How to decide which furniture you should leave behind when moving?

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Moving is a stressful and complex process. Just think about it – you will be moving somewhere completely new, somewhere far away from everybody and everything you are familiar with. And, as if that weren’t enough, you will also spend a ton of your time, energy, and of course, money on doing all the moving-related work. But, do not worry – do your best to prepare for this upcoming relocation, and everything will be fine. In the meantime, try to make some moving processes easier. For instance, decide which furniture you should leave behind. There is no need for you to bring everything you own to your new home.

What Not to Leave Behind 

We, humans, all share one flaw – we get too attached to material things. That is why saying goodbye to some of our items seems like the worst nightmare. And, that is why you are here too – you have to move, and you want to find a way to decide which furniture you should leave behind. It is simple – start with what you are NOT leaving behind. Make a list of all the furniture you are taking with you. Those should be the pieces you cannot function without, high-quality and expensive pieces, and items that you are emotionally attached to.

Caption: When moving, you should only bring what is necessary.

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How Much Space Do You Have in Your New Home? 

Another way you can decide which furniture you should leave behind when moving is by taking a look at your new home. Ask yourself – how much space do I have there? If the answer is ‘not a lot,’ you have to do some serious decluttering. It would be best to get the blueprints of your new home – you will know exactly how much space you have. Consider how you will arrange furniture. It’s crucial to learn how your new space works to do that efficiently and make your new home functional. Bring only the furniture pieces that fit into that space, and leave everything else behind.

Leave the Broken, Damaged, and Useless Pieces 

Furniture items that should be left behind first are all those that are broken, damaged, and useless. Of course, if there is a way for you to restore some old pieces of furniture, do it. Fixing is much better than throwing away. But, once you fix it, do not use it to clutter your new home. Instead, sell it, or donate it to somebody who needs it. 

Caption: Damaged and useless furniture pieces will only ruin your new home, so get rid of them.

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Say Goodbye to Bulky Pieces Too 

You may love that colossal closet you have in your bedroom, but is it worth all the trouble of transporting it to your new home? Let us tell you – it is not. Relocating bulky furniture is not only extremely complicated, but it is also extremely expensive. Thus, consider doing this only if some of it can be taken apart. Unless you can disassemble a bulky piece of furniture, it is not wise to move it.

Final Words 

At the end of the day, which furniture you should leave behind when moving depends utterly on you! Our only advice is to think everything through. Make a plan in your head about which piece will go where in your new home. Then, get rid of the items that do not fit in the plan. Moreover, if you can’t make up your mind, consider storing your furniture. As long as you prepare it well for storage, it can remain there for years.

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