How To Make Most Of Your Outdoor Space In The Cold Season

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Do you get to the winter months and notice your outdoor space suddenly doesn’t see anywhere as much action? Does your garden suddenly feel less appealing when the nights draw in and the weather is a little worse?

There is no reason that your outdoor space should only be useful for a few months of the year!

Our tips are designed to help you to make the most out of your outdoor space even in the cold months in Washington State.

Choose The Right Lighting For Your Space

Outdoor lighting can be a tricky thing to get right.

What works best in the summer may not work quite as well in the winter. If you want your outdoors to be appealing even when the weather is not so mild then getting the correct lighting is nothing short of essential.

Solar lighting is the generally accepted to be the best method in terms of looking after the environment. As explained here, eco-friendly furniture and fittings are on trend in 2019, and rightfully so.

There are lots of choices in terms of solar lighting, from wall lights to path lights to post-style lights. You need to find a light which is good quality, provides enough brightness to cut through the winter evenings, and that charges even in the times when there is less sunshine for it to do so. Don’t forget it must also be weather resistant.

Having plenty of light outdoors can make it a good environment for you to spend time in, and has even been shown to improve your mood.

Utilize Sturdy and Reliable Wicker Furniture

Outdoor wicker furniture is a real blessing.

During times when the weather is bad, the elements can take their toll on furniture which is covered or is less hard-wearing. If you have furniture that you can leave out all the time, it may make you much more likely to choose to spend the winter evenings outside. Everything from reliable dining furniture to outdoor recliners can be purchased in wicker designs.

Wicker and rattan furniture are mentioned in this post, which explores the materials for outdoor furniture and the furniture types which are most suitable for you. There is plenty of sturdy furniture which is suitable for all 12 months of the year if you give it a little thought before purchasing.

Consider a Gazebo

Gazebos are great protection from the elements all year round.

In the summer, they can keep you from getting burned by the sun. In the winter, they can keep you sheltered from the conditions.

A hard-wearing and well-built gazebo is a good addition to any outdoor space. It can also provide a focal point for your outdoor space, somewhere to congregate with friends, serve food, and relax in a shelter.

Ensure You Have the Required Warmth

It is all very well having the intention to wrap up warm and spend time outdoors, but it isn’t always going to happen if you don’t have an inviting environment.

In Washington State during the cold season, temperatures can drop significantly. This is especially true in the evenings when a lot of us have time to relax and socialize.

There are a few ways to bring some warmth to your outdoor space.

An economical patio light can be lit up in the cooler evenings to transform the area to be nice and toasty. You can also do the same thing with an outdoor fire pit, which can double up as an excellent design feature and a boost to your lighting. Spending time around a fire is a romantic image which can encourage being sociable, and is a great way of entertaining guests.


Your outdoor space shouldn’t just be for a short period of each year.

Spending time outside is a good way to switch off from technology, relax, and soak up the benefits of fresh air and the great outdoors.

If your outdoor space isn’t appealing, however, the chances are you will stay in your warm home. Turn your outdoors into a cozy haven for the best chance of utilizing it in the cold season.

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