Furniture Checklist for First Time Homeowners

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No amount of words can truly capture the overwhelming feeling of owning your first-ever home. Finally, after years of hard work, there stands the concrete manifestation of your dreams.

From the moment you open the door with your key to the time you unpack your bags, every second filled with joy and elation will feel surreal. Of course, you’ll come up with the words “satisfied” or “happy.” Whichever word it is, it’s impossible not to utter, “I’m home.”

A new house comes with a new set of a to-do list. And honestly, this has numerous sub-lists that can make even the best organizers take a step back to breathe. There are so many things to clean, transport, buy, and organize. It can get a little confusing to think of what should be prioritized.

Nevertheless, it is the kind of responsibility that can be exciting to take. Think of it as adding bits of sparkle to your already fully realized dream, then maybe, you will even find them to be stress-relieving.

When it comes to making your house a home, choosing the right furniture is a must for three reasons:

  1. Your furniture can make or break the visual appeal of your house.
  2. Your furniture can make your house more habitable through their respective functions.
  3. Your furniture and how you plan to arrange them contribute in initiating activities and habits in your home.

With that said, knowing where to invest your money is part of the difficult decisions you have to make when it comes to furniture buying. Understandably, purchasing quality furniture after buying a home makes it difficult to buy everything all at once. Applying the three reasons stated above, here is a checklist of furniture that you should be buying as a first-time homeowner:

  1. A bed that will last for a long time

A bed is a no-brainer. However, some choose to splurge on other areas of the house, particularly areas that guests can see. Having said that, your bedroom is the only place that is specifically yours. It’s only fitting that you get what you deserve.

Think of it this way; your bed is where you recuperate from all of life’s stress. Invest in the best thing your budget will permit because you’ll be using it for a long time. Consider your comfort and health condition, if you have any, when choosing the width, height, firmness, and surface.

  • A dining table where you can eat and entertain guests

Of course, a dining table is functional, so why does it have to be said on this list? Sometimes, when you decorate the dining table, eating there becomes uncomfortable, so you end up eating in the living room or kitchen, which shouldn’t be the case. Moreover, when you have a new home, it’s exciting to have friends and family over to share a meal.

Buying a dining table where you can eat comfortably by yourself and with other people is a good way of finding joy in eating and not seeing it as another necessity. Isn’t it exciting, too, when your dining table can start traditions and become a witness to celebrations?

  • A couch that is so inviting

A couch for your family room or living room is where you and your family will be spending most of the time together. This is why it’s best to make sure that your couch is comfortable enough to binge-watch your family’s favorite TV series in and large enough to fit all to initiate bonding moments.

This is the kind of furniture that can truly show how the power of design can affect one’s lifestyle and habits. And speaking of lifestyle, choose a fabric that is easy to clean if you have kids or pets are around.

  • Lighting for the chic vibe

Proper lighting can elevate the look and feel of a room. Since lighting also serves a purpose, see which part of your house needs ambient lighting and which one requires a bright LED. Even without much furniture around, with proper lighting, your home can feel sophisticated and complete.

  • Closets and drawers to organize with style

Some houses come with built-in drawers, and there are those that don’t. Both hold their respective advantages and disadvantages. In any case, it’s necessary to have closets and drawers to keep the things you brought with you to your new home.

Keep in mind that a clean house without unnecessary things lying around is more relaxing to the eyes. Consequently, it can leave you and your loved ones in a good mood. Plus, it’s visitor-friendly, even the surprise ones.

You are Home

The line “I’m home” says so much. “I’m home” is more than just stating the location of where you live. Perhaps, it is the closest thing to capture the emotions you feel once you’re ready to call it a day and your back hits the mattress of your bed. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is the feeling of comfort that we tend to look for in many places and events, and finally, you have it—your very own home.

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