How To Create Perfect Veranda Space

With spring finally here, it’s time to focus on making our outdoor spaces more welcoming and inviting. For those of us lucky to have additional outdoor space, building a veranda is a great way to put that extra space to good use. Designing such a sociable outdoor space will compel us to spend more time outdoors, either relaxing solo, entertaining friends, or dining al fresco with family. 

The best part? You don’t necessarily have to invest in a professional designer to turn your vision into reality. With a few design tips up your sleeve, you can make it a fun DIY project and create the perfect veranda space this spring. 

Lay the foundation with stylish flooring

First things first, you want to set the stage for your project and decide on the type of flooring you’re going to install. There is a wide range of veranda flooring options, from composite decking to interlocking PVC deck tiles. When looking at different flooring materials for your perfect veranda space, you want to keep in mind certain factors. These include your home’s design style and color palette as well as the exposure to elements.

Other than the flooring, you should also consider including an outdoor rug or two into your design. Not only will this contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your veranda space, but it’ll also boost its practicality.

Add in an outdoor mist cooling system


Generally speaking, outdoor spaces such as verandas are very popular in places with warm temperatures year-round. In fact, they’re very much considered vital spaces in areas with hot climates. Because of that, outdoor comfort is high on the list of priorities when designing a perfect veranda space.

Keeping your guests, friends, and family members cool and comfortable on warm summer days is oftentimes simply a matter of adding in a patio misting system so you can get the most of the nice summer weather. Aside from enhancing outdoor comfort, such cooling systems are also beneficial for outdoor plants and greenery nearby and will help them flourish and thrive. Keep in mind, though, that this part of the project is best left to the pros. It will spare you the unnecessary hassle and inconvenience and leave you with perfect results the first time.

Spruce up your veranda with practical furniture

Once you’ve set the stage with the right flooring, rugs, and a cooling system, it’s time to move on to furniture. Like most homeowners, you should strive to get the most from your veranda space. In order to achieve that, it’s important to think in terms of comfort and practicality when selecting furniture.

There are websites that offer gently used, consignment, and new furniture and home decor at a reasonable price. They’re definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re working with a smaller budget. Generally speaking, your safest bet would be to pick furniture that doesn’t need much cleaning, factoring in everything from material and design to size and color of the furniture. This is an essential step when looking to create the perfect veranda space that is both beautiful and low-maintenance.

Rely on lighting to create the perfect ambiance

It’s no secret that lighting has the power to transform just about any space, and verandas are no exception. Although they are the ideal places to get your sunshine fix, you still need to keep them well-lit when the sun goes down.

For a bright and beautiful ambiance, vary your lighting sources and introduce them in layers, adding everything from string lights to spotlights and uplights. You can also include candles, lanterns, fireplaces, and fire tables for a touch of warmth and romance. Keep in mind your home’s style as well as the overall atmosphere you’re looking to create and you should have no trouble ensuring an enjoyable evening with friends or a fun game night with family.

Wrapping up

Perfect for maximizing outdoor space, verandas are the ideal solution for designing spaces that can enhance the way we spend our time at home. With these effective design tips in mind, you’ll manage to create the perfect veranda space you and your loved ones just won’t want to leave.

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