How to Decorate a Tudor Home

Traditional Tudor homes have a way of feeling magical and grand. With such a unique and stunning exterior, you want your interior to shine just as brightly. It’s important to stay true to the house’s character while breathing new life into the decor.

Here are five ways to decorate your Tudor home.

1. Select Ornate Furniture

Tudor homes have a charming old-world feel, and your furniture should reflect it. Select items that are ornate but functional. Most furniture should be wooden and sturdy with hand-carved decorations. It may be challenging to find this style at your local home goods store, so try finding secondhand pieces. Flea markets and antique dealers often have unique furniture items and accessories.

If you are looking for something genuine, be sure to request a certificate of authenticity to prove it’s not counterfeit.

2. Choose Warm Tones

When choosing paint colors, furniture and accessories concentrate on warm tones. Most Tudor homes feature wooden details throughout the interior structure. Wood has warm undertones that pair well with similar hues. Implementing cool colors in the decor will cause a clash and lack of consistency.

3. Utilize Wood and Stone Accents

The inside of your home likely displays the same natural and striking elements featured on the exterior structure. Stone, wood and brick features provide the fairy-tale style design that is distinct in Tudor homes. Utilize these same materials to create a unified look and flow throughout the property.

4. Hang Wall Decor

Emphasize wall decor in your Tudor home design. Specifically, consider hanging ornate tapestries or rugs in addition to picture frames. If you want to create a cohesive and historic allure to your residence, consider hiring a wall cloth painter or purchasing an authentic tapestry online.

5. Add Character

With such an ornate and stately exterior, you may feel that your interior decor could use some sprucing up. Corbels can be an inexpensive way to add visual interest and historical significance to your home.

Many Tudor homes traditionally feature stained glass windows, so you may choose to purchase a salvaged piece to install inside your home. If you’d prefer something personalized, you can pay to have an artist customize a new stained glass window and add your family’s crest.

6. Remain Practical

Consider these five ways to decorate your Tudor home. Implementing these features will help to create a seamless design that resonates with the house’s character. Remember to choose elements that are practical to ensure the decor will fit your lifestyle. If this is a new property, you may choose to add additional details to create a more historical aesthetic.