Guide to Buying Furniture for a Small Home

A home that is small can still be turned into an elegant, spacious and comfortable living space with the right type of furniture and home accessories like mirrors and tables. Always make an estimation of the overall size of your home before purchasing your furniture – this will help you determine the most optimal layout that is functional and won’t make your home look cramped and cluttered

Using the right design strategies, you can turn moving a small home to Sydney into the best experience and create a homely, comfortable and elegant home. This guide outlines the various ideas that will make your dream home a reality even if you are short on space.

Choose Something Multi-Functional

The furniture that you choose to purchase needs to serve more than a single function. Small spaces require furniture for storage, seating as well as providing surface space for placing items like jars, or drinks. Secondary storage is very important when you are trying to save on space and want to avoid making your home look congested.


In spaces like the living room, consider furniture like ottomans and trunks with hidden compartments for storage of items like books that can be used for seating when you have guests.

Pieces of furniture that functions both as pullout beds, sofas like bunk beds and convertible sofas are excellent additions to a small home for convenience and storage purposes. A convertible sofa will come in handy when you don’t have a guest room yet tend to have guests over who require an extra bed.

A coffee table with drawers is also a great choice for storing books and displaying decorative items. Pair it up with stools that can be used to store items as well. Nesting tables are a great stylish option since they can be slid out easily whenever you have guests and tucked away to save space.

For the bedroom, a custom designed bed with storage drawers and a storage bench provide additional storage for clothing and extra seating space when you need to get dressed. Tall beds with storage areas underneath also provide extra space to tuck luggage away.

Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors have a great effect on the overall final appearance of a room. Apart from enhancing décor and complementing your furniture, they make a room appear larger than it is. Wall mirrors and furniture with mirrors like dressing tables give reflections that boost natural light entering the room.


Large wall mirrors can be hanged or leaned against an empty wall, maximizing the use of an otherwise plain wall while adding a touch of elegance to your décor. You can also place metallic accessories if you still desire to add more light to the room – go for metallic trays or metallic table lamps.

Do note that due to the reflective ability of mirrors, light-coloured paint tends to blend well with mirrors while dark coloured paint tends to absorb light.

Small is Good

Bulky furniture might be comfortable, but they take up a lot of space and aren’t convenient for small homes because they utilize such a large floor space. Choosing small furniture will make more sense for a smaller home, despite your temptation of picking that huge soft couch.

The shape also matters when choosing small furniture. Slender-shaped furniture suit small spaces – choose a dining table with slender legs to avoid making your kitchen look cramped.

The same applies to sofas which should feature lines and narrow arms. Armless chairs like love seats and those with an upholstered back are a great choice as compared to bulky sofas.

Open sided vertical or horizontal bookcases placed leaning against a wall are also ideal for book and artwork displays. Shorter bookshelves provide a nice platform for television. You can also mount a television on top of a bookshelf, enhancing the room appearance while still making use of the empty wall. A compact dining or kitchen table design blends in well with a small home compared to one with a rectangular or square design.


Collapsible, round and wall-mounted furniture are convenient options to choose from when selecting furniture for small spaces. Small homes can be turned into elegant, comfortable and classy setups with the right décor, layout and the perfect pieces of furniture. Don’t worry about what you will do with the smaller, slender furniture that you choose- you can still use them when you move into a large home and set them up in a unique arrangement.

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