How to Choose Proper Furniture and Create a Calmer Feel to Your Living Space

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How to Choose Proper Furniture and Create a Calmer Feel to Your Living Space

Furniture is not only defined by its characteristics but also by the space you plan to fit it in. In order to create a calmer feel to your living space, you need to concentrate on all factors that identify as calming. Comfortable pieces are not hard to find but to be proper furniture for you it has to also look comfortable in your living area.

So if you are facing a dilemma on how to choose the perfect furniture to create a calm and relaxing living space, here are some simple-to-follow advice to get you there.

1.     Before anything else, measure the room

Measuring a room is more than just performing mathematical operations and using a tape measure. It will help you visualize the floor plan and calculate how many spaces you have at your disposal to fill in with a furniture. Overcrowding a space with furniture will limit your movement and create clutter which is far from having a calming effect.

Another important thing to know is how wide are your doorways, elevator, stairs and any other way the furniture has to pass during delivery. This will help you choose between assembled and disassembled furniture, as well as arrange with the manufacturer any special treatment.

2.     Work with the existing architecture

Observe the existing architecture in your home like windows and columns and include them in your furniture plans. Failing to do so will create an unwelcoming space for the furniture and it won’t look good in your living space. For example, if you have an open floor plan, use the furniture to highlight the borders between the rooms. This will create order and peacefulness in your home while at the same time being practical and stylish.

3.     Consider the function

What kind of activities you do in your living room will define what kind of furniture goes there. For example, if you like to watch TV, you will need a cabinet for your television set as well as other appliances that go with it. Or, you like to entertain guests so a nice living room bar with high stools in the corner would be a perfect addition to the comfy couch. Choose the furniture by necessity as well since that will create the space you need to relax and enjoy. 

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4.     Focus on the focal point

Every room needs a focal point since it helps to plan the space and determines the furniture arrangement. For example, if you have a fireplace in the room, you would want to arrange a semi-circular seating set so that people can comfortably enjoy the warmth and its aesthetical features. If you don’t have a TV or fireplace to serve as focal points then you need to create one.

Since the lack of these features points to the importance of interaction between the household members and their guests, you can use a coffee table as the central piece. If you have a library as part of the living space, add a comfy chair with a lamp and a side table by the window to highlight its importance.

5.     Choose the best furniture

Furniture is an investment so you should by the best possible pieces of the highest quality. This means you have to pay attention to the quality of the craftsmanship used for its making. Of course, the design plays an important part when choosing furniture, and trends tend to change but being comfortable and long-lasting is something that is always popular. 

Materials are another thing to pay attention to since some may prolong the life of your furniture, while other is easily torn and damaged. Of course, the better the furniture the higher the price, but it is worth every penny and you will enjoy it longer.

6.     Coordinate the interior design

When you think about coordinating the overall interior design there are several factors you have to consider. Wall colors and patterns are the first things you should harmonize with your furniture in order to create a calmer feel. Therefore, finding a quality painting service might help you choose the best color solutions for your living space.

Try some bolder looks like pairing pastel green walls with living coral seating area, or go with neutral shades that will work well with earthy furniture colors like orange and hazelnut. But, besides coordinating colors, you need to pay attention to the shape and size of furniture in all areas of your home. Styles can be different but in a complimentary way in order to avoid creating a chaotic ambience and disturbing the harmony.

7.     Include accent pieces

Creating a calming atmosphere is all about coziness and some accent pieces of furniture will help with that. An ottoman is a nice way to add more seating area to the living room, as well as to serve as a finishing touch in the furniture coordination. A lounge chair is great for big spaces and it even fits well in the bedroom, although a living room by the fireplace is more than ideal spot.


There is proper furniture for everyone out there and this advice will help you find it. Creating a calmer feel to your living space is about combing comfortable and trendy while respecting the architecture of space. It leads to harmony and balance of the overall interior design which will help you feel relaxed and enjoy your space to the fullest.