The kinds of window treatments you pick can make all the difference too. Light, smooth curtains can be a cozy addition so you can enjoy the warmth of the room. Also, hang them high up for the sense of height.

Don’t Always Go Small

Even if the room is small, that doesn’t mean everything must be miniaturized. That can call visual attention to the fact it’s so small, and you’ll end up feeling tight. Put in a large comfort chair, but decorate it with an attractive slipcover that compliments the character of the room.

There are many other tactics for decorating a small living room. Float furniture will add volume, and you can place artwork such that it accentuates the room’s height. Low seating, multi-purpose furniture (tables that store bar essentials and books), built-in shelves, and glass tables are just a few things that enhance a room. Liven up your living room, and it won’t seem so small after all.

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