Is it time to redecorate your child’s bedroom? This can include several options like finding the best mattresses for kids, and many even be do it yourself (DIY) projects for you and your kiddos. Here are some ideas:

Sprucing Up Old Furniture

You can go with options like a small table or chair. New furniture might seem like the best option, although you can spruce up old furniture with some paint or varnish.

Toddler Table

Turn an old toddler table into a DIY project. You can provide your tot with a place to read books, play games, and eat snacks.

Kids Play Table (video)

Cozy Chair

Your little one can help pick a small chair for their room. This can include a style, size, and color that’s just right for them.

Wall Paint/Décor

These are tasks your child can help with, like choosing mattresses for kids. The first item that probably pops into your mind is picture frames. However, there are other basic ideas.


Simply hang up a row of flashcards on the wall, whether it’s letters, numbers, animals, etc.


This is another easy yet effective way to add some pizzazz to your kid’s bedroom. They’re so simple to apply you can even team up with your child.

Big Chalkboards

You can make a big chalkboard with a border and décor. This creates a fun way your child can write their name and draw pictures.


You can use some plastic animals to create some fun wall hooks. Pick your kid’s favorite animals to create a space for extra storage.


A fresh coat of paint is an easy yet effective way to improve the look and feel of the room. Some options include your child’s favorite color or a bedroom color scheme.

Beds, Mattress, and Pillows

DIY House Bed

You can make a “house bed” instead of using a standard bed frame. This is a twist on a canopy bed and during the day it can double as a playhouse.

New Mattress

One of the easiest yet effective ways to remodel your child’s bedroom is with new kid’s mattresses. This could include a box spring for the base mattress, and memory foam topper.

You can find smaller sized mattresses to fit your son’s or daughter’s bed to a tee. They can even help you pick a material, style, and color they prefer over others.

Personalized pillow

Decorate a white cloth to create a personalized pillow for your child. All you need is some fabric paint to create a colorful design. You can add the first letter of their name, as well as some favorite designs and patterns.

How to Customize Your Pillowcases (video)

Toys & Games

These items don’t have to stay in the toy box. You can use stuffed toys, Legos, and board games as décor by displaying them on a wall shelf, for example. Other options include model trains, baby dolls, and soft blocks.


There are many DIY decorating ideas you can apply to your child’s bedroom. There are beds, tables, and chairs. Wall décor can range from flashcards to frames, and from wall paint to wallpaper. Even small beds, best mattresses for kids, and personalized pillows can help you design the best bedroom ever! 

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