How to Create the Perfect Children’s Bedroom

child in a window

Hey, your child deserves a fresh-looking and chic bedroom, too! Just like adults, kids thrive in pleasant and comfortable environments, so make sure to give your kid a bedroom that will not only look beautiful but be practical and nurturing. Here’s a little guide that can help you with your remodel. 

Choose a theme 

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If your kid is still young, you might want to pick a fun theme for their room. Choose something that interests them and make sure to consult with your little one. A theme that fits their interests and a color scheme that matches their personality will spark their imagination and make everything more fun, even homework! 

Opt for wallpaper

An easy way to add color, pattern and fun to your kid’s room is to choose wallpaper. No matter how intricate or simple, these provide a lot of freedom and are quite affordable. If you pick something bold, try hanging wallpaper on a single wall to avoid making the room feel too small or overwhelming. And don’t feel like you need to go overly childish! A gray pattern over a white background provides a perfect backdrop for future growth. 

Introduce practical flooring  

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No matter if you have young kids or blooming teenagers, you need some good flooring. Carpets are great solutions because they offer comfort, warmth, texture and color. However, if your kids suffer from allergies or a chronic case of spilling drinks and food all over the floor, you might want to choose something that’s easier to clean. Vinyl and laminate are not as soft but are durable and super easy to maintain. 

Light it up 

childs bedroom

This item on the list is very important. Just like any room in your house, your kid’s bedroom needs to have layered lighting that will offer flexibility. You will need to install general, overhead lighting for everyday illumination and ambient. Modern solutions are usually pendants because these come in many shapes, sizes and colors (some even cast a gorgeous shadow). If your kid wants something very hi-tech, track lighting could be the answer. 

Next, you need task lighting for homework, reading and other activities that require more focused lighting. Desk lamps are usually great solutions, but floor lamps also do a good job, especially for play-time. Younger kids might also require night lights to scare away the monsters and ensure safety. Some bedside lights come with a dimmer which means they can be used both as a soft comforting night light and a reading lamp! 

Color the space with accessories 

Accessories and toys are what make every kid’s room special and fun, so make sure to fill your child’s room with plenty of interesting stuff. If you want your kid to grow up into a little creative genius or a small scientist, check out some developmentally-appropriate toys that are also super cute when displayed on the shelf. From solar systems to art supplies and science kits, you can really find interesting things that will keep your kids busy and curious! 

Create a study corner

No matter if your kid is already in school or just starting preschool, they will need a place to study. Make sure to reserve one corner in their bedroom and dedicate it to academia. Make sure it’s ergonomic and comfortable because kids’ spines are especially sensitive. 

Go vertical

Every good bedroom needs plenty of storage space. In order to best utilize the space, go vertical with bookshelves, tallboys and other storage pieces. It’s amazing how many things kids collect from the moment they are born, so they will need some storage for all their toys, books, trophies and collectibles. Vertical is the way to go because it leaves more floor room for play and sleepovers! 

If you consult with your child and remember these tips, you’ll provide your kid with a bedroom that will be their personal heaven and oasis of creativity, peace and security! 

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