Different Types Of Wardrobes For Your Dream Home

A wardrobe is said to be one of the prime furniture pieces in the room. These not only add more functionality to the place but also provides ample storage space while maintaining the aesthetics of the place. Everyone has their own idea of owning a perfect wardrobe. Some prefer the bare minimum, while others want to possess massive wardrobes. Fortunately, there are a good number of choices to satisfy all of the options, be it the need for organizing, storage or aesthetics. The well-designed modern wardrobes can double up the space utilization while offering a home that contemporary look.

Types of wardrobes

Below mentioned is the overview of the types of wardrobes that can suit a variety of needs

modern wardrobe

The Sliding Door Wardrobe

The Sliding Door Wardrobes are said to be a modern take on the traditional hinged door wardrobes. Along with changing times as well as having the non-fussy style of “almirah”, this is an option which has a contemporary look. Based on the available width, the sliding door wardrobe may be designed with either two, three or four doors. These sliding doors glide smoothly on the given track. The best part about these types of wardrobes is that they don’t occupy extra space when you open or close the wardrobe. It is important to take the availability of space into account before you make a purchase.

These sliding doors can be crafted in different types of sliding patterns along with a huge variety of materials creating endless combinations. One can also add a little overhanging loft in order to store any large-sized luggage/ suitcases as well as other stuff which is used just once in a while.

The Hinge Door Wardrobe

The Hinge Door wardrobes are said to be the most common and the most traditional types of wardrobes. They are very simple in design and they open with a hinged door. Having a variety of colors in the different textures as well as finishes, it is easy to find an ideal choice in order to go along with the décor of a room.

The L Shaped Wardrobe

The L-shaped wardrobes are even known as the “Corner Wardrobes”. They are said to be the ideal option for maximum utilization of the room corner. These wardrobes utilize the corner spaces of a room which are generally wasted space. Their sliding doors are the most preferred door style for the fitted L shaped wardrobe. They provide great style and storage potential, thus making it a famous choice.

The Walk-in-Wardrobe

If you want to ass luxury and regal appeal to your room, having a walk-in wardrobe is the best match for your requirement. The walk-in wardrobes are the dream wardrobe for most of the people but unfortunately, only a few people can afford it. These wardrobes are said to be at the epitome of luxury having massive storage space for clothes as well as other accessories. The walk-in wardrobe is coupled with the organizing accessories which offers a great opportunity for the purpose of creating a highly organized closet. For the fashion-conscious people, it is an ideal choice. The standard walk-in-wardrobe has hanging and storage space along all its three sides. This works best if there is an unused room or a good amount of extra space which gets separated by a pair of doors making it the ideal walk-in-closet. Despite being an aspirational option for many, it is a good value option having a marginal extra cost.

blonde wardrobe with mirror

Conclusion Thus, it can be seen that there are a number of options which one has when it comes to selecting a wardrobe.  You always have the option of buying a readymade wardrobe or getting the one customized as per your requirement. Make sure that you choose a good company for making the purchase.

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