How to Furnish Your Home Office

In 2021, work from home has become our normal. To be just as productive as in the real office, you need a space to call a home office. Even if you don’t work remotely, you definitely could use some creative corner to pursue all your hobbies and interests. However, for most, home offices can be those cluttered and messy parts of rooms in their homes. Because of this mess, you often feel the need to work from any other place, such as the kitchen, hallway, or even the couch. If you want to finally redecorate or furnish your home office and make it a fully functional and productive workspace, here are some tips to help you get started.

Find a Good Location

Before you even start to think about decoration and furniture, you have to find a good location for your home office. Once you have found a suitable place, you can think about furniture and design. Some set up their home office by the stairs, others find a tiny corner in their closet large enough to fit a desk. To choose the best place, you have to consider a few things. For example, traffic and distractions. If you set up a home office by the stairs, you have to get used to family members going up and down all the time. Similarly, if you set it up in the living room, the TV might stand in the way of you and your productivity.

Choose the Right Chair

Since you will spend hours in your home office every day, it is essential to choose the right chair. What does the right chair mean? The right chair is usually the one that is comfortable and ergonomic. Whether or not the chair will contain wheels, adjustable seat, foot, or headrest, it is all up to you. You will spend time sitting in the chair, so investing in a chair that has everything you need to be comfortable is worth any dime. That is why you shouldn’t use any chair in your home office.

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Invest in a Suitable Desk

Now that you have chosen the right chair, you can move on to the one piece of furniture that will occupy the central place in your home office — desk. Selecting a suitable desk is as much as important as choosing the office chair. You will be spending many hours every day behind that desk. It is the place where you will keep your laptop and other devices to access the employee app and manage your business successfully. The desk shouldn’t be huge and occupy all your workspace, nor tiny you can’t keep your laptop on it. It should be a suitable working desk. Some use a standing desk to avoid spending hours sitting. Others put some desk they aren’t using in their home office. Whichever option you choose, make sure the desk is practical for you.

Use Wall Space Wisely

Home offices rarely have plenty of room, that is why it is imperative to use the space effectively. For example, you need to store all your office supplies and documents. If you don’t have plenty of room, how are you going to do it? The answer is by using wall space wisely. In particular, you can hang shelves on the walls and declutter your desk by keeping your office supplies on the shelves. Aside from using your vertical space, you can do the same with the horizontal. For example, buy some baskets for papers, files, clippers, etc. They aren’t only helpful but decorative as well. Besides, you shouldn’t forget to use drawers, if your desk has some. This way your home office will be more organized.

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Decorate the Floor with a Rug

One thing that can make a difference in your home office is the rug on the floor. Not only does it absorb sounds and add another layer of warmth but also looks stylish and chic. You can choose a colorful rug of any textile or keep it simple with a one-color type of rug. Which one you will choose depends largely on the rest of your furniture. If it is clean, then dare to go wild with color combinations. On the other hand, if the furniture pieces are colorful, then stick to an elegant decoration and go with a simple colored rug. This decoration can lift your mood and make you feel more productive.

On the whole, the time has come for you to decorate and furnish your home office whether it is for remote work or creativity outlets. A rug, chair, desk, shelf, baskets among other furniture pieces are all you need to keep your home office stylish and functional.

Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about business, marketing, productivity and workspace décor.