Furniture Arrangement Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Ways To Decorate A Small Living Room And Create Space through Furniture Arrangement

Condo living and apartments are the most preferred choices of living arrangements for city dwellers in this modern age. Its accessible location and the amenities you can enjoy adds more convenience compared to rural homes. However, decorating your small living area can be a challenge since you only have so much space to work on. 

In this article, we will give you a guide on how to decorate your interior space to optimize the space available. You can read more if you want to invest in a new condo unit and make the most of these decorating ideas.

10 Smart Ideas for Furnishing a Small Living Room 

When decorating a home with limited space, it is impossible to fit everything in. Choosing the right layout and picking the right type of furniture can make a small space look bigger. The following arrangement and decorating ideas can transform your small space

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Furniture Arrangement and Decorating Ideas for Small Living Rooms (Image Source: Unsplash)

Choose a Lightweight Furniture

When choosing furniture for your small living space, focus on the visual weight, not just the actual size. Visually lightweight furniture is characterized by those made with light-colored upholstery and slim legs. Choose petite furniture sizes instead of boxy ones. It is also important to look at the materials. 

For example, choose a glass coffee table. The material creates the illusion of more space. This is a minor detail but it can make a difference when you add other decorative elements to the picture.

Decorate with Neutral Colors

The use of a neutral palette can make a small living space brighter and more open. If you opt for a lighter colored wall, it can push the wall back whereas dark colored walls can make it more constricted in size. 

The psychology behind this is that the eye can roam freely when the room features a neutral or light-colored palette. It creates the illusion that the room is more expansive.

If you are looking for ideas on paint colors for your small room, you can choose the following: mint green, amber, bronze, lilac, beige, or pastel. You can choose a combination of two or more depending on your preference.

Invest in a Loveseat

A loveseat couch is one of the best investments you could make for your small living room or space. Whether you are living in a condominium on your own, or with a roommate, this has enough space to accommodate your needs. 

And yet, a loveseat couch is compact so it won’t eat up as much space. Whether you are looking for style or functionality, this type of couch gets the job done.

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Make Small Living Rooms Look Bigger (Image Source: Unsplash)

Make Use of a Vertical Space

When your floor space is limited, a good trick for decorating your interior is to take advantage of the vertical space. A good example of this is to build hanging cabinets. 

This helps you to organize your items at home so that you can get rid of the clutter. You can also install hanging shelves if you want more storage space for your home. 

Another way to exploit the vertical space is to use hanging planters. Rather than adding interior plants for ornamental benefits, you can use a hanging planter instead to save space while getting the same decorative effect. 

Invest in Functional Furniture

Investing in pieces that can do more than one function is a smart thing to do if you have a small space or living room. For example, invest in benches that can double as storage furniture. You can do this with an ottoman or your coffee table. 

Also, it can save you space as you can enjoy the functions of two furniture in one. And it is always great to have extra storage furniture to eliminate clutter in your home. 

Combine it With Your Dining Area

If your living room is located close to the dining room, it makes sense to combine these two rooms in one. This can be easily achieved when you know how to coordinate the décor and the furniture. A good example of this is to invest in a table that can be converted from a coffee table to a dining table, depending on the use. 

Choose details that provide cohesiveness from your living room and dining room to make this transformation succeed. This will effortlessly combine the space when you have guests over your home.

Incorporate Mirrors to Your Décor

The use of mirrors can greatly enhance a small living space and make it look more expansive. The reflective qualities of a mirror can add the visual illusion of having more space. 

Try to incorporate as many mirrors to your interior décor as much as you can, so that it will create a more open living room. There are different styles of decorative mirrors available these days so it is easier to incorporate them into your home. 

Build a Gallery Wall

This particular tip is designed more to distract the eye, more than actually enhancing the space. Make your gallery wall more vibrant by choosing different sizes of frames, styles, and texture. 

When you have a gallery wall in your living room, it becomes the focal point of the room. You will be able to take attention away from how small space is.

Find an L-shaped Couch

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Furnish Small Living Rooms the Right Way (Image Source: Unsplash)

Aside from a loveseat couch, an L-shaped couch is another great investment for small living rooms. Also known as a sectional couch, this type of furniture makes efficient use of space in your home. 

It can utilize those corner spaces that are often overlooked and left not in use. When you have a small living room, every square inch of space counts and an L-shaped couch is exactly what you need. 

Emphasize the Vertical Space

There is often too much focus on the floor and horizontal space when you are decorating a small living room. But you can optimize the space you have by bringing focus on the vertical space. 

Choose vertical dimensions that invite the eye to focus above the eye level. For instance, install tall curtains that are fixed close to the ceiling. This visual trick can make the ceiling appear taller, and thus make space seem more open. 


What other decorating tips can you add to decorate a small living space or room? If you follow these tips, you could be living large in a small space. 

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